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Dota Ayahusca Shaman Hero Idea

Discussion in 'Idea Factory' started by starter_e, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. starter_e


    Sep 24, 2015
    I was reading Supernatural by Graham Hancock and got this idea:

    He/She has no mana or just a small amount, his first spell is enter spirit realm which paralyzes him and creates his invisible shadow form completely un-selectable, invisible and invulnerable which travels faster sees afar and can see invisible units and illusions.

    The spell will be called Drink Ayahuasca and the four levels will increase duration line of sight and movement speed movement speed will be +30, 60 90 120(level 4). His first spell duration will be 20 40 60 80 seconds and if cancelled before the time runs out the shaman will be very slow and clumsy for the remaining duration

    The cooldown will increase with level cause we are talking about taking Ayahuasca (the longer you stay the longer you have to recuperate) 10 20 30 40 seconds

    Also his spirit form has to return to him to return to the physical realm when cast the first spell the spirit form will leave from the position of the physical body of the shaman. If his spirit is not close to his body he will be damaged so the farther his spirit is upon expiration of the effects of Ayahuasca or upon cancelling the more damage he will take and this might kill him if his spirit is too far thus there will be a trade-off between health and using the spell. As in real life shaman ordeals. So shamans will have to use their + attribute spell to gain more health to sustain the ordeal of having their soul far away from their body.

    Of course the best hiding place for the shaman will be the middle of the map the damage taken upon returning to consciousness will be a function of the distance between his physical body and his soul.

    The soul spell will be perfect for scouting for invisibles and illusions for it will have no pathing requirements his soul will effortlessly see through and climb over hills and trees etc. a perfect scout .

    The shaman will have to hide during his sessions so will look for secret and hidden spots on the map like shamans did in the past with caves etc.

    His three other spells will be only available in his spirit form. (His physical form) if killed during tripping means the hero will die.

    The second spell will be with melee range the soul goes to an enemy unit/hero and stuns them in fear "sending a nightmare vision to their mind" 2 4 6 8 seconds duration? 10 15 20 25 sec cooldown? stunning completely no movement no attack and no spell-casting.

    The third spell will be entering the minds of all lesser mind units around the soul in an increasing radius 400 800 1200 1600 radius all units become controlled by the shaman for an increasing duration 4 8 12 16 seconds 20 40 60 sec cooldown. The soul will gain experience for the shaman.

    The ultimate will be cast from melee range on a hero entering his mind and gaining total(including item) control over a hero for 1 2 3? seconds 20 40 60? second cooldown.

    The spells will require no mana but will have increasing cooldowns.

    The physical form of the hero will mainly be used while recuperating from Ayahuasca and then the attribute spell will be useful. The hero will function as a spell-less hero mainly like a defense support hero. Main attribute intelligence. Physical form will be simply attacking like a normal unit.

    The shaman`s body will be very vulnerable during the Ayahuasca session, no additional damage taken, but the player will be focused elsewhere and also if he cancels the Ayahuasca trip before the effects wear out he is slowed down by 60% percent (attack and movement speed) for the remainder of the duration of the drink Ayahuasca spell.

    Also, if the shaman(physical body) dies during his Ayahuasca session there are several possible scenarios:
    1. the soul is gone;
    2 the soul continues to exist:
    in this case the soul should exist while the shaman is dead and disappear returning to the body of the shaman upon his resurrection at the base and either:
    a) there are invulnerable shadows chasing the body of the shaman
    for some time(60 - 120 seconds?) after he is resurrected dealing damage to his body on hit
    so he has to stay at the fountain in the base or be healed by items or other heroes
    b) the next time he drinks the Ayahuasca he takes
    a lot of damage like 99 percent of his health
    or both of these together
    or maybe the shadows chase him when he drinks Ayahuasca the next time after he has died during his Ayahuasca trip

    In case 2 the shaman hero will be very effective from death(while dead) because you might have a 30 second Ayahuasca trip and then someone kills you or you are too far away from your body and die(your soul unable to return to the body) but while you are resurrecting your soul still operates and it can fully use the 3 spells (stun, mass possession and hero possession) which means you can prolong your Ayahuasca journey by actually dying(how cool is that). The experience gained by the soul will be given to the hero upon his resurrection.
    A death(spirit) realm hero.