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Necromancer need spells...

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Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Anticipatory Necromancy

All non-hero, non-summoned ground units in target area are turned into Skeleton Warriors under the command of their original player.

Skeletal Spikes

The target's bones grow wicked spikes that burst through skin and armor. Targeted unit takes damage over time but returns a fraction of melee damage to attackers.


Summons a permanent Boneguard, a tough skeleton unit. Power up with the Sacrifice spell. If the necromancer dies, either crumbles to dust or becomes Neutral Hostile until the necromancer casts the spell again, at which point it dies.

Shield of the Sacrifice Sword of the Sacrifice Amulet of the Sacrifice (combo with Boneguard)

Sacrificing one of his own minions, the Necromancer uses their energies to empower his bodyguard. Kills up to three of your own units. When used on a Boneguard, heals and gives increased temporary armor/damage/magic ability to the Boneguard (represented by various attachments). If used without any sacrifices, heals a small amount of HP.


Gives a small chance of converting an enemy undead unit on attacking.

Book of the Dead (Spellbook)

Summons various specialized skeletons (Warriors, Archers, Mages...), getting more powerful with levels (more abilities/spells).

What kind of map is it?
Level 15
Oct 18, 2008
Bonemancery - Innate Point Target/Innate No Target
The necromancer summons an undead minion out of his own blood, causing the undead serveant to inherit some of it's owners power. The unit server the necromancer to death and is controlled by it's mind directly - but he can only have one of this type of serveant.
The inherited power means the undead is stronger as the necromancer becomes stronger, but doesn't have his spells! It just ensures that a lvl 20 necromancer's minion is not the same as a lvl 1's - you can say that it becomes stronger every 5 levels.

Corrupted Explosion (Q) - Area Target (small area)
Only works if there is a non-hero corpse in the target area. Exploding the corpse, it's bones are shattered and spread around it, dealing damage in 340/400/450/500 area. Units killed by this effect are corrupted by the enchanted bone shards, turning into undead minions for 3/4/5/6 seconds. These minions are on the necromancer's side but he doesn't have immediate control over them.

Spirit Touch (W) - Area Target (small area)
Only works if there is an enemy hero corpse in the area. By touching the corpse and saying an incantation, the necromancer can question the spirit of the hero, revealing the position of 1/2/3/4 enemy heroes.

Soul Aura (E) - Offense/Defense - No Target (Toggle)
The necromancer's presence attracts spirits, which he can use for multiple purposes. By using them defensively, their ethereal body can prove minor defense against incoming attacks. By using them offensively, they deal minor damage to enemy units within 500 area of the necromancer. The skill deals and absorbs more damage the more corpses there are around. (up to 5 corpses)
(base damage and absorb is like 3 damage and +1/corpse)
(Souls doesn't keep themselves to a target, so they just go there, hit then go to the next one.)

Bone Darts (R) - [Ultimate] Point Target
The necromancer assembles a dart out of bone fragments, then shoots it towards the target point. If the dart comes into contact with an enemy, damaging it, then it disassembles, shooting out darts in every direction from the units body (they don't damage the unit, only the first one, also there should be like 10 darts, 1 for every 36 degrees). These darts share the same nature as the original one. Units can only shoot darts out of their bodies once. Summoned undead units are converted to the necromancer's side instead of taking damage.

Bone Impaler - Unit Target
The necromancer summons a a massive bone pale under his target, then shoots it upwards, knocking his target in the air and damaging it. If it dies, the magic explodes his body, leaving only it's head on the pale, causing surrounding units to tremble in fear.
(two versinons:
1.fear=negative modifiers
2.fear=units run away from the source (the pale) and heroes have a % to do the same)
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
Arena? Ah, need less mook-killer spells then. Going with the idea that he can summon skeletons at will, and use them as part of various spells.

Summon Skeleton (Spellbook)

* Summon Skeleton Warrior

* Summon Skeletal Archer

* Summon Skeletal Mage

* Summon Skeletal Servant: a weaker variant with no attack and little defense but costs less to summon (surely there's a weaponless skeleton model somewhere). Sacrifice fodder.

Dead Man's Hands

Zombified hands burst from the ground, snatching at the legs of the living before returning to the grave. AoE stun spell, using the Soul Gem animation on each target.

Lockhart's Greater Cripple

Devised by a wizard of some reknown, this spell liquefies and removes the target's bones. Melee range spell causing the target to (randomly) become incapable of attacking, moving, or casting spells.

Bonedust (spellbook)

Manipulating bonedust is the basis of necromancy. By shaping and reforming it, the necromancer may achieve various effects.

* Bonewall

Summons a large magic immune wall, that can be used to funnel opponents or give them a harder target. The wall can be dissolved into x skeleton warriors (health equal to the percentage of the wall's remaining life).

* Fusion

Two Skeleton Warriors fuse into a single Giant Skeleton Warrior. The Giant Skeleton Warrior may be split back after a cooldown, or unsummoned to return a small amount of mana to the necromancer.

* Dust to Dust

Sacrifices all Skeletons in an AoE. Their bodies are dissipated in a thick choking cloud that reduces accuracy and deals damage to units breathing it. Duration increases with the number of skeletons sacrificed (up to a certain amount, of course).
Level 28
Apr 6, 2010
If you say so... In any case, perhaps they might find use in a different genre.


Death Grip (Active)

The icy hand of Death grips a unit, attempting to pull it to the grave. Severely slows a single unit, with a small chance of killing it.

Soul Enslavement (Passive)

The necromancer learns from the death he causes, deepening his own understanding of magic. The Necromancer gains one attribute point for every hero killed (killing an Agility hero gives an Agility bonus, etc.)

Leech Life (Buff, non-channeling)

The necromancer studies the flux of life and death, and can direct it as he pleases. Removes life from the target unit and gives it to the Necromancer.
Level 6
Nov 14, 2010
My ideas for moves, since I am great with Necromancer stuff becuz I luv that evil necromancer stuff so I luv making stuff for it.

Death's Hand:
The necromancer casts a spell pulling up a black tinted, glowing fire red hand from the ground that picks up the target and breaks his bones dealing 150/250/350/450 damage.

Death Frenzy:
The necromancer goes in a rage to kill his nearby enemies thus giving him a armor bonus for 20/30/50/70 seconds and a damage bonus for 20/30/50/70 seconds.

Undead Nightmare:
The necromancer creates a army of undead zombies (Numbers of how many) 1/4/8/10/12/16/20 that will rip his enemies to shreds at his command.

Reaping Havoc:
The necromancer summons Death himself to reap havoc amongst all enemies, The reaper is a timed life unit 25/50/80/155, He can do damage (Damage lvls) of 50/150/250/256

The necromancer takes the bones of fallen enemies and creates a whirlwind around him dealing 500 Damage to all nearby enemies.
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