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  1. Word Bearer

    Long time Veteran of Warcraft, noob at modeling

    Hey Everyone I joined very recently because I'm taking an intrest towards modeling, I know some people who do so or knew. I have been playing warcraft since Warcraft 2 tide of darkness. But now I wish to know what tools should I use to start off?
  2. A

    My Introductions to The Hive Workshop

    Hello The Hive Workshop, First of all i want to greet you all (the members,moderators) and then i will explain why i join here: first i love to create nice wc3 maps with nice models too, so when i first see this website i registered and downloaded a lot of models. I will also upload all my...
  3. domz186

    My Introduction to Hive

    Hello Hive Workshop and all members.... I wanna join here because i have to learn a lot from you guys on editing maps and campaigns. First I see the website i instantly wanna join, so i register here.... Before registering i have downloaded many of icons,campaigns and models. Hopefully i am...
  4. I_Am_The_One

    Guess I have to Introduce my self eh?

    Hello :grin: My name is Simon, aka I_Am_The_One I make spells, systems and maps, I suck on making icons and models :thumbs_down: Well, guess I'll see y'all around! :mwahaha: ~ The One ~
  5. mfdsrax2


    First time to Hive haha........... I'm new as a map creator and Wish to get taught by you all,thanks.
  6. B

    bob 2000 introducting myself

    Well i'm not so good at introducing myself, i think ill start from My real name It's Herman and im 14 years old, my hobbys are editing and creating something :P like pictures, movies, Flash Games, aye and of corse Maps for Wc3 :D I joined you because i want to learn more about creating wcs3...
  7. Hordeon

    How to: Test map correctly

    Testing the map is very important. First you must fix all leaks (No leaks , good game). The second rule is: The Path... The pach must be placed correctly. The third testing rule is: The Coding of Colors. The collor code is very important.You can't write color code like this: OR And...
  8. AbstractCreativity

    Introducing... The one and only: Sir Nose-a-lot

    Hello, everybody on The Hive Workshop! I worship you all! :cool: I'm a RTS, FPS and MMO addict, and I've been working with the World Editor of Warcraft III for some time. I've been looking at stuff here on THW for quite a while, but until now I never thought about making a...
  9. Zhall

    Hey There!

    First of all I'd like to give The Hive Workshop a great +rep for helping me as a resource for great tutorials, models, icons, and whatnot. Ive been using the workshop for a few years but have yet to make an account here... Now i figured why not? I do have one qeustion however, and dont...
  10. MaryuZ


    My name is MaryuZ and I'm new to WC3 editor. I have some c and c++ skills and I'm currently learning jass. I plan to make maps in WC3 until the day comes...that awsome day...when they will finally release SC2. I am currently working on a 2 player rpg map called Gopo RPG that has 2 heroes, 17...
  11. Interceptor

    Hi all :)

    Hello! I'm interested in modifying Warcraft for years. My interest obsessed me when I played Blizzard's WC3 custom campaign. I started exploring the world editor and learning everything by myself. At that time I had limited internet connection so I didn't even knew about such community as The...
  12. Vampire_Elder

    Vampire_Elder's introduction

    Hi@all! I am Vampire_Elder... Some days ago, I didn`t know this Site, but my friend knew that I am a true fan of Warcraft III-Mods, so he gave me the name... and now I know, that nothing is better for Map-Makers as such a site, because I can find here editor-tutorials, icons, models, skins...
  13. Hugget Sukker

    Hello there

    I'm Hugget Sukker. Nice to be here. Lots of useful resources in here. BTW I'm an old :ned: who's not looking for any trouble. Just so you know, I'm harmless.
  14. Shaki

    Heya! im shaki

    Hello! hiveworkshop, i've been lurking in the distant shadows for some time now, but i have been with the hive for awhile. i only recently made an account, i needed to be able to comment and rate. now i can post things such as tutorials, or even a map which, along with my introduction i have...