Warcraft 3 Allied Race Wars.

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Apr 30, 2021
Hello there. This is my First Post and forgive me if it's bit messy and stuff but this is my Official Idea of how to make Warcraft 3 Reforged more Fun than it already is in terms of an idea from Battle for Azeroth that was complete lost after Patch 9.1 going into 9.2 with the Naga. The Idea of the Expansion was Allied Races where you recruit subraces or factions/nations of set races like for example Kul'tiras and Zandalar, and etc and make it more fun in Warcraft 3. Not only from BFA but also I got the idea of recruiting Factions that joins with you during the War Effect like Age of Empires 3 when you play as the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Ethiopians and the Hausa as you recruit like let's say the British for the Chinese, Turks for Indians, Spanish Christians Native Faction, Portuguese Nation for the Ethiopians and etc in that Game of Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition.

So here's some of the Ideas I have for the Human and Orc Allies to make the Games more Fun.

In order to gain more Allies or make Unique Units. You need to build a Embassy to works for the Orcs, Humans, Night Elves, and Undead.

Alliance/Human Race:

Human: "Kul'tiras: Units: Footman = Kul'tiran Footman, Captain = Kul'tiran Captain, Knight = Kul'tiran Knight, Priest = Tidesage if there's a model for it. or maybe a Hero like Jaina or her Brother Tandred or maybe the Kul'tiran Boats from WoW from BFA."

"Stromgarde: Units: Footman = Stromgarde Footman, Captain = Stromgarde Captain, Knight = Stromgarde Knight, Maybe a Hero like Danath Trollbane as a Warrior Type or if we could get maybe a Stromgarde Mage or Priest like from WoW."

"Dalaran: Units: Footman = Dalaran Guard, Captain = Dalaran Guardian, Spellbreaker = WC2 Mage, Heroes would be Rhonin if there's a Model or maybe the Old Leader of Dalaran Antonidas or Khadgar or maybe someone like Modera or Vargoth or Kalec.

"Lordaeron: Units: Footman = Lordaeron WC2 Footman, Captain = Lordaeron Captain, Knight = Lordaeron Knight, Maybe other Unit Ideas like the Crossbowmen or Archer, Ballista, Human Priest, and of Course the WC2 Buildings. For Heroes would be ether Turaylon, Arthas, Uther, or whoever is in Army of Silver Hand Lordaeron Army during that time.

"Stormwind: Footman = Stormwind Guard, Captain = Stormwind Captain, and other Stormwind Units like Crossbowman, Priest, Mage, WC 2 Buildings, and of course heroes like Anduin, Varian Wrynn, and etc.

Neutral/Allied Nations of Human Kingdoms:

"Gilneas: Human/Night Elf: Gilneas Nation: Footman = Gilnean Footman, Captain = Gilnean Captain, Knight = Gilnean Knight, Siege Engine = Gilnean Cannon, Rifleman = Gilnean Sharpshooter, Priest or Sorceress = Gilnean Harvest Witch, for the Heroes would be Genn Greymane, his Daughter, Darius Crowley, and Archamge Argual. Of course there would be Worgen Forums or Units who turns into Worgen like Worgen Footman, Worgen Sharpshooter, and etc.

For the Buildings I would go with: Town Hall = Greymane Manor, Farm = Small Gilnean House, Barracks = Gilneas City Barracks, Scout Guard Tower = Hearthstone Witchwood Gilnean Tower, Arcane Sanctum = Witchwood Tree, Altar of Kings = Gilneas Altar Graveyard, Blacksmith = Gilnean Blacksmith House with the Longhouse, and finally that's about it. I'll show you guys the pictures what I mean if I can edit this thread before then. Gilneans would be a good ally for both the Human Race and Night Elf Race if you Night Elf Folks want Gilnean Humans that is."

Alterac: Human/Orc/Undead: Alterac Nation: Footman = Alterac Footman, Knight = Alterac Knight, and finally Captain = Alterac Captain with the Axe. Of course there could be more ideas like the assassins in WoW or maybe ruined old Alterac Buildings but overall I say it's about it for now. Works for Humans, Orcs, and even Undead. Why Orcs and Undead? Well the Orcs did ally with the Alterac Humans by turning against their allies of the Alliance during the Time in Warcraft 2 Events and as for the Undead well just a idea for merc system but overall I say Orcs and Humans for now."

