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Undead Siege Marines 1.47

Submitted by brized
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

  • Premise
    • Do you like Diablo?
    • Do you like games with a high skill cap?
    • Do you like MOBAs, but want a cooperative game to play with friends sometimes?
    If you answered "yes" to any of the above, this game is for you!

    In 30XXX, a crack commando unit was betrayed by a deranged leader out for power. They found the truth and got their revenge, only to be branded as renegades. Today, still wanted by the Imperium, they survive as soldiers of fortune. Mongoose City is beset by the undead, demons, Chaos-tainted soldiers, and all manner of mutants. Their people need help, and the Imperium isn't coming. It's up to you to get in there, wipe out the freaks, save the civilians, and do it in style.

    • Physics system: Aim, dodge and reflect grenades, rockets, bouncing plasma bolts, and more!
    • Revive system: Get knocked out? Your teammates and your own stubborn spirit can bring you back.
    • Save/Load: Save your rank and access up to 26 innate abilities in future games.
    • Director System: Difficulty adjusts for the number of players in game, their status, and current score.
    • Active Environment: Commandeer local resources, like hospitals, tanks, and orbital cannons.
    • NPC AI and Command System: NPCs act intelligently so you can focus on your hero.
    • Quests: Assist various civilians and military NPCs for rewards, bring them with you to bolster your strength, or use them as bait: it's up to you!
    • Game Length: 15-30 minutes per run; 20+ hours for all gameplay
  • Leaderboards
    If your team beats one of the top 3 scores, post your replay to this thread and you'll be added to the Leaderboard here and in the next version of the map!
    Score Server Players
    23,047,724 US East Death_Waits, Lorddreed, omgsilence, Setokaiva, T.Dogg, WhindGhost8
    12,154,050 Asia dismorfof, Maho, miwako, ohagi, Ruuna, scanf
    11,734,900 US East Death_Waits, Exloj, Leidan, Lorddreed, omgsilence, Setokaiva

  • Changelog
    1.47 Changelog

    Changed the default game mode to Survival.

    The level of the starting NPC allies equals the game difficulty.

    New quest: Save Civilians. You have 5 minutes to rescue at least 30 Civilians. They'll continually spawn in the city while the quest is active. Completing the quest grants an extra level to all heroes and unlocks the next quest (Assist Convoy/Officer).

    More quests to come...

    Successfully completing the Convoy assistance or Imperial Officer Assistance quests will now prevent them from recurring later in the game. If you fail, you'll get a new officer or convoy quest after some time.

    Added quest info for each quest and feedback on completing or failing the quests.

    Added custom lobby music. Credit Bianca Ban.

    Supply drop pings are now white, to differentiate from allied NPC spawn pings.

    Heavy Plating on tanks and vehicles no longer applies to melee attacks.

    Changed model of Hive Mother to Crypt Mother
    Other new models:
    Zerg Egg

    New boss: Corruptor
    Model - Mr Scary

    Vermin Lord is now a Megaboss at 7,000,000 points, with various changes to reflect its new status.

    Spider Lord now spawns eggs up to 3 times rather than 2.

    Boss and miniboss spawning now selects more zombie-like bosses early on, and transitions to more demonic types as the game goes on.

    1.46a Changelog

    Major optimizations to the projectile system such that it should allow many more projectiles at once without frame lag. (Thanks to those in JASS Benchmarking Results and About Movement).

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug where the new item auto-pickup system would stop applying to your hero after death.

    1.46 Changelog


    Removed knockback from RPG until its bug can be fixed.

    Fixed a bug where building something via Engineering and then leveling up Engineering would cause the spellbooks to bug out (thanks TerryBates).

    Fixed a bug where building a Sentry, Sniper Turret, or Vertical Wall would cause your Engineering ability to disappear(!)

    Various minor optimizations. Major optimizations to come with the projectile system.

    Reworked item auto-pickup to use https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/item-pickup-v-4-0-1-vjass-v-1-0-jass.244610/ for improved performance.

    Reduced max Food of reinforcements to 15 from 30.

    When dodging AoE effects, a randomly chosen NPC will do floating text:
    "Look out!"
    "Get back!"

    The game now automatically tries to -save for all players on defeat and victory instead of telling them to -save.

    New location-based events:
    Fabricator: Pick up a Firmware Upgrade, bring it to the Fabricator, stand on circle of power for 1 minute.
    On quest complete:
    +250,000 points
    Rename Fabricator to Fabricator++
    Unlock sniper and rocket turrets, reduce energy cost of all other items by 1/2.

    Orbital Cannon: Pick up a Power Core, bring it to the Orbital Cannon Console, stand on circle of power for 1 minute.
    On quest complete:
    +250,000 points
    Rename Orbital Cannon Console to Orbital Cannon
    Building gets energy set to max (if max energy not = to casting cost x3, set it to that). Orbital Cannon shot has its cooldown and energy cost cut by 2/3.

    Hospital: Pick up Aegis Console bring it to the Hospital, stand on circle of power for 1 minute.
    On quest complete:
    +250,000 points
    Rename Hospital to Aegis Module. Replace Area Heal with Aegis. Mana cost/cooldown similar to orbital cannon. Building gets energy set to max (if max energy not = to casting cost x3, set it to that).

    Erinyes now creates a max of 3 clouds from 6, and the number of clouds scales more slowly with difficulty.

    1.45 Changelog

    New model for Sciops: SC2 Marine - The SC2 Marine

    New model for Scout: Advanced Ghost - Adwanced Ghost

    New model for EMP nova: Cyclon Explosion

    Heroes start with one fewer starting item.

    Adjusted enemy spawning tables so easier enemies spawn early on.

    Slow enemy spawn rate now 15 seconds from 10 seconds.

    Normal enemy spawn rate now 10 seconds from 5 seconds.

    Reduced max Fast enemy spawn duration to 30 from 60 seconds.

    Replaced Monstrosity (harder) with Hound
    Increased movement speed on all fel beast unit types
    All fel beast types have 100% resistance to plasma damage.

    Increased Knerr Boresh attack cooldown from 0.50 to 1; doubled attack damage.

    New model for Mammon: Silithid Devourer

    Volatile Fatties now have much more HP and have a 6-second timer that starts when you attack them. When the timer expires, they explode.

    Chaos Rifts now always spawn every 10,000,000 points, no matter what.

