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Hello World!

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Level 1
May 23, 2015
Hello Everyone!
My name is Ven K.
I am typical gamer, there is nothing special about me. :ogre_hurrhurr:
I love Warcraft 3(especially Frozen Throne), and, honestly, I stubled upon the Warcraft universe by the pure accident, at the age of 12, when I have played flash game called Murloc RPG. And so I have searched, googled and lurked about the Warcraft.
By the age of 14 I have found out about WorldEdit. And, I have decided to make my own map and campaign. I failed miserably. :vw_death:

Six years later, while being a student at uneversity, I have decided to return for this, as I need practice for my future career of the game developer. But, just like 6 years ago, due to my lack of knowledge about putting the theory on the practice, as I never tried to do this seriously before, I am still unable to make any real progress. So, I came to your humble forums to get the information I require for such a task. :goblin_yeah:

Please, go easy on me, I am just a newbie. :psmile:
Level 12
May 9, 2009

Check out tutorials and existing campaigns for help if you want to make a cool campaign. Also don't be afraid to ask questions of the forums if you run into some problems while editing (but don't forget to google search first in case the question was already answered >.<)

You can learn a lot through dedication to your projects and I think if you start a project and try to get through it through thick and thin you can really learn a lot.
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