Items ideas.



Level 2
Nov 29, 2016
We, discord dwellers, collected a little collection of items for Gaias that we dream of. Some of them might be too powerful, some might be not. It's only the ideas that might be polished in future.
If you got your own ideas, feel free to post it here or in the discord (Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers)

Basically, the items' colour means its rarity. Red - legendary, blue - rare.
The name in parentheses next to an item's name is the name of the person that come up with the idea.

And here is the full list of stats abbreviations and its transcripts for you:
Str: Strength
Agi: Agility
Int: Intelligence
AP: Attack Power
AR: Armor
ArP: Armor Penetration
SP: Spell Power
SH or Hst: Spell Haste
AS or Aspd: Attack Speed
Eva: Evasion
CC: Critical Chance
CD: Critical Damage
AllR: All Resistances
FR: Fire Resistance
WR: Water Resistance
LR: Lightning Resistance
MR: Magic Resistance
SR: Shadow Resistance
PR: Poison Resistance

Recklesness (SHBlade)
Type: 2-handed Sword
Ap: +60
Str: +5
Agi: +15
CC: +8%
CD: +20%
(no aspd debuff)

Active ability: Activate and reset all recklessness stacks, you can`t gain more stacks during this effect.

Passive ability: Every attack has a 30% chance to give you a stack of recklessness (max 10). Each stack after being activated increases CC by 2%, CD by 5% and damage taken by 3% for 10 seconds after activation. (Passive ability activates automatically when you reach 10 stacks)

Passive Debuff: -30% armor, sets your dodge rating to 0%

Titan's Might (SHBlade)
Type: 2-handed Hammer
Ap: +20
Str: +50
Agi: -20
Aspd: -15%

Active ability: Doubles your armor penetration for 10 seconds but reduces your crit rate to 0%

Passive ability: Your Armor penetration is added to your Ap (Ap from this effect does not scale with Ap increasing effects)

Passive Debuff: -5% movement speed

Hunger (SHBlade)
Type: 2-handed Axe
Ap: +65
Aspd: +15%

Active ability: Activate and reset all stacks of bloodrage.

Passive ability: Every attack grants you a stack of bloodrage adding 10% damage to the next used ability as bleeding over next 4 seconds after activation (max 10 stacks)

Passive Debuff: Lose 1% of max hp every 2 seconds in combat.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Samuel)
Type: Bow (specific to Druid)
Hp: +50
Mp: +30
Ap: +30
Agi: +14
Int: +14
Hst: +7%
Aspd: +20%

Passive ability: Nature might
7% chance to entangle enemies in a small area for 3 seconds. (Entangle is similar to hunter's net)
7% chance to summon tornado next to your target for 3 seconds. (Tornado is similar to the Gargoyle's tornado)

Active ability: Chain heal
Consumes 20 mana. Heals the first target for SP*4 health, the next targets get 25% less HP after each jump. Max 3 jumps (4 targets total).
Cooldown: 45 seconds.

Scythe of The Frost Dragon (Zephyr)
Type: Staff
Hp: +25
Mp: +50
Sp: +18
Int: +18
Cd: +9%
Cc: +5%
Sh: +10%

Active Spell: Cast Frost Nova (3 seconds Casting Time). Damage: SP*6.5.
Cooldown: 60 seconds.

Mephisto's era (Vakarlan)
Type: Staff
Hp: +70
Mp: -80
Str: +15
Agi: +15
Int: + 30
Sp: -30%
Hst: -10%

Description: His legacy will last forever.

Passive: Increase the stats of skeleton minion by 50
Passive: Increase the number of skeleton warrior by 2, skeleton mage by 1. All minion gain 20% Hst, 40% Apsd, skeleton warriors gain 30% critical hit chance. Skeleton mage now has 200more mana, they can now cast nerco blast.

Tear of Heaven (Vakarlan)
Type: Sword
Hp: +30
Mp: +30
AP: +10
Int: +12
Agi: +8
Sp: +15
Aspd: +15%
Magic Dmg:50%/50

Description: “The sorrow of heaven will be felt across all lands of Gaias” – OverSeer

Passive: Divine Lance’s negative Aspd effect is negated.
Passive: You gain 1 critical hit chance per 10 spell power.