    New model for Immortals: Tormentor

    Minion spawning speed timers reset to Slow upon finishing a wave or defeating a megaboss.

    Fixed a bug causing megaboss respawning to stop at Erinyes.

    A ricochet sound now plays on enemies whose damage reduction reduces your attacks to 25 damage or less.

    AoE on Fattie Supreme's disease cloud projectile reduced to 350 from 450.

    Merchants now have floating text before you first get to them, and they also now give feedback upon buying/selling.

    Adjusted physics system to move projectiles every 0.03 seconds from every 0.02 seconds; made other optimizations. More to come.

    The reward for rescuing 10 Civilians is now capped at 1,000,000 points (base).

    When you rescue 10 Civilians, 6 spawn now instead of 10.

    Fixed a bug where projectiles could get Infernal Vigor.

    Fixed a bug where vehicles became unboardable after one died while you were piloting it.

    Re-added a loading screen. Credit Blizzard Entertainment ( https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net...V_Cncpt.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20151120022206)

    Tweaked ping colors and text colors for events to make it clearer what's what:
    Yellow = escort (Imperial Officer, Convoy, etc.)
    Blue = location (Satellite Data item, News Station, etc.)
    Green = general (Civilian and allied soldier spawns)
    Orange = super weapon (Orbital Cannon Designator, Nuke Launcher, etc.)

    Fixed a bug where pings for satellite data would instead ping a random item drop location.

    The first time you pick up an upgrade, floating text will tell you what it does.

    Fixed some bugs with sound caused by recent WC3 patches changing the sound codec. See Warcraft III - Patch 1.30.1 for more info.

    Soldiers that spawn in support of a Convoy or Imperial Officer can't be controlled until the Convoy or Officer dies.

    If Fattie Supreme is alive for more than 2 minutes, an Orbital Cannon Designator will spawn.

    1.44 Changelog

    Implemented Sniper and Rocket turrets for Fabricator.
    Added minimap indicators for each merchant and interactive building.

    Flamer Turrets now create flame spots where they attack.
    Flamer Turret attack cooldown increased from 0.10 to 1. Damage scaled up accordingly to DPS remains the same.

    Max level for Stat Increase raised to 100 from 25.

    Barricade HP increased to 750/1,500 from 500/1,000.

    Wall HP increased to 1,500/3,000 from 750/1,500.

    On medic rez in multiplayer, give a temporary boost like in single player.
    Shock Pads energy cost increased from 100 to 250.

    Item crate spawns now are concentrated in one area per spawn.
    Item crate spawns now have a ping and in-game message to notify you of where the next one is spawning.
    Item crate spawns now have their clocks reset upon each wave starting instead of being purely periodic.

    When you load a sufficiently high score, you'll get a "Leadership Commands" unit that can use in-game commands like -follow and -callcivs via hotkey instead of text input.
    -follow and -callcivs now display floating text by the calling hero.

    When players leave the game, their hero drops their acquired upgrades.

    Added a sound effect to certain in-game notifications/dialogue.

    Increased the timer for enemies to not spawn following a player death from 15 to 20 seconds (max 60).

    On mission end, all Spawning Pits, Pit-Born, and normal enemies are removed from the game to minimize lag.

    The first event will trigger no more than 2 minutes after waves begin, and it will always be an event with potential to grant lots of points (rather than strong reinforcements with little to no point gain potential via Civilians or quests).

    For every 10 Civilians you save, the next allied event timer is reduced by 30 seconds.

    There's now a Location-based event that fires after completing an Officer or Convoy quest:

    News station:
    Drop a data pad item, ping it for 2 minutes or until it's picked up.
    Player has to bring data pad to News Station, stand on circle of power for 1 minute. Use its channeling ability to double the speed.
    Spawn enemies nearby at 30 seconds left and 15 seconds left.

    On quest complete:
    +250,000 points
    Rename News Station to Comm Station
    Replace reveal ability with a mega reveal, 5x AoE and duration

    More location-based events to come.

    Improved Imperial Officer AI. Namely, they won't teamkill themselves and other NPCs with Artillery Barrage or Orbital Strike anymore.

    Imperial Officers and Convoys now spawn with a squad of soldiers that will automatically follow them.

    When Imperial Officers and Convoys spawn, all NPCs using automatic AI will automatically follow them.

    More tweaks to enemy spawning rates.

    Replaced Fuscious Hulk with a Giant Spider boss that fires webs and has melee poison/slow attacks.

    Give Juggernaut a red tint, suicide unit flames, taunt like Guardian, and explodes on death.

    Renamed "Rainshield" etc. to "Chaos"

    Renamed "Mini Pudge" to "Volatile Fattie"

    Regenerators now have a purple tint, now slower than Zombies, have a higher HP total, and spawn 2/3 corpse worms on death.

    Corrupted Civilians now have a purple tint (to indicate they spawn stuff on death).

    Player Light Blue's gold equals spawned drone count for diagnostic purposes.

    Chaos Sappers no longer spawn from the Minion spawn table. Instead, they spawn as a squad via event more frequently.

    Spawning Pits now spawn every 500,000 points from 200,000.

    Max Spawning Pits capped at 10 at a time.

    Increased point value of Spawning Pits from 2,500 to 5,000.

    The mandatory Daemon squad now spawns lat 3,500,000 points.

    Removed Bounty from Reaver.
    Reaver projectile speed increased.

    Removed Avatar from the lifestealer; instead it now has Lunger Frenzy and Jump Pack instead. Gather Lungers and Pit-born Lungers to Lifestealer

    Re-standardized enemy unit levels by point value:
    0 pts = lv0
    50 pts = lv1
    100 pts = lv3
    200 pts = lv4
    300 pts = lv5
    400 pts = lv6
    500 pts = lv7
    Miniboss = lv10
    Spawning pit = lv13
    Boss = lv15

    Reduced the increase in enemy food cap while Moonstones are active.

    Apparition's AoE zone of pain now has a target indicator before it fires so you can dodge it.

    Spawning Pits now spawn 1 enemy at a time from 2.

    Spawning Pit energy regeneration reduced from 20 to 10.

    Reduced Pit-Born enemy cap on Spawning Pits to spawn Horrors (Giant Bats) from 25 to 12.

    Enemy spawning will be reduced for 30 seconds following the start of a Convoy, Imperial Officer, or Refugee event so players have some breathing room to reach them.

    Enemy events (zombie swarm, special enemy swarm, etc.) now have their clocks reset upon each wave starting instead of being purely periodic.

