Footmen Vs Grunts

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Level 2
Oct 28, 2007
hello all my name is khoen aka newbie-3 aka kforce:D i am the creator of the footmen vs grunt maps. i have recently discovered that lots of people is stealing my maps and deprotecting it. so from now on no footmen Vs Grunt maps will be uploaded from any other site than the official website of footmen Vs Grunts. this is cause it will be easier to control the spreading of the map and make sure that all of the maps are locked and protected.

So if you like footmen Vs Grunts then i think you should log on to where u can download all the latest maps. watch game videos upload you own videos and much more.

Greetings from Kfroce and M-to-the-Max

p.s. we are looking for a good Spell and model maker for a upcoming maps. so if you want to join the footmen vs grunt crew go to the website and write a little about youself in the comments and suggestions spot on the website.
Not open for further replies.