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Last Activity:
Jan 23, 2016
Dec 18, 2007


Working On A Map

Zack1996 was last seen:
Jan 23, 2016
    1. ERIK
      Zack1996 ......
      (Elemental Spell Pack v1.07b)
      Please help me with the spell (HydroJet) HAVE PROBLEMS
      When I use NO DAMAGE
    2. iChaos
      Nice elemental spell pack sir :O

      Anways what is on yer sig? o.O
    3. Japut3h
    4. hieu2525
      Thanks you Zack, its working now
    5. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      Legendary War has been updated. If you are still interested, I would love to see your review.

      My regards.
    6. hieu2525
      Hey Zack, can i ask you a question? I copied Whirl Pool to my map, when im saving, the jass helper said "undeclared function DebugError", i dont know how to fix it. Plz help me!
    7. Dragonson
      Sad about the map, but hey i know how it is. :S
      I dont really need help with anything, but if you're into tabletop RPs the beta for my very own RP system is currently in play. :)

      Even though you might be slightly confused by the lore if you do check it out, lol.
      It's kindof a series i've had running.
    8. Dragonson
      'Ey zack?
      You still here?

      I just wanted to say that if you're still working on your map, i'l gladly equip it with some cool art.

      I really miss when we worked on Battle Depths together, even though it was a rough and pretty unrefined project.
      I hope to see you around sometime. :)
    9. Raging Ent
      Raging Ent
      Hey bro, do you have msn or something?
      We seem to be brainstorming quite well together. :O
    10. Dragonson
      Coolness. :) Good luck!
    11. Dragonson
      Hey zack. :) How's life going for you?
      Just wanted to say hello, since i havent seen you much around the hive lately.

      Anyways, are you still working on your monolith project?
      If so, i can whip you up a nice loading screen, minimap preview, banner, signature or whatever you might need. :)
      'been getting lots of practice in the photoshop art field. ^^
    12. Windu
      I am glad you are interested in my map. I will tell u when a test is needed. (Which wil be very soon). I hope u join for testing.
      Afterthat - all ideas and support are welcome.
    13. LexX
      I updated the map. It became MUCH better than before. If u are interested then could u test it? Ur advices were always of great help=)
    14. -JonNny
      ye i was already very inactive for a long time now, maybe im a bit arround here but i guess i wont keep mapping/scripting
      maybe ill return with SC2 some time later but i dont know
    15. Valkyrie
      Ha Zack I'm Lachie1994's friend and I have take over Palnes wars and that he says hi he also ask hows the map coming?
    16. Dragonson
      Thanks for the Rep Zack! :D
      Good to hear from you again. ^^

      How's the map going? :)
      Need some beta testing?
    17. HardOn
      its no problem. school is very important.
    18. Dragonson
      So, zack. :)
      How's the mappin' going?

      Your forum's coming off allright?
    19. HardOn
      okay. i could wait. but I would be adding 1 more spell, a total of 4 spells.
    20. HardOn
      Zack, your friend Dragonson has directed me to you. Basically because he says you are great in making spells. please check out my Request thread.
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