    Wedjat will now only cast his death ball if the game difficulty is 7 or higher.

    Fixed a bug that caused Boss spawning to not be limited by the current score.

    Spawning pit auras now gain levels with expanding AoEs per minute; max AoE 3,000.

    Slow Minion spawning time interval raised from 5 to 10 seconds.
    Minion spawning timer gets reset to slow mode when an event fires.

    Added new models for Arisen and Crimson Dead (thanks WhiteDeath)

    Boomer and Boomer Grande's explosion on death damage increased significnatly, especially vs. Fortified armor.

    Boomer Grande now uses berserk in response to being attacked.

    Chaos squad event timer increased to 10 minutes, so it will generally only happen once per game.

    1.43 Changelog

    Game Interface
    All main ability hotkeys are now QWER from DFGB and secondary ability hotkeys are DF from ER.

    Timed Det Packs, now have countdown floating text instead of a timer window.

    Damage Upgrades increase damage by 6 from 12.

    Ling move speed increased from 300 to 450, renamed to Chiloniax.

    Super Zerg move speed increased from 320 to 475, renamed to Arrear.

    Diseased Host move speed increased from 280 to 400.

    Spider Lord is now the Megaboss. He now has an AoE artillery attack that can be dodged, with a minimum range of 600. Removed Acid Spit. His Web is now an AoE Projectile. Many tweaks to his AI.

    Erinyes is now the 4th Megaboss.

    Minibosses and bosses gather Minions of the same type when they spawn. So when Arrear spawns, it gathers Chiloniaxes not near any heroes.

    Bosses are always owned by Player 11 (Dark Green) now.

    Minion and Miniboss spawning now alternates between Players 11 and 12 instead of being randomized.

    More tweaks to enemy food caps by type (Minion, Miniboss, Boss).

    Tweaks to the Minion table.

    All non-Pit Born Minions cost 1 food now instead of varying by point value.

    Improved AI for enemies that react with a Projectile.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug that could cause a stubborn spirit to not die on rez.

    1.42e Changelog

    Double Time now clears negative buffs every second while active.


    Added a message for when the game starts in Mercenaries mode to explain how it works.


    SLAP Member and Sniper Team Reflex per level increased to 20 from 10.


    Shock Rounds slow increased from 25% to 33%. Fixed tooltip to reflect that the AoE is 200, not 150.

    Rocket Launcher energy cost reduced to 200 from 300.

    Solid Construction (damage block for buildings) increased from 20 to 50.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug that would lock the camera on the Helicopter for players that skipped the intro, but not for players that watched it to completion.

    Fixed a typo on Personal Shield on Projectile's color text formatting

    Enemy damage block now falls under one ability, which increases with level as difficulty goes up. Different enemies have different starting levels for their level of damage block. The main intent here is to not have hero abilities be obsolete vs. certain enemy types late in the game.

    Make damage block min dmg. 10 for lvs. 1, 2, and 3. Min dmg 5 for all other levels.

    Gave Rabisu Demonic Summon.

    Daemons now have damage block instead of evasion. You'll have to dodge their silence attempts and nail them with an ability to take them down. Or use special Rounds (Explosive Rounds, Tesla Cannon, ELF Mod, Flare Rounds, etc.). Or shred their armor (base 0). Or get massive damage boosts. Or engage with a melee hero (ignores damage block). Or engage with mechanical units (tanks, Heavy Weapons in mechanical mode), etc.

    Erinyes now has damage block instead of evasion as well.

    Implemented AI for units with Demonic Summon and short range Demonic Summon. Every 8 seconds, units with short range Demonic Summon will attempt to summon a random enemy hero within 3000 range.

    1.42d Changelog

    Stat upgrade items no longer spawn randomly across the map. Instead, each Miniboss drops one on death, and each Boss drops 5 on death.

    Common and uncommon items no longer randomly spawn across the map.

    Tweaked the static item spawns slightly.

    Increased Aosoth armor from 3 to 18.
    Decreased hero count threshold for Aosoth's ultimate (waves of explosions) by 1.

    Updated Vermin Lord and Spider Lord's point values to be 10,000 from 2,000.

    Forest Avenger (secret megaboss) now drops 20 Resilience upgrades on death.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug that caused Heavy Weapons' Judgment to not work at all.

    1.42c Changelog

    Respawn time for Stubborn Spirits is now 6 seconds + 3 seconds per level past 6.

    Floating text sizes for points from kills now scale at half the previous rate.

    Reduced the number of allied soldier NPCs at the start of the game from 20 to 12.

    For every 10 Civilians you rescue, the bonus base is now 250,000 from 50,000.

    Periodic Civilian spawns in the city now changed to occur at the start of each wave, and with 13 Civilians instead of 10.

    There are no longer 20 Civilians that spawn in the city at the start of the game. You'll have to rescue the initial set and then rescue Civilians that spawn from rescuing those.

    There's now a ping and notification when Civilians spawn in the city area when waves end or when you rescue 10 Civilians.

    The first time you rescue 10 Civilians, if Hints are on, the camera will pan to the location of the Civilians that spawned from the rescue.

    Minibosses now spawn every 50k points from every 30k.

    Bosses now spawn every 250k points from every 125k.

    Bosses now give a base 10,000 points from 2,000.

    Tweaked thresholds for spawning minibosses and bosses such that they'll spawn more regularly, except when megabosses are out.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug preventing Imperial NCOs from automatically learning their Power Fist ability.

    1.42a Changelog

    The first spawn phase is now fast instead of slow for 60 seconds.

    Bug Fixes

    Fixed a bug that caused Megabosses to only drop 1 upgrade on death instead of the intended 10-60 upgrades.

    Fixed a bug that prevented Aosoth from spawning.

    1.42 Changelog

    During hero picking, the camera will stay focused on the helicopter and you'll auto-select the helicopter until you pick a hero.

    Friendly events occur about half as often now.

    Merchants now only appear in the pre-deployment room if you load a code with rank 17 or higher (previously any code would do it).

    Tweaked some terrain in the lower center of the base.

    Rainshield Sapper range reduced from 1000 to 950.

    Rainshield Sniper range reduced from 1500 to 1200.

    Rainshield Sniper (hard) range reduced from 2700 to 1800.

    At 1,500,000 points, one Daemon will spawn per player. This is mainly to prepare the players for Erinyes' clouds.

