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Nov 1, 2012
Well the forum message said that I should introduce myself, so why the heck not. I hope this isn't considered as spam?

I'm an ex-Warcraft 3 player that has returned to duty. I was mostly playing melee maps via the BNet match finder, but I have always been interested in mods. I'm not unfamiliar with the WE or 3DS Max 5, though none of my maps or models have actually seen the daylight, I always wanted to make them better. Now, sadly, all of them are lost.

I'm also playing WoW (big warcraft lore fan, I also have some books) but I'm pausing for finals atm. I'm a to-be translator from slovene-english-german, so if anyone would need any doublechecking on anything regarding these three languages, I'd be happy to help as good as I can, bear with me, I'm still in the learning process.^^

The actual reason for this thread wasn't really my introduction, but more of a salute. To the community of Hive. I haven't been playing W3 for quite some years now, and now on my return I surprisingly find this website still up and running. Good on you lads, keep it up. :)
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