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DaniloBL's introduction

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Level 2
Oct 28, 2016
Hello THW community!

My name is Danilo. I'm from Serbia. I'm 15 years old and I love playing video games like WC3 and other RTS games, I play a lot of other games too. I'm a high school student. I study an Banjaluka's ( the city I live in ) Grammar school, which is the hardest and the best High school in my city alongside Medical school. I'm doing very well at school by the way :D .

My other interests/hobbies are: reading books, sports ( volleyball and swimming are my favorite sports ), going into courses for languages so I can get my diploma, hiking and probably some others I can't remember now :xxd:.

Now let's get back into Warcraft 3;

I am a former member of clan VFG ( Vampirism Fire Gaming ), I recently left for reasons I don't want to talk about here. But hey, let's keep bad things for past and think about the future :grin: ! Now I'm a member of clan THW which is much better than VFG.

I play a lot of : VF, VB, Trolls and Elves, Island Defense and of course Melee.

I switched my main account from DaniloBL to SRB.Knight_RS. I will mostly play on my SRB.Knight_RS but I will play sometimes on my DaniloBL account :) .

The only map I published is called Small Village but I do plan on becoming a good map developer :D !

Anyways happy New year and see you in-game!

-Best regards, Danilo :) .
Not open for further replies.