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  • Good old times, haha

    If it was not you, I would not be the Cakemaster I am now. I would still be a jerk in the Hive.
    Hey, old friend. How are you lately? I was the old Soviet mechanic Soviet655, remember? Now, I am the Cakemaster, reigning the cakes.

    Thank you so much, friend. You make me regain confidence in Hive and has helped me much. :cgrin:

    Your old homie,
    Directive255 the Cakemaster
    Hello, I would like to introduce myself, I am Ardenian and the new leader of the Anime Group.
    As the group is rather dead, you, yes YOU, can change something about this. You could start with helping us finding an Anime Group Preview Picture! ( please ignore the fact I wrote 'Preview Message')
    I would be really glad if you join the discussion!
    Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . ., ., ., .,. . . . .
    . . .__|__|__|__|__ . . .
    . . .|~~::~~~~::~~| . . .
    . . .|~!!~~~~~~!!~| . . .
    . . .|<(><)><(><)>| . . .
    . . .|}{}{}{}{}{}{| . . .

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

    . . . . . . .\ &&& /. . . . . . .
    . . . . . . ./<span style="font-size: 15px">*&*</span>\. . . . . . .
    Even when I'm inactive you still say happy birthday?
    Hi btw. I kinda miss this site, it's good to be back!
    Sure. :) btw I did a quick search and usually older versions will be available after newer ones are out. So here's a link to Adobe Photoshop CS3 Full version.

    p/s: Remember to right click and run as administrator before starting the program. :)
    Actually I've never bought any softwares till now. One of the reason is I don't really like spending money on 'virtual' stuffs like softwares or gaming micro transactions. Here in my country, using pirated softwares won't really be minded by the government. But I am aware of the legal issues/copyrights. So probably when I'm establishing my own career in the future, perhaps starting an animation/gaming studio, I'll of course buy it. :) Well now I'm using pirated ones for practice and fun. :p I got my cracked Adobe CS6 Master Collection from my friend.
    I figured that I'd change it back since everyone called me Bern despite me changing my name. So. Bang.
    It's nothing special; It started when some guy replied to a thread with "grabs popcorn" and was followed by replies by some other people asking for the some popcorn too. It ended with them getting neg repped. ~ The End. ~
    lucky guy, it's already in the past but I still remember it as a shameful comment but meh. You know how's it like, life goes on :]
    Well I was doing my best and later forgot about it :/ not much that happens around me so it got a teeny bit boring to linger here everyday :p thanks man :D
    Ha-ha! That's our cult greetings from now on! It's just like bro-fist, but instead, we hit the other guy in the stomach with full force.

    Woah, hold your horse, I'm not cut out to be the leader.
    It should be our Father bear. Or maybe Heinvers will do! But not me!
    Tch! My plan didn't work. Curse that Heinvers!

    Rejoice! Our cult is alive once again brother!
    *Punches you in the stomach*
    well i cancelled the new description the old one seems more wonderful you can see the new one on my Private Album

    EDIT I forget the trailer anyway the trailer is on WIP
    anyway are you interested in map helping?
    i can send you the old map description if you like and also the trailer
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