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Level 4
Jan 9, 2010

I'm ED_Reborn (or more precise EpicDragon_Reborn).
You can also find me on Wowhead (EpicDragon).

I started playing Warcraft 3 maybe... 2.5 years ago, but not very actively since I started playing Wow some months later. Now, I have quit Wow and just stuck with wc3.

I have always been interested in the World Editor but I have never really wanted to start a project. But now I finally have, I'm creating a 4-player RPG map which is based on dungeons, Wow-style. Yes, I might have taken some "references" but I'm trying to make it as original as possible.

So, that's pretty much me.

Also, thanks to all wonderful tutorials I have used so far.
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