    Bug Fixes
    Enemies now properly increase their acquisition range over time. This should improve the consistency of pacing in the game quite a bit.

    Erinyes' new AI now fires silencing clouds properly.

    Fixed a bug that would prevent NPC soldiers from spawning if you picked your hero and deployed ASAP.

    Fixed a graphical bug for the Fabricator.

    Tweaked a few item tooltips to prevent truncation.

    1.41f Changelog

    If you right-click a building while in its corresponding Circle of Power, you'll automatically transfer energy to it.

    Capped the number of NPC infantry that spawn at the end of each wave, but later in the game they'll spawn at a higher level. This is intended to prevent performance issues.

    Daemon's Cloud spell now has a 2-second delay, and a graphic indicating where it will land so you can dodge it.

    Daemon's Cloud spell now has a 2-second delay, and a graphic indicating where it will land. However, it also now fires upon up to 5 enemies within 351-1200 range at a time.

    Reduced Rainshield Sapper HP to 250 from 350.

    Improvements/bug fixes to Defiler AI.

    Raised base enemy food cap by 2.

    Tweaked the length of endings and the score/rank breakdown.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug that caused the "Time Extensions" hint to play during Mercenaries mode.

    Fixed a bug preventing the "Fuel Empty" message from appearing while trying to move a vehicle that's out of Energy.

    More attempts at fixing bugs with rezzing in multiplayer following desyncs.

    1.41d Changelog

    Significantly reduced the distance-based damage bonus for enemy charged shots. For players, landing a long range shot is hard, but for the computer, not so much, especially for shots that come from off-screen.

    Tweaked enemy caps and spawn rates some more. This should help with pacing/difficulty and performance issues later in the game. More tweaks to come, most likely.

    Gave Dreadlords a short-range (1200) version of Gaap Thamuz's Demonic Summon, though they may not use it yet.

    Megabosses no longer grant shared vision in Nightmare Mode.

    Reduced the number of NPCs (mainly tanks and other mech units) that spawn per wave ending and per event.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug with the Spawning Pit Move Speed aura that allowed it to affect enemy projectiles. Resulted in weird projectile speed curves.

    Fixed a bug that caused all the Top Score units to become owned by player 12.

    1.41c Changelog

    Imposed a max food count for enemies even when Moonstones are active.

    Switched slow spawn phase count back to 5 from 4 second intervals.

    Switched normal spawn phase back to 3 from 2 second intervals.

    When a player dies, their individual streak is reset (so they can't keep a GODLIKE going after death).

    Demolitions: Burst Rockets stun duration increased from 2/4 to 3/6.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug (hopefully) with Nightsong Summon and other global rezzes that would sometimes put a player in the Top Scores area, and if it *still* happens, there's a hint on the -unstuck command so you can get back into the game.

    1.41b Changelog

    Bug Fixes
    The new spirit revive sometimes resulted in rezzed heroes landing in the repick spot. That should be fixed now.

    Fixed merchants changing their wares every 15 seconds.

    You'll get a floating text message when vehicle fuel is low, and when the vehicle is empty.

    1.41a Changelog

    Sniper is now a rank-required class.

    Added the rank name for the rank requirements for innates and heroes (Sergeant, Corporal, etc.).

    Reduced the floating text size on wave complete from 20 to 14.

    Merchant's wares now update upon each wave completion instead of every 5 minutes.

    Megabosses now drop more upgrades on death, and the drop placement has been tweaked.

    Enemy acquisition range now only changes when a hero attacks the enemy.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug with the new Spirit Revive and Salvation that caused hero death tracking to mess up and trigger early Total Party Kills.

    1.41 Changelog

    Desyncs are more rampant due to bugs in the recent WC3 patches, plus desyncs from old widgetized maps. These desyncs result in single-target rezzes breaking. As a workaround, Stubborn Spirit rezzes (from full energy) now rez the whole team.

    Repick timer reduced to 60 seconds from 90 seconds.

    Heroes now start with just 1 skill point from 5 skill points.

    The team no longer levels up to lv10 upon rescuing their first 10 Civilians. Instead, if you load a code, you start at lv10 with 10 skill points.

    Hero skills now have a level skip requirement:
    Lv1 = 1
    Lv2 = 4
    Lv3 = 7
    Lv4 = 10
    Lv5 = 13
    Ultimate Lv2 = 12

    There's an Engineer ability that causes desyncs. As a temporary workaround, that class now requires nearly max rank to play. If anyone wants to help test which Engineer ability is causing the desyncs, I'll be really grateful (and fix the issue within a few days most likely).

    Other classes now have a rank requirement: Drop Trooper, Heavy Weapons, Sciops, Squad Leader, Vanguard. You won't need more than 3,000,000 points to unlock them all.

    Added a new sentry model: Radar Tower by Mr. Bob.

    Removed Half Time in Mercenaries Mode.

    Removed the Det Pack from the starting area. If you want one, use the Fabricator, or scavenge a few hidden ones in the City.

    Some minor AI optimizations.

    Decreased volume on all miniboss spawn sounds to 90.
    Decreased volume on all boss spawn sounds to 110.

    1.40e Changelog

    Re-branded the game. The new title is more clear about what the game is about, and it's more effective in getting random battle.net players to join, based on observations from running a hosting bot.


    Fixed Purger Tank's AoE damage on normal attacks not working.
    Added Flame Spray ability. It functions like a lv. 5 Squad Leader flamethrower.


    All enemy summons (like, when they try to summon YOU) now have a 3 second channel time before the summon occurs. If you're more than 1800 range away when the channeling finishes, the summoning fails.

    All summoning enemies have an aura to indicate they can summon.

    Tweaked normal enemy spawn times to be a bit faster.

    Tweaked messages for zombie swarms and special swarms.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug that caused Player 11 to have 160 food until facing Aosoth...this bugfix should impact the pacing of the game quite a bit, as this affected what kinds of normal enemies spawned. Hopefully it'll just improve it, but it might be a bit too hard now. More tweaks to come there, probably.

    1.40d Changelog

    Tank: Increased max Energy from 300 to 500.
    Purger: Increased max Energy from 1000 to 2000.
    Light Tank: Increased max Energy from 500 to 1000.


    Howitzer max Energy increased from 500 to 2000.
    Howitzer primary attribute changed to Reflex from Power.
    Howitzer Reflex gain and Power gain per level swapped.


