[Altered Melee] Kel'thuzad, the Grand Necromancer


Spell Reviewer
Level 27
May 9, 2014
Good day, Hivers. What I have here is a Kel'thuzad which is still flesh and blood and is a powerful necromancer. Here are some of the spells I've made for Kel'thuzad:

Screenshot 1.png

This spell stuns enemies nearby for 3 seconds, reduces damage taken from enemies (Kel'thuzad) during the period when no skeletons are present and summons a skeleton every 0.5 seconds thereafter. This is the Raise Dead ability.

My problem now is this: What other abilities should I add to Kel'thuzad in order to make him more genuine as a Grand Necromancer? I only need 2 abilities. Thanks for the ideas in advance.
Level 25
Apr 6, 2010
Here's a few:

Dead Man's Grip (Active, single target): Entangles the target (Soul Gem animation) and surrounding units if they are standing on corpses. If not, the target is slowed.

Vengeful Ghosts (Passive/Active, no target): As the Necromancer kills units, has a x% chance of stealing the unit's soul. Souls give stat boosts, and can be simultaneously released to deal damage to enemies, resetting the counter to zero.

Bonesetter (Aura): Undead-type units heal faster in the Necromancer's presence.

Dark Whispers (Passive): Casters and heroes attacking the Necromancer have a chance to be stunned.

Skeletal Construct (Active, AoE): Destroys all corpses in the area to spawn a minion. The summoned unit's health percentage and type (skeleton, abomination, flesh golem etc.) depend on the number of corpses destroyed (i.e., one corpse, one half-health skeleton; ten corpses, an abomination, twenty-five corpses, a flesh golem, etc.).

Tap Ley Lines (Active, AoE): Targets a location. All casters near the location regain mana at a faster rate.

Phylactery (Active): Creates a Phylactery, a weak and defenseless unit with a self-destruct attack. As long as the Phylactery is alive, the Necromancer has infinite Reincarnation (returning at half-HP and no mana on the spot he died).

Speak With Dead (Active, AoE): Destroys a corpse to get a temporary sight range boost / True Sight / reveal the map.