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How to: Test map correctly

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Level 7
Feb 22, 2009
Testing the map is very important. First you must fix all leaks (No leaks , good game). The second rule is: The Path... The pach must be placed correctly.

The third testing rule is: The Coding of Colors. The collor code is very important.You can't write color code like this:


And the fourth thing in your map must be written wery well: It's JASS

The fifth thing is: How much your game lags. TIP: To reduce lagg use JASS

The most important fifth thing is: BALANCING
To balance correctly use your mathematical intelligence


The Hero: Swordsman hit 46-66 each attack, and has 1000hp.
The Enemy Hero: Murlock King hit 95-95 each attack, and has 10000hp.

How i balance it? (Follow the instructions)

What i need do to ballance?

(46+66):2 (Now we got players heroes medium attack) Then 56*10(Player Count) Then i got 560 then 1000(Players health):56=17... 56*17=952:10=Then You Got Murlock King (Boss Attack) It's about 95each hit. NOW TO GET BOSS HEALTH: 10*Hitpoint Of Each players heroes it's 10*1000 = 10000

The sixth thing is map Description. It's must be written wery well

... (My tutorial not finished at last and sorry for my english im not bad at least )
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