    Added a Fabricator building that can exchange energy for consumable items:
    • Barricade
    • MG Turret
    • Flamer Turret
    • Sentry
    • Energy Generator
    • Adrenaline Injection
    • Det Pack
    Tweaked timing of floating text for interactive buildings.

    When placing a Det Pack, there's a red aura that flashes to indicate its AoE to everyone.

    Chaos Rift auras get added over time instead of all at once. There's also a message each time the aura gets added, and the model size of the Chaos Rift increases each time.

    Tweaked ending messages.

    The Best ending now checks for whether you've defeated each Megaboss at least once.

    1.40c Changelog

    Chaos Rift now spawns at 10,000,000 points from 9,000,000.
    Chaos Rift's location gets pinged for 60 seconds from 10.

    Increased upgrade drops from Megabosses.

    Decreased Medpack/Recovery Pack drop rate from normal enemies and minibosses.

    More Zombies will spawn instead of Corrupted Civilians.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed some issues causing frame lag later in the game, particularly with lots of units that fire physics-based projectiles.

    1.40b Changelog

    Tweaked the point thresholds for the endings.
    Worst: 0-1,500,000 points
    Bad: 1,500,001 - 2,999,999
    Okay: 3,000,000 - 5,999,999
    Good: 6,000,000 - 9,999,999
    Best: 10,000,000+

    Tweaked ending hints.

    The Worst, Bad, and Good endings spawn Erinyes, Big Momma's Revenge, Defiler, and Aosoth if they haven't been faced yet.

    Added Light Tank to Vehicle Bay.

    Placed arrow shop marker doodads above all interactive buildings.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed auto-rez not working.

    1.40a Changelog

    When a stubborn spirit has max mana, it auto-rezzes its hero immediately

    The Church is now an interactive building. You can go there and get a global rez/refresh cooldowns for 1300 energy.

    There's now a Vehicle Bay in the upper right corner you can now interact with to get vehicles and vehicle keys. More vehicles to come.
    Tank: as the ones that spawn on the map.
    Purger Tank: Like the Tank, but an incinerator main gun, Flamethrower instead of Tank Shell, AMARDS, and 1000 Energy.

    Miniboss spawn interval changed from 75,000 points to 30,000
    Boss spawn interval changed from 250,000 points to 125,000

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug that caused lag while Big Momma's House was attacked while having magic immunity active

    Tweaked enemy awareness levels to reduce the incidence of enemies ADDing to go kill civilians while they're being shot at by players

    1.40 Changelog

    There are now two shops in the cities, one selling offensive items and the other defensive items. They each only have 4 items in stock at a time, and their stock changes every 5 minutes.

    Removed tanks from the city area.

    Added another tank and energy generator in the west side of the outpost.

    There will be some more special buildings like the Hospital, News Station, etc. in coming versions, including a vehicle garage.

    Reduced the cap on the number of Pit-Born enemies by half.
    Doubled the HP, regen rate, and base damage of all Pit-Born units.

    Bug Fixes
    I spent a few hours troubleshooting the post-1.29 bug with Vexorian's optimizer that causes Neutral Passive to become Player 16, etc., to no avail. So until I need more map space, or a new map optimizer comes out that fixes those bugs, this map will be non-optimized.

    1.39b Changelog

    Medkit heals 150 HP per second for 4 seconds from 100 HP per second for 5 seconds.

    Recovery Kits heal 150 HP and Energy/sec for 2 seconds from 100 HP/Energy per second for 3 seconds.

    Fixed a bug where you couldn't pick up health/energy pickups if you had a full inventory

    Reduced Civilian rescue timer from 5 to 3.

    Heroes with Double Time! active passively fast rescue in a 300 AoE.

    1.39a Changelog

    Added Recovery Kits to the game. They recover 100 Health/Energy per second for 3 seconds, and remove negative buffs on pickup.

    Energy Cells no longer drop from killing enemies. When killing enemies and you need energy, Recovery Kits will drop instead of Medkits.

    Medkit/Recovery Kit pickups that drop from slain enemies now have a slight offset to their spawn point so when multiples drop, they don't stack up.

    Tweaked starting SLAP/Sniper Team spawn points.

    1.39 Changelog

    Stubborn Spirits now have a 2-slot inventory, so they can transport items and pick up Energy Cells. If you pick up any stat upgrades, they'll transfer to your Hero.

    On Stunned enemies, melee abilities now deal double knockback and damage.

    Medkits and Energy Cells now auto-pickup like stat boosts if the player is not at full health or energy, respectively.

    Medkit now heals 100 HP/second for 5 seconds from 50 HP/second for 10 seconds.

    Enemies now drop Medkits and Energy Cells randomly. Base chance is:
    • 0% per item for minions and spawning pits
    • 1% for normals
    • 5% for minibosses, per player
    • 10% for bosses, per player
    • 50% for megabosses, per player
    So on a team of 6, a megaboss may drop up to 6 Medkits and 6 Energy Cells. The odds are increased based on player status (HP/energy lost, dead players).

    Max movement speed of projectiles per interval reduced to 45 from 50, to prevent collision issues.

    Players who -save for the first time (or otherwise didn't -load) now get a mini-tutorial on how saving and loading benefits them in future games.

    Updated game message when you use the "display top scores" ability to point to the Hive Workshop page, etc.

    Earlier Changelogs

    Innate Abilities

    Removed Combat Sword (R)
    Moved ELF Projector from E to R
    Moved Remote Mines from R to E

    Added the following E innate abilities:
    Concussion Blast
    Teleport Summoner

    Added the following R innate abilities
    Quick Shield
    Suit Teleport
    Point Shield
    Jump Pack

    For classes with upgraded innates, they now only show on the ability selectors while playing as that class.

    Each row of innate abilities requires more ranks for the next ability than the previous one:
    Row 1 = 2 ranks
    Row 2 = 3 ranks
    Row 3 = 4 ranks

    Significantly improved -follow AI

    Minibosses spawn every 75,000 points from 25,000
    Spawning pits spawn every 150,000 points from 60,000
    Bosses spawn every 250,000 points from 100,000


    EMP Nova now also mana burns for 1/2 for each enemy target's current mana, and deals that damage in a 300 AoE.

    Civilian base rescue time reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds

    NPCs will now automatically use offensive abilities against enemy heroes

    Increased CAT, SLAP, and NCO acquisition to 900 from 675

    The APCsquish ability is now split into two abilities: one for organic, one for mechanical. Neither ability targets projectiles anymore.

