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The Hive Spellbook

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Hello :D

Since I write spell ideas almost each day, I thought of creating a thread that will be constantly updated whenever I add new ideas.

If you have any spell suggestions, don't hesitate to post! I think that a source of abilities ideas would be of great benefit.

Gravity Striker.jpg
Gravity Striker - CHANNELED - Enemies hit by Gravity Striker during the channeling time will be stopped in their tracks, taking damage each second and losing 7% of their max mana.

Trion Bolster.jpg
Trion Bolster - Activates Trion Bolster to grant the hero 40% bonus attack damage, speed and lifesteal for the next 6 seconds.

Gorrila's Strength.jpg
Gorrila's Strength - Grants 3000 bonus health and magic immunity for 1.50 seconds. Any debuffs currently affecting you will be instantly removed.

Nourishment Beacon.jpg
Nourishment Beacon - Summons a mystical source at the targeted point, heavily boosting health regeneration and movement for a few seconds to all allies affected by it.

Fatal Vibrations.jpg
Fatal Vibrations (passive) - Causes the hero's attacks to become AoE and deal increased damage to the surrounding targets of the primary attacked target.

Pure Light.jpg
Pure Light - Strikes all opponents within 900 radius with the power of the heavens, dealing several magic damage while revealing any hidden foe.

Corpsetossed - Launches a rotten body towards the targeted foe, which will splash upon impact. Enemies around the main target will also be hit. For a set amount of time, the affected targets will have decreased magic resistance and take additional 15% bonus damage from the hero's attacks.

Grave Touch.jpg
Grave Touch (passive) - Grants permanent bonus attack damage while granting 25% chance per each attack to turn the opponent hit into a ghost state for 2 seconds. While in ghost form, the target takes 40% bonus damage from Magic Attacks and spell damage.

Reactive Striker.jpg
Reactive Striker (passive) - Grants 30% chance per each attack to detonate magical powder upon the hit opponent, dealing a set amount of magical damage while affecting an additional target within 300 radius for twice the amount of damage.

Flash Freeze.jpg
Flash Freeze (passive) - The next targeted ability cast will instantly bind the target in place for 1.25 seconds, dealing several magic damage. Disarms, immobilizes and stops the usage of any teleportation, blinking or warping abilities.

Magic Tesla.jpg
Magic Tesla - Places a lightning singularity upon the ground, which launches chains of lightning every 0.40 seconds. Each chain deals 50 base damage and amplifies per each additional target hit. Can hit up to 12 targets within 600 radius. Enemies around the Magic Tesla will move slower by 37%.

Arcane Healing.jpg
Arcane Healing - Restores a high amount of the allied target's health by consuming its own mana.

Thief Disk.jpg
Thief Disk - Launches a magic disk that will bounce off the targeted foe towards 3 additional targets within 700 radius, stealing armor from each. Upon returning, the stolen armor is applied to the hero for 10 seconds.

Noxious Dagger.jpg
Noxious Dagger - Applies a strong poison on the targeted foe, reducing its magic resistance and dealing damage to it based on the distance it travels while is poisoned.

Virulent Charge.jpg
Virulent Charge - Dashes towards the targeted opponent, entering its body for 3 seconds. The host's body will explode and deal AoE damage, while healing the caster. Cannot be cast on heroes or structures.

Eternal Stab.jpg
Eternal Stab - Teleports behind the target, quickly stabbing it then returning to the casting location. For the next 6 seconds, the affected target will transfer a set amount of health and mana to the hero. The hero is invisible while casting the spell.

Spritual Ward.jpg
Spiritual Ward - Stops the caster in its tracks, granting complete immunity to physical damage while any incoming magic damage will heal instead of damaging it.

Power Shield.jpg
Power Shield - Grants 100% mele damage reflection for 4 seconds and +200 health regeneration.

Stone Remnant.jpg
Stone Remnant - Turns the target into a pile of rocks, disabling its movement, attack and spellcasting for the duration. Damage dealt to it in this state will be doubled.

Ravaging Runeblade.jpg
Ravaging Runeblade - Strikes the ground with a heavy damage pulse that randomly spreads out in all directions within 1000 radius, dealing damage and slowing by 80% for 0.50 seconds each.

Shut Down.jpg
Shut Down - Applies a curse on the targeted foe, causing it to lose mana every second for the next 7 seconds. If the target casts a spell during this time, it will be instantly silenced for 3 seconds and take several damage based on its own Intelligence if it's a hero or 250 damage if it's a creep.


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I will join too
Blood Elemental - Summons a blood elemental to attack Malakar's enemies and 15% of the Blood Elemental's attack damage will restore Malakar's hit points.

MORE - Every time the Abomination will use cannibalize there is a chance that the Abomination will go in a frenzy state that will increase his damage by 15% , attack speed by 30% but will take more damage by 30%.

Bristleback - Increase the bonus armor by 3 and will deal 5 damage to all nearby enemy ground units per second.
More spells

The Judicator's Holy Army - The Judicator will summon 6 holy archers illusions to unleash a barrage of holy arrows on enemy units.

Soul Ripper - Whenever an enemy unit is killed by the wielder of the Soul Ripper sword, that unit's soul will be absorbed by the sword, increasing the wielder's damage by 2 and the hit point by 20.
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