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  1. D

    The Hive Spellbook

    Hello :D Since I write spell ideas almost each day, I thought of creating a thread that will be constantly updated whenever I add new ideas. If you have any spell suggestions, don't hesitate to post! I think that a source of abilities ideas would be of great benefit. Gravity Striker -...
  2. Hawkknight97

    Warcraft 3 Allied Race Wars.

    Hello there. This is my First Post and forgive me if it's bit messy and stuff but this is my Official Idea of how to make Warcraft 3 Reforged more Fun than it already is in terms of an idea from Battle for Azeroth that was complete lost after Patch 9.1 going into 9.2 with the Naga. The Idea of...
  3. SixxTailsHD

    Direct Strike Tournament? Anyone Interested

    Recently I been getting into Direct Strike. I been playing ALOT of it. I searched and haven't seen anything else going on Tourny wise for Direct Strike(except for Sc2 of course) Just putting out some feelers, would anyone be interested? I'd put up 50$ for the winners. Format would be something...
  4. ravellani

    [Defense / Survival] Zombie Mechanics

    I am making a zombie survival map. I know, so original, but I want to anyway. I want to design different zombie types, each with their own mechanic. I know about the generic ideas like fast, spiter, healing, fat/big, and explosive. Those are in almost every game, I am looking for original...
  5. Grish

    Request: Town/Small City Map (Layout Sketches Acceptable)

    Hi. I am looking for some design ideas for my project. I'm working on a map where 2 teams will battle in a town/small city. The idea is to have interconnecting lanes, but also make the buildings destructible for players to open new paths. Team bases will be on either side of the map, with the...
  6. Appreauntis

    What game do you wish blizzard had made?

    I have been following all the reforged news and with anticipation am hoping for a good release with plenty of support afterwards! With Reforged coming out soon, I thought I would ask what your favorite dream Warcraft game or even just Blizzard game would be? For me, that game would be, if...
  7. HolyWillRise

    Spy abilities with sniper and knife

    Warning! The map is PvE/Raid a.k.a players vs monsters and bosses. For now i have: Sniper Sleep + banish effect for more damage on next ability. Headhshot/snipe (powerfull shot) Knife Wind walk Backstab P.S i am not very good at triggers ^^
  8. Ricola3D

    Reworking a boss phase: need ideas & co-developers

    Hello, First of all, my project, Xnd Hero Siege is the work of the famous map serie X Hero Siege made by Sogat. I somehow got an editable version of X Hero Siege 3.33, fixed some bugs and added a few features. More details in the projet page here: Xnd Hero Siege 1.0. The first version of the...
  9. BrazilEmperor

    Some abilities ideas for my units

    Hi Folks, i need some ideas for some of my Human Race units. My map is inspired on Oldschool Warcraft : Orcs and Humans. I need that you give some abilities/ skills for those units: Footman/Legionary - Archer - Knight (armed with jousting lance) - Handgunner - Halberdier - Gryphon...
  10. Jaccouille

    Making a Derived version of Footmen Vs Grunts

    I like the Footmen vs Grunts map, however I disagree with some design choices, I would to add more heroes/Units, modes, mechanics, creep, I don't really know exactly right now. I started recoding it from scratch in Wurst, making this thread to fetch some ideas. Asked on the wTc discord if I...
  11. Ricola3D

    X Hero Siege 3.33 - New dev branch, anyone interested ?

    Hello, Like many players, I am still fond of the X Hero Siege map from Sogat, and playing a lot the latest stable version 3.33. However I became eager to improve this version ! Somehow I got my hands on an editable version corresponding to 3.33 and I'm starting to improve it (see the list...
  12. kellym0

    The Hive Workshop Conversion Mod - Your Thoughts?

    greetings fellow hivers, I was not sure where to put this, so I figured it could start here, and perhaps be moved by a moderator at a later time (thx in advanced) I am creating an Art Mod for the starcraft2 galaxy editor, to Contain many if not all of the Hiveworkshop's Best/My Favorite...
  13. khj

    Items ideas.