    Reduced collision size on all NPC vehicles (so they can squish better).

    Fixed Aosoth ultimate

    Fixed enemy plasma cannon explosion effects

    Improved Big Momma's Revenge AI



    Added megaboss (Aosoth) at 5 million

    Megabosses dropped 1 upgrade per level on death; now they drop (level + total megabosses killed) x 2.


    Imported UTN Medic and UTN Sniper Team by Cavman

    Added command -AI #, where all NPCs within range use the "Hint (NPC)" ability to turn on their automatic AI to patrol the map, take high ground (for long range units), and assist with events.

    NPCs affected by the -follow command will now periodically automatically follow your hero until they're subject to a different player's -follow command, or the -call command, or use of their AI activation ability. That way when they do things with their newfound smart AI, they'll go back to following you without needing tedious micro.

    Friendly NPCs now have basic AI routines to use their abilities and act somewhat intelligently most of the time

    Close Assault Troopers now have Assault's Flamethrower, and will use it to reflect projectiles.

    Police renamed to Sniper Team; Attack range now 1,800 from 1,000.

    Rainshield Pointmen now have Assault's Flamethrower, and will use it to reflect projectiles. Beware!

    In multiplayer, if there are any stubborn spirits in the playable map area, they'll have a countdown timer overhead of them indicating how long until you can revive.

    Imported F.T.F Light Infantry, Emperor Tank, Campaigner Howitzer, Hero SpaceOrc Elite, Space Orc Commander of the 3rd Generation, Space Orc Shock Trooper of the 5th Generation, Space Orc Sniper of the 3rd Generation, Odin Heavy Assault Tank, Rasputin Tank, and Warlord Heavy Tank by General Frank

    Imported Premium Bolter by Suselishe

    Imported UTN Sniper Team by Cavman

    Imported Snipe Target Green by Tranquil

    Imported Flamethrower by WILL THE ALMIGHTY

    Imported Gunslinger Officer by Freddyk

    Imported Terran Firebat by Grey Knight

    Innate Abilities
    Fixed a bug with Shotgun not applying its Distance Multiplier.

    WP Grenade Inner AoE increased to 250 from 200, Outer AoE increased to 500 from 400.


    Horizontal and Vertical wall HP increased to 1,000 from 500.
    Horizontal and Vertical Wall Mk II HP increased to 2,000 from 1,500.
    Fixed a bug with Assault Shotgun not applying its Distance Multiplier.
    Arsenal Grenade Inner AoE increased to 250 from 200, Outer AoE increased to 500 from 400.

    SpecOps movement speed increased to 350 from 300.

    Light Tank HP increased to 5,000 from 750, movement speed increased to 475 from 450.

    Heavy Tank HP increased to 10,000 from 1,500, movement speed increased to 375 from 300.

    Tank (player controllable) HP increased to 10,000 from 2,000, movement speed increased to 425 from 300.

    APC Squish AoE reduced to 200 from 250.
    APC Squish (Close) AoE reduced to 100 from 128.
    APC Squish (Close) damage increased to 200 from 100, fire rate increased to 10/second from 5/second.
    Note: APC Squish and APC Squish (Close) apply to all tanks, Reavers, Spawning Pits, Pit Lords, Big Momma's House, Big Momma's Revenge, and Defiler.

    Imperial Officer (Orbital Cannon) now has Orbital Strike, so keeping him alive and leveling him is a more viable alternative to completing his quest

    Imperial Officer (Aegis) now has Defense Matrix, same reasons

    There's a new Imperial Officer (Bombard) that has an Artillery Barrage ability; when you complete his quest, you get an Aerial Bombardment Designator, designed to clear an entire sector (the map is divided into a 3x3 grid of sectors)

    When you use Drop Armor's active ability, your camera will auto-pan to your destination

    Det packs now have the Full Destruct ability

    Blackout Field now grants a 9-second fade time Permanent Invisibility

    The secret megaboss now drops 10 random (resilience or DMG) upgrades on death.
    The secret megaboss HP increased from 20,000 to 75,000.
    Fixed a bug preventing the secret megaboss from using aimed projectile attacks.

    Megabosses now spawn every 1.5 million points from every 750,000 points.
    The Defiler spawns at 6 million points instead of being part of the Rainshield Swarm event.

    Enemy projectile telegraphs are now different colors for different projectile types:
    Rocket: Red
    Accelerator: Orange
    No friction: Green
    Wall bounce: Blue
    Grenade: Purple

    Fixed a bug with defiler respawning constantly

    Imported Bazoola missile by Callahan
    Imported D.O.'s Rocket Missile by Kuhneghetz

    Added -npcdrop command. Causes allied NPCs within 900 range of your hero to drop all their items, at their feet.

    Added -call # command. Selects all NPC units within 1000 x # range and orders them to move to your hero's position.

    Added -callcivs # command. Selects all Civilian units within 1000 x # range and orders them to move to your hero's position.

    Added -follow # command. Selects all NPC units within 1000 x # range and orders them to follow your hero, if alive.

    All classes' base move speed increased by 15.

    You'll now automatically select your hero after being revived.

    Assault's RG is now an aimed projectile; it has a larger AoE, damage, and no longer teamkills.
    Assault's Battle Fury HP bonus now +600/1000/1400/1800/2200 HP, damage bonus +180/210/240/270/300, armor bonus +20/40/60/80/100, and duration 10 from 20.
    Assault's I Have a Way With Death... cooldown reduced to 60/45 from 120/90, energy cost increased from 100/50 to 200/100.

    Demotions Burst Rockets stun is 2/4 from 2/3.
    Demo's LAW replaced with MIRV: Fires a projectile. If it travels 900 range without hitting anything, it gets removed from the game instead of exploding and releases 5 smaller LAWs in a 75 degree arc.
    Demo's RPG is now an aimed projectile; it has a larger AoE, damage, and knocks back targets.

    Drop Trooper's Power Surge now reflects enemy projectiles.

    Engineer's Assault Shotgun energy cost now 150 from 250.

    Medic's Shock Pads life-based bonus damage increased from 10% to 33%

    Sciops' Plasma Cannon energy cost reduced from 250 to 200.