Active ability: Your spells now cost 150% more mana, but they have a 25% chance to double cast. Duration: 15 seconds.
Cooldown: 100 seconds.

Fist of North Star (Jon Irenicus)
Type: Rune
Aspd: +40%
AP: +30
Agi: +33
Cc: +12%
Arp: +16
Sp: -40%

Description: "Omae wa mou shindeiru!" - Kenshiro

Passive: Your attacks debuff the target for 10 seconds. Upon death, it explodes for Ap*1.5 fire damage in a small AoE. Triggers off all from attacks and attack based skills from monk except spells.
Passive: 10% chance to trigger the last hit of Fist Flurry.
Passive: 2% chance to reset Fist Flurry with each hit you do.

Blessed Hood (khj)
Type: Cloth Headgear (specific to bishop)
Hp: +65
Mp: +65
Int: +15
Sp: +10
Sh: -12%
AllR: +3%

Passive ability: Increases efficiency (capacity) of divine shield by 20%.

High priest's tome of miracles (khj)
Type: Book
AllR: +10%

Passive ability: Holy surge can be casted on one additional target. If you unequip this item, both surge instances will disappear.

Assassin Brotherhood Cloak (Zephyr)
Type: Leather body armor (specific to assassin)
HP: +50
ASPD: +10%
AP: +15
AR: +10
AGI: +19
ArP: +9
Eva: +15%
CC: +5%

Description: Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Active ability: Blink behind the enemy and immediately use backstab (can only be used when out of combat and backstab should be learned)

Ring of Pure Element(Jon Irenicus)
Type: Accessory
HP: +30
MP: +30
Ap: +5
Sp: +5

Passive ability:
Lightning Damage, 25%/50 Dmg and 1%/150 Dmg
Water Damage, 25%/50 Dmg and 1%/150 Dmg
Fire Damage, 25%/50 Dmg and 1%/150 Dmg

Crystal of Destruction (Jon Irenicus)
Type: Gem
Hp: +10
Mp: +10
Int: +20
Cc: +10%

Active ability: Instantly gain 5 charges for both Water Globe and Lightning Arc.
Cooldown: 120seconds.

Rainbow Cloak (Jon Irenicus)
Type: Cloth Chestpiece
Aspd: +25%
Hp: +25
Cc: +4%
AllR: +10%

Passive ability: 7% chance to get +10% AllR when you take hit or hit an enemy. Duration is 5 seconds.

Helm of Zodiac(Jon Irenicus)
Type: Mail or Leather Helmet
Hp: +100
Ar: +30
Sp: +10
Int: +5
Hst: +10%
AIIR: +15%

Eye of the storm (Vakarlan)
Type: Amulet
Hp: +30
Mp: +70
Int: +16
Sp: +17
Crit: +5%
Hst: +8%
Aspd: +8%

Description: Look the storm in the eye and you will earn its respect.

Passive: Enemies hit by Lighting Charge gets “purge” de-buff for 10 seconds, non-boss units gets mini-stunned every 3 seconds and take 0.5 Sp lighning damage per tick. Bosses are not affected by the mini-stun.
Passive: After casting Lighting Charge, you gain 25% aspd for 2 seconds.

Special Active: You can only deal lightning damage, but all your lightning spells are amplified. Dealing 25% increased damage with 20% increased critcial damage for 15 seconds.
Cooldown: 50 seconds.

Mystery circle (ji394qjp)
Type: reusable consumable item
Active ability: Mark the place where the character stands, next time you use this item, you'll be teleported to that place. Can't be used in dungeons or while in battle.

The flying paper plane (Vakarlan)
Type: Flying mount
Description: I can show you the world ...for 20 seconds only.

Active ability: You can travel over different depths and terrain of the map now, flying over everything, gains 100% movement speed, but lose 5% of total mana every second when using it. After mana runs out, it functions like a normal mount.