Elven Allies Human Race:

"Void Elves: Main Units: Sorceress = Rift Wardens type of Mage/Warlock, Priest = Locus Researchers a Priest that uses Shadow to heal allies, Spellbreaker = Veiled Riftblade different kind of Spellblade with a Sword and Shield or a Two Handed Sword User that uses Void Magic to Steal Magic, Blood Mage = Void Mage/Magister A Mage that uses Arcane and Void Energies.

Side Units: Ranger = Void Ranger AKA like Alleria, Archer = Umbral Ranger a Ranger but uses Void, and Finally Assassin = Ghostblade Scout. So yea there's pretty much about it until someone does anything crazy with the Void Elves but for now there's the Void Elves from the Npcs."

"High Elves: Main Units: Sorceress, Priest, Spellbreaker = High Elven Captain, Extra Unit or Rifleman = WC2 Archer/Ranger, Siege Engine = Ballista, Heroes would be Ranger/Alleria. Now of course you can still get the Allies like from Exiled or Sended Silvermoon forces like the Dragonhawks, High Elf Spellbreakers, High Elf Mage, and etc. For the Buildings you just use Arcane Sanctum like Dalaran, Lumber Mill = High Elven Lumber Mill, and other Buildings for Taste like the Blacksmith, Towers, or Barracks. Exiled, Loyal, Silver Covenant, Silvermoon Forces, High Elves are here for the Humans."

"Neutral/Allies Highborne Night Elf/Humans: Again There hasn't been any Highborne models yet but for now I just go with Highborne Priest, Highborne Sorceress, Highborne Hero Mage, and etc. atleast for now until then for both Human and Night Elf."

Dwarven Allies:

"Wildhammer Clan: Units: Rifleman = Axethrowers, Spellbreaker or Lieuteant Unit = Wildhammer Druid, Priest = Wildhammer Shaman, Siege Engine = Wildhammer Catapult, Gryphon Rider = Wildhammer Gryphon Rider, and Finally Hero Mountain King = Wildhammer Thane/Captain.

Buildings: Blacksmith = Wetlands Blacksmith Dwarven, Extra Tower Arcane Spot = Wildhammer Tower with Scouting Spell, and choices like turning your Lumber Mill into Wildhammer and Arcane Sanctum into the Mound."

"Dark Irons Clan: Units: Rifleman = Dark Iron Sharpshooters, Motor Team = Dark Iron Motor Team, Priest = Dark Iron Priestess, and finally Paladin = Dark Iron Captain which Dark Irons can be paladins too. Also Extra Units for boot like Sorceress = Dark Iron Pyromancer, and Golem Unit = Dark Iron Golem used in the Workshop."

"Bronzebeard/Ironforge Clan: Units: Rifleman same, Siege Engine = Ironforge Cannon, Gryphon Rider same, Priest = Ironforge Priest, Motor Team upgarde to WC2 Unit Squad, Mountain King same. Extra Units Sorceress = Ironforge Mage, Knight = Ironforge Ram Rider, and etc.

Buildings: Guard Tower Extra = Bunker, Blacksmith = Dwarven Forge, Arcane Sanctum = Dwarven Arcane Tower, and etc.

Orcs/Orcish Horde Clans and Allies:


Frostwolf Clan:

Shadowmoon Clan:

Warsong Clan:

Blackrock Clan:

Bleeding Hollow Clan:

Shattered Hand Clan:

Bonechewer Clan:

Laughing Skull Clan:

Thunderlord Clan:

Stormreaver Clan:

Twilight's Hammer Clan:

Dragonmaw Clan:

Mok'thanal Clan:

Burning Blade Clan:

Blacktooth Grin Clan.

Probably going to be extremely long Will come back later for reasons alot.


Forest Trolls:

Zandalari Trolls:

Etc Troll Tribes:


That's it for now. Sorry if this Thread is little bit ether empty, messy, or just a mix of both. But I just wanted to let folks know that I am working on a idea to make the Game more fun in terms of Allied Race Subraces/Factions kind of like the Embassy system that is abandon in WoW. But I want to give Reforged bit of a twist for Fun. Concept Art Ideas will come soon, as well as the maps I'm working and testing on for fun and many more. Also I give 100% Full Credit to the Mod Creators who made such great models and features for the Game Reforged. They deserve all the credit. I'm just a guy with ideas and everything else. Not really a great modder but I am good at making fun maps for custom races.

Anyways I look forward to sharing my ideas with you guys and take care.