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Hey There!

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Level 9
Mar 27, 2009
First of all I'd like to give The Hive Workshop a great +rep for helping me as a resource for great tutorials, models, icons, and whatnot.

Ive been using the workshop for a few years but have yet to make an account here... Now i figured why not?

I do have one qeustion however, and dont feel like skimming through tutorials.. How do i view the posts that i have made?

Look for my newest map SectorS that will be released in the coming weeks from Clan Dice! I will post it up here, on epicwar, and on our website which is currently under construction so i wont give a link to it quite yet. Well, you could just hotlink it by looking at the properties of the image, but just save yourself the trouble and look later :)

Level 11
May 16, 2007
Hello and welcome to the hive :D
check tutorials if you need any help
please try not to double post
remember to read the rules
try the chat from time to time to know our community better
enjoy your stay Zhall_Darkone
to view your posts, go to the user CP, your profile and then show all statistics (found under your avatar)
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