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Last Activity:
Aug 30, 2013
May 16, 2007

Awarded Medals 1



Noxus Hunter, from Brazil

Darkyvm was last seen:
Aug 30, 2013
    1. Shadow Fury
      Shadow Fury
      The map reviewers are in need of you! The group has been very inactive for the last 2 months and I would like to see you back into action in the maps section and help moderators like myself to speed up the process of moderation.

      Thanks in advance.
    2. StoPCampinGn00b
      [table]Map Reviewer News[/table]
      [table]Hello fellow map reviewer or moderator. -Kobas- recently lent the group maintainer position it to me. Whether you are inactive or not, I feel it would be best to know than not know. If you have any questions please message me or post in the group.

      Happy Hiving and take care!

    3. -Kobas-
      Hi dude, I posted new Discussion in Map Reviewers so if you have time please write your opinion there about it!
    4. Freyleyes
      Added your entry. Goodluck
    5. Pyritie
      yay absol :D
    6. anilater
    7. anilater
      I having problems finding someone for the voices for my maps. just wondering if you new anything about where i can find voice acting.
    8. anilater
      Have you made any campaigns in the past 2 years id like to know.
    9. Raziel_br
      cole fii

      tem um forum brasileiro de warcraft wolrd editor , vo te manda o link, o pessoal la´é mo gente boa e tmb lá num tem essas regra chata lá, c pode entra lá, ta com poco membro ainda, eu mecho na hive porquer aki tem um monte de tutorial, mais pra conversa, le algums tutoriais, coisas em portugues eu mecho lá, e lá tambem o pessoal da mais atenção, num ´pe falando pra vc para de mecha aki, mais pra entra lá tmb


      vo te adiciona a amigo, mais se voce num quise entra num tem problema tmb, é que eu so moderador e to quereno divulga mais lá

      ta aki o site
    10. Samlag
      Hi, I'am just checking if you're still working on the RPG spells?
    11. Septimus
      would you like to make spells for the campaign? lol...
    12. Dark Master
      Dark Master
      Hey can you see my terrains at Dark Master`s terrain showcase forum?
    13. Xarwin
      Hey, its good to see you welcoming other members.
      But I think it sucks if you have the same message each time, try to be yourself in each post and don't just copy 'n paste!
    14. Septimus
      how is the development?
    15. Zelda.Alex
      Nice signature.
    16. Septimus
      to make it much simple, you have to save the map, open warcraft, go to single player, custom campaign and select the map in order to see those model working. pressing f9 to test it would not recognize those file since it was imported at campaign file
    17. Septimus
      ok, you are hired. I would give you the campaign as soon as possible.
    18. Septimus
      wow, awesome terrain..

      But are you up to the challenge? there is at least 9 map to be terrain. :=/

      So far only 1 map for the campaign was done.
    19. Gilles
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