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Level 7
Apr 21, 2011
The instructions say "introduce yourself" so pew pew! This is an introduction!

My online name on most places is Lelling (Lethys), my real name is Rok, and I hail from a small country called Slovenia.
I am a 17-year old IB student, hoping to either become a linguist or some day be a part of the gaming industry! :D

I've been playing Warcraft 3 since its release, although I only just bought my own cds a few months ago (years ago I played my brother's War3).

I'm a nostalgia freak, so I'm really happy that the Warcraft 3 community is one that just wont go away! :ogre_haosis: (<- awesome ^^)
I've been lurking around Hive for a long time now, but I've never felt like I had anything to share. Now I've realized that if I just join a community like this, I could soon find a way to add to it in a useful way ^^

Also, although I'm obsessed with map making (I remember making maps for Age of Empires 1 when I was just a wee lad :D ), I've never completed or shared any of my maps. Right now I'm working on a short campaign and I hope it'll be good! :D
I also look forward to seeing some awesome maps on Hive (I've never actually been in that section of Hive! :O)

:vw_sad: <-- awww! (yes I've just spent the last couple of minutes checking all the emoticons (Which are GREAT btw ^^!))

Yay, hello again everyone! I hope I'll fit in well!
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