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Hi all :)

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Level 9
Feb 14, 2009
I'm interested in modifying Warcraft for years. My interest obsessed me when I played Blizzard's WC3 custom campaign.
I started exploring the world editor and learning everything by myself. At that time I had limited internet connection so I didn't even knew about such community as The Hive Workshop.
Times changed, I had to study a lot so I abandoned WC3 for a long time.
Several months ago, I returned to my hobby. I started a big project, which I later frost, because GUI trigger editor was not offering me that much as JASS trigger editor, but my JASS abilities suck.
Still, I keep my ambitions and continue to make custom stuff, doing all I can with GUI triggers.
Last months this site supported me with awesome resources and I'd like to thank all of you for the brilliant work! :thumbs_up:
I hope I can share my expirience and also contribute with something!:cool:

P.S. I work on all aspects of the game, but mostly on races.
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