    Scout GL is now an aimed projectile; it has a larger AoE, damage, and no longer teamkills.
    Scout Liquid Nitrogen Bomb is now a thrown grenade, creates a zone of cold that slows and deals AoE damage. Enemies at the center of the zone are further slowed and damaged.

    Sniper Flashbang Trap detonation AoE raised to 1,000 from 500.
    Sniper's Blackout Field images now last 20 seconds from 5 and deal 100% damage from 50%; energy cost reduced from 250 to 150.
    Sniper Charged Shot direct damage is now 1,000 + 2,000 per second of travel time; Inner AoE increased to 200 from 150, Outer AoE increased to 300 from 200.

    Squad Leader now has the innate Infernal Vigor; while standing in any flame spot (from Hellfire Missile, Flare Rounds, Molotov, etc.), she gains +100% attack speed and 50% move speed.
    Squad Leader's Rallying Call grants Infernal Vigor to allies.
    Chain Sword life-based bonus damage increased from 5% to 20%

    Vanguard's Fist of Vengeance life-based bonus damage increased from 10% to 25%.
    Vanguard's Guardian's Challenge now reflects projectiles in a 600 AoE on cast.

    Innate Abilities
    Emergency Cloak image now deals 100% damage from 50% and lasts 20 seconds from 5.

    Quick Cloak invisibility duration reduced to 5 from 10 and energy cost raised from 25 to 150; image now deals 100% damage from 50% and lasts 20 seconds from 5.

    Both Emergency Cloak and Quick Cloak no longer give a speed boost that lasts after the stealth duration ends.

    Shotgun energy cost reduced to 150 from 250.

    Kick, Melee, and Psychic Push life-based bonus damage increased from 5% to 10%

    Combat Sword life-based bonus damage increased from 5% to 20%

    Power Fist life-based bonus damage increased from 10% to 25%

    Kinetic Barrier's active repulse ability cooldown reduced to 15 from 30.

    Blackout Field's image now deals 100% damage from 50% and lasts 20 seconds from 5.

    Fixed a bug with item spawning that caused them to occasionally spawn at the center of the map.

    NPCs upgraded via Inspire will drop their items, since the triggers for giving items to units bug out otherwise.

    Megabosses now drop 1 upgrade per their hero level when they die. For example, a lv. 20 megaboss will drop 20 upgrades. The type of upgrade depends on the megaboss:
    Big Momma's House: Resilience or Damage
    Erinyes: Reflex or Damage
    Big Momma's Revenge: Resilience or Damage
    Defiler: Energy or Damage

    Enemy spawn location AI has been revamped, in that it has working AI now. The map is split into 9 square-shaped sectors; enemies will spawn in sectors adjacent to heroes, but not in sectors containing heroes. The only exception is event-based swarms (zombies, fearsome groups, etc.), which spawn regardless of hero presence.

    Fixed a bug with Big Momma's House magic immunity telegraphing getting desynced with the actual immunity time.

    Enemy spawning has been revamped, with spawning timing as follows:
    Slow spawning for 1 minute
    Normal spawning for 1 minute
    Fast spawning for 1 minute
    Normal spawning for 2 minutes

    SL Flamer flamespot grants +ms and attack speed to SL while she stands in it

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug with Cluster Rockets-based abilities getting borked by the recent change in how alternate abilities are selected. Thanks ZiBitheWand3r3r!

    Fixed a bug that caused Demolitions' Burst Rockets stun duration to be 1/2 instead of 2/3

    1.30 Changelog
    Removed Time Extensions from the game.
    Base max game time is now 13 minutes, +1 minute per million points and Half Time.
    Rescuing 10 civilians spawns another set of 10 civilians in a random sector where they spawn normally.
    Removed starting cash. Classes get default item loadouts on first pick - one offensive item and one defensive item. Advanced players can sell their gear for custom loadouts.
    When you load a code, you'll select alternate abilities via custom shop rather than dialog menus.
    Merchants are hidden until you load a code.
    Non-grenade aimed projectiles now account for walls you can traverse
    All aimed projectiles now account for high ground.

    Flamer now deals more damage based on proximity to target, and reflects aimed projectiles and Drop Troopers, reveals enemies, and applies an armor debuff like other fire-based abilities.

    Hellfire Missile now creates a flame spot on its target.

    Drop Trooper
    Frenzy now deals 1% of the target's current life, +1% per hit while Frenzy is active, max 10 hits.

    Assault Shotgun damage is now multiplied based on distance to target.

    Medpack duration increased to 60; cooldown increased to 30
    Steron cooldown increased to 20; all benefits doubled

    Replaced Lunar Cannon with Plasma Cannon, an aimed projectile that bounces and grazes.

    Double Time refreshes cooldowns in its AoE. Energy cost raised to 250, duration reduced to 15.

    Squad Leader
    Rallying Call duration reduced to 10 seconds from 30; all benefits are tripled.

    Alt Abilities
    Hellfire Grenade is now an aimed projectile.
    Quick Sprint replaced by Blink Generator.
    Blink Generator's slot now taken by Quick Blink.

    Police now have a minimum attack range, along with an aura to notify you of that.

    New Megaboss at 7 million points.
    Revamped enemy spawn tables; several types removed, others added.
    Enemy AI revamped.
    Banshee-type units will self-banish to prevent normal attacks from hitting them.
    Several enemy types now have a minimum attack range, along with an aura to notify you of that.
    Spawning Pits that spawned Ghouls now spawn Lungers.

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a bug with engi structures sometimes not doing anything and eating your mana.
    Fixed a bug with the Sector variable not being assigned anything!
    Other misc bug fixes with the physics system.

