Villager 255 Animations

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I have updated the model mesh now i think it looks better, added some CUSTOM ATTACHMENT points the highlighted parts contains the new ones, now u can add a complete set of armour on the villger.
New attachemts points names are: Gold Left, Gold Right, First Left, First Right, Second Left, Scond Right.

I have tryed to add more animations and i get error and more then 255 doesnt save i dunno why, if so i can make a second part with other animations.

I wanted to upload a model that has many animations and i think the most useful model will be the Villager model to use in RPG maps or something.

I have noticed when played Attack - 7 animation the hidden objects are appreaing, they should be inv.


Use this to play any animation u want even the walk animations when u stand or any animation when u move:
  • Custom Script: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex( unit name, number )
-the unit name is the unit name in JASS
-the number is the animation that starts from 0
-can play even the walk animation when u stand
-can play any animation even if the unit is moveing

Animation Guide:

Stand Victory 27-37 are animations when u sit on a stone bench: Dalaran->Props->Stone Bench
Attack Morph 27-30 are some shield attacks.
Stand Victory 22-23 are some mount animations for horse with no rider u will have to use some triggers to make them work good for now.
Attack Throw 6-7 are bow animations.
Stand Victory 41-66 are guns animations.
Stand Victory 67-70 are hang animations.
Stand Victory 71-76 are cross animations.

Villager, Peasant, Work

Villager 255 Animations (Model)

Villager 255 Animations (Model)

09:39, 24th Mar 2011 anarchianbedlam: amazing animations and you really put a lot of effort into this. but the mesh on the bag should be fixed and the model would really benefit from attachment points. EDIT: remove the imported blank "white"...
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Sep 23, 2004
dude with he custom script call set unit anim u should be playing animations even if the unit is moveing.

Thanks for a reply, Graber. Indeed, with custom script call set uni animation it s h o u l d be playing but for some odd reason it does not. I hope it is not too much to ask for you to take a brief look. Perhaps it does not appear in your system at all. I uploaded a simplified version of what I want to do:
A villager should pick-up a box (animation 202) in one spot, then carry it (animation 232) to another place and drop it there (animation 203).
The problem is that ordering a unit to move cancels "call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(udg_unit,232)".

For the record, problem seems to persist whatever animation is chosen (playing guitar etc.). I really don't understand what is going on with it.. but I really need to fix it. Your villager animations are central what I am trying to create - a natural village environment where people work, move around etc.


  • Villager_who_does_not_want_walk_with_animation.w3x
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Aug 19, 2013
It would be great if this model have some two-handed weapon walking standing and bow animations, then it would be an invaluable component of rpg maps, but still very useful model
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Feb 2, 2006
could it be that left and right hand attachment points are switched or different from the original villager model.

Which attachment point do I have to use for bucklers? At the moment I just use hand left but the buckler shows to the wrong direction and is IN the hand of the villager. Could you please help me?
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Sep 10, 2013
This is amazing! Sugoi sugoi :D
There are animations for things I'd never thought I would want to see in wc3 :D But they're lovely.
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Feb 2, 2006
Hey, I might have discovered another bug with the attachment points for the feet: Bronze Boots

Could you fix this please? And maybe switch left and right hand attachment points and rotate as well to fix them? It would be very helpful.

For the second fix maybe a second version of the model would be better since many people are already using the old attachment points.
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Jul 25, 2019
The overwhelming number of animations is impressive and it has many uses. But there is 1 or 2 bugged animations which just spawn like a bunch of doodas around the model instead