    We, discord dwellers, collected a little collection of items for Gaias that we dream of. Some of them might be too powerful, some might be not. It's only the ideas that might be polished in future. If you got your own ideas, feel free to post it here or in the discord (Discord - Free voice and...
  14. Frederikct112

    [Tower Defense] Ideas for a TD

    So i'm looking into making a TD map and i was wondering if any of you have any ideas for a map? Theme, location, creeps to use, worlds? Anything that could get me an idea of where to get started would be much appreciated. I was maybe looking into taking some inspirations from the popular...
  15. Abyssion

    [Altered Melee] What makes a good pvp map?

    Hello all, I've been working on a 3v3 custom game for some time now and I have done a lot of things to make it non standard (and hopefully more interesting) than a regular melee map. It is a living vs undead theme with 3 undead vs 1 human 1 orc & 1 night elf. Teams: The Scourge Player 1 - The...
  16. KeepitMovinBaby

    Ability Ideas for Wretched

    Hello everyone. I'm currently working on a Techtree of the Wretched. Wretched is an elf that failed to control their addiction to magic, overindulging in arcane sources to the point of insanity. Obsessed with obtaining and devouring magic. So what I need is an inspiration about an ability that...
  17. The Leader

    Just an art thread

    Introduction: I decided to post here all my drawings, to share them with you, to discuss about them and to receive feedback. That's an important thing that would help me to improve my drawing skill. And also it would be interesting for you to watch something new. Thank you very much for your...
  18. Diegoit

    Kobold reborn (help and ideas)

    I was making some kobold buildings but i had problems with the birth effect, i dont know how to paste it the orc building effect (birth). Im requesting someone that help me with it (birth) and with teamcolor :). Also requesting ideas. Remember Kobold live underground. - Also requesting...
  19. MyPad

    [Altered Melee] Kel'thuzad, the Grand Necromancer

    Good day, Hivers. What I have here is a Kel'thuzad which is still flesh and blood and is a powerful necromancer. Here are some of the spells I've made for Kel'thuzad: This spell stuns enemies nearby for 3 seconds, reduces damage taken from enemies (Kel'thuzad) during the period when no...
  20. xDeathKnightx


    Hi all, so I've recently made the decision (after 5 years) to come back into WC3 map making (Cinematics/Terraining) - however I am lacking with Inspiration and Ideas, granted its only been 1 day if that, but I am looking into starting a new project, something that can distract me and hopefully...
  21. The1GreyFox

    [Role Playing Game] Input on a "Fantasy Life" Spin-Off ???

    What do you guys think about a "Fantasy Life" spin-off? It would have some similar elements to create familiarity in the helpful sense, but obviously not be a duplicate or too confusingly different. I'm mostly trying to get a pool of how many people might be interested in this kinda thing...
  22. NikAlien

    [Defense / Survival] Need some guide/advice for creating survival map

    I'm making my first survival map. I played a bunch of that kind of maps, but i do need some advice/guides for a survival map. What should i focus on, what are the most important things for a survival map. Some good mechanics advice, etc.
  23. deepstrasz

    Story Discussion

    @Rufus suggested we'd keep the Hosted Project organized, hence the new thread. Previous treatments: WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN General Discussion WARDEN...
  24. starter_e

    Dota Ayahusca Shaman Hero Idea

    I was reading Supernatural by Graham Hancock and got this idea: He/She has no mana or just a small amount, his first spell is enter spirit realm which paralyzes him and creates his invisible shadow form completely un-selectable, invisible and invulnerable which travels faster sees afar and can...
  25. ShadowBladeX

    Spell Ideas Request

    I was having problems making abilities because im not sure if it matches with the character on my RPG Adventure map. My first attempt at requesting ideas was pretty much hard to understand so im making this request with a template and a required job. TEMPLATE Name: Type: Targets: Description...