Making a Derived version of Footmen Vs Grunts

I like the Footmen vs Grunts map, however I disagree with some design choices, I would to add more heroes/Units, modes, mechanics, creep, I don't really know exactly right now.

I started recoding it from scratch in Wurst, making this thread to fetch some ideas.
Asked on the wTc discord if I could make a derived version, one guy said it was ok, rest didn't seem to care, there are plenty of features which I would like to keep, like the abilities to control your whole army using spells.

If you have any ideas for Heroes, Spells, Units, Creeps, Cool Features, Modes, Commands, Optional Objective on the map, Would appreciate if you share it with me.


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Level 40
Jun 9, 2011
I barely play custom games, but the few times I did footmen vs grunts was one of my favorites by far.

This is why I made [Minigame] - Battle for Ashenvale back in the day.

For me personally, the game grow less and less interesting as it just turns into a mindless swam of units since the production increase the more units you unlock.
So in order to prevent 100 vs 100 units after a while, I would propose a upgrade system of some sort.

So let's say you start with a grunt + headhunter production
When you unlock raider you replace the grunt with this new improved unit. You might need to change base stats to make it a worthy upgrade.

This is also kinda obvious but decent terrain would be nice, if I recall the original I played left much to be desired.