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Last Activity:
May 18, 2015
Oct 5, 2007



KingB00ker was last seen:
May 18, 2015
    1. andreariona
      Loh nemu makernya rumah pondok indah. wkwk
      itu map wc3 lokal yg saya mainin pertama kali loh jaman 2008 dulu. :P
    2. Majin Buu
      Majin Buu
      Tak disangka ini yang buat Rumah Pondok Indah(RPI) bukan ?
    3. Misha
      I've been lookin' at maps that might feature my models and, wow, your treads of fate are pretty cool :3 workin' on more?
    4. Luffy
      are you dead? xP
    5. BliNdEd FuRy
      BliNdEd FuRy
      sesama orang indo...
    6. PantatKematian
      halo king booker ! gw map maker indo yang msh newbie nh.. salam kenal..
    7. Luffy
      ok no problem =) I understand. reall ife alllllways come first. never to blame
    8. Luffy
      kingbooker, waiting of your cinematic has became really painful for me. are you dead?
    9. Kl3sk
      Tomorrow I have a sappy work day,meh...but when I get home I'm gonna share some ideas with you (a kind of sub-plot,if you may). I'll detail it tomorrow. See ya!
    10. KingB00ker
      Well, actually I have some firmly placed plot.

      However there's still many plots that I haven't create yet.
      Maybe if you have some ideas, you can write it here :P
    11. Kl3sk
      I'm glad you took the time to read my message...Also, care for some ideas? As far as writing goes, or do you have the plot firmly placed?
    12. KingB00ker
      Lol yes, the next chapter antagonist will be a girl :P
    13. Kl3sk
      I want the character to be a female, hated amongst others for being different, having beautiful long red hair, grayish-blue eyes and long, pointy ears ever since birth, persecuted like a demon-child all her life. Her hatred for humanity (naga kind, orcs, elves, etc) to drive her once pure heart to it's very bitter knees, piercing darkness raping her soul! Soon after this hatred channels, she realizes (as a child) that she possesses unworldly powers, after leaving home to escape the hatred within her own village and household, she brutally kills her best (and only) friend one night ,in a silly fight over a boy they met a day earlier on the way to freedom...that boy...was Jorn, the kid she said had : "a wild imagination". Now both grown up, fate would have it they meet again...will they remember the time they spent together as children, or will they unavoidably engage in a life-or-death battle? This is just what I would like to see in the next chapter. Sorry for spamming XD
    14. Kl3sk
      Stop uploading good maps, are you trying to distort the flow of crappy zombie maps on the Hive?! XD - Next chapter,next chapter,next chapter!!
    15. Luffy
      nice cinematic, keep up the good job.
    16. Kl3sk
      I did rate, but the Hive must be slow today. 2x rated it 4/5. Anyway, nice profile. Friends? ^^
    17. Elenai
      Thank you for enjoying my icons. I appreciate your happiness over them. :)

      Unfortunately, I might not make any more icons for a while. I usually just make stuff when ever the mood hits, and it is rare that it does.
    18. KingB00ker
      Bisa la, hoho
    19. Mechanical007
      Wow, cools you also live on Jakarta same as like me (jadi kau bisa bahasa indonesia, kan?)
    20. Slaydon
      I attached a sample map you can work on
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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