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Dec 15, 2015
Name's cgm.

I'm a freelance game programmer who mostly engineers back-end for RPG or Hack'n'Slash projects (Currently applying for a full-time job, though). Games makes sense to me apparently. Furthermore, they're probably the most valuable reason why I began career as a game developer.

It's also why I am here. I used to play numerous games, but Warcraft series blown my mind as a kid (We're talking about WC2 and WC3 actually). Despite all the things related to RTS and plot, I was impressed by local editors. Reasons are pretty obvious by the way. Since then I stuck on modding, gave a look on Computer Science and so on, and so on.

I'm neither advanced terrainer nor genuine composer. I'm just a modder who wants to show his works to community. It's why I joined The Hive Workshop.
(Well, I can't say I'm a complete amateur [Engineering helps everywhere])

I'm glad to see you. :)

UPD: Got a job. Finally.
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