  • Media
    New megaboss @ 5,000,000 points:

    1.13 Trailer -


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  • Resilience Reflex Energy
    Assault Heavy Weapons Demolitions
    Drop Trooper Scout Engineer
    Squad Leader Sniper Medic
    Vanguard Sciops

  • Credits
    Map and custom art (except where credited below) made by brized
    Primary Beta Testers and sources of input: Setokaiva, Brynna, Emperor-, Arc.Knight, Shimmerscale, warrior-slayer, breakfast, and Loogles

    n\/Cl34r and Sevion: Knockback abilities
    korolean: Save/load system
    Tinki3: Meat hook
    KILLCIDE: Arcane Bomb

    Devine: Charged Shot icon and Focused Fire aura
    War_Golum: Master Spark icon
    Mc!: Nuke Bomb icon
    Paladon: Angelic wings and Celestial Wings icons
    ChirusHighwind: Focused Fire icon
    General Frank: Smolderer Tank
    The_Silent: Battery, Expansion, BatteryArmor
    -Berz-: Chip

    General Frank: Smolderer Tank, Odin Tank, Warlord Tank, Rasputin Tank, Howitzer, Nuke Aura, Nuke Aura icon, Orb of Fire, M1 A7 'Badger' APSV, and Rocket Launcher model, Topaz, Ruby, Emerald, Turquoise
    Talon the Mage: Sniper missile, Assault rifle missile, Minigun Effect, Sniper Rifle Effect
    Epsilon: Scout/Sniper model, blizzard sign, reactor backpack, and grenade model
    abriko: Assault/Demolitions model
    Kitabatake: Keys, Demon Armor, Life Orb, and generator models
    Mechanical Man: Comm Center
    Thrikodius: Shield graphic and Blink
    Ham Ham: Rocket ammo
    Daelin: Frozen orb
    pWn3d: Sunfire missile
    Grey Knight: C4
    kangyun: Modera
    EvilCryptLord: ElitePlagueCloud
    kellym0: HydraCorrosiveGroundEffectV054 and GreatElderHydraMoltenBreathV.196
    PeeKay: VampireRogue
    s4nji: Attack Aura
    Gamegear: 3rd Rank Aura
    Pvt.Toma: Mechanized Abomination
    shamanyouranus: Cleaner, Plasma Leak, Plasma Leak, Mind Blast, and Road Flare
    Callahan: Sylvan spear 2, and Drop Trooper model
    WILLTHEALMIGHTY: Rocket, Artillery, Massive Explosion, EMP bomb, Black Hole, and Ion Cannon model/icon
    Dan van Ohllus: Dual rocket missile
    JetFangInferno: Defense Matrix, Shiva's Wrath, Aura of Despair, and Second Wind graphics
    takakenji: Arathi Rock
    Illidan(Evil)X: Street Lights and Cobra Helicopter
    HappyTauren: Destructable Plant
    Nasrudin: Animated Plants
    sPy: Holy Aura
    exfyre: Defense Matrix buff effect
    anarchianbedlam: Scrapper model (minitank) and SHIVA Nuclear Warhead
    Infrisios: Rallying Call models
    Klarnetist: All models for rounds/ammo
    ikillforeyou: sliding door
    The_Silent: terraninstallationcomputer, Flamethrower Turret
    Misha: Mishawalls
    Ergius: Stone big, stone small
    Scythy Dervish: Lightning generator
    Kofi_Banan: Buildingsgnew1
    horn: Ravnica building
    Pyramidhe@d: Circular saw attachment and Maggot models
    Dionesiist: Parasitechest
    chilla_killa: TV screen
    Haistrah: StarsLightning effect
    marcus158: Lightning Aura
    CreatorD3292: EnergyShield
    nhocklanhox6: Unleash the power
    arnelbigstonepd33r: Massive Punch Effect
    unknown (if you did these, speak up so I can credit you!): blood smudge, blood explosion effects, pavement, window
    Tarrasque: Spider Warlord
    WhiteDeath: Infested Zombie
    KAIL333XZ: The_Silent's Battery
    Scythy Dervish: Item - File

    "All clear 1" and "All clear 2" by Goat

    halo: Flesh Giant skin
    67chrome: Commander skin

    unwirklich: Futuristic UI

Undead Siege Marines 1.47 (Map)

15:23, 22nd Jun 2008 Ash: This game works on the premise that you just want to kill things, with little to no story behind it. It's a follow up of Nightsong Operatives, and uses the same systems, spells and items from it. It gets hard pretty early...
  1. 15:23, 22nd Jun 2008
    Ash: This game works on the premise that you just want to kill things, with little to no story behind it. It's a follow up of Nightsong Operatives, and uses the same systems, spells and items from it.

    It gets hard pretty early on, and can leave new players with a 'wtf just happened?' feeling, although that said; the game only lasts 5 minutes without picking up time extensions.

    Some classes are pretty useless, such as Assault, whilst others do masses of damage and have the most epic abilities known to man, with that said however, so do the bosses.

    It wouldn't surprise me if people complain that they're too hard, one of them ate me. On top of that, it bugs the player. If you are eaten by him and don't get out, you won't be able to revive.

    The map is fun to play as a side game in between more 'competitive' ones and provides for an interesting 30 minutes, well done.

  2. Grievous1


    Apr 22, 2006
    hmm a another survial nice map and movie i like it! 4/5
    Edit: Nice Prieview update looks great for me!
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2008
  3. MrBimbo


    Dec 17, 2007
    Hey man, just saw your video. Looks VERY nice. Good job on it.
  4. X-maul


    Feb 26, 2008

    wow awesome map, i really like it couse that it isnt like other survival maps... but 1 little thing, you should maybe make Boss'es a bit weaker, i died kinda easy on them (easyest mode) especially at the one with the corpse worms... but when that is mentioned, i really like it alot think i'll play it with my friends...

  5. Finallegacy


    Aug 12, 2007
    In one word i can describe this map wich is wonderfull, really wonderfull,Its a real
    MASTERPIECENo joke, a real masterpiece! Nightsong Operatives was great too but too buggy, this was fine. The ghost idea.. Adrenaline.. the heroes.. I LOVE THE SQUAD LEADER. Hes so .... Epic? Well keep doing some good work! If I would deep review this, then I would give nearly everywhere 3/3 (except balance theres 2/3), It's really graet, enjoyable, action is great, this game never gets boring, cause everytime a new horde of zombies appear.
  6. brized


    Aug 25, 2007
    Thanks Finallegacy! I'm going to be fixing up Nightsong Operatives in the coming weeks.

    X-maul, were you using your hero abilities? Most of the bosses and minibosses you can't just go toe to toe with. You have to use your innate abilities (kick, sprint), as well as your hero abilities to do your best. Also, some classes are stronger/weaker vs certain enemies and bosses, so vs a miniboss like Abbadon (which creates the worms), if you're a class that lacks area effect damage abilities, you're going to be at a disadvantage.

    Also, 98b has many changes/fixes, which you can see in the changelog -
  7. D-Note


    Sep 12, 2008
    I've played all the NOTD maps, Undead Assault 2, Aftermath and alot more zombie games
    but the video makes this look very very different and unique.
    dl'd it and am gonna host it this weekend.
    I'll post reply/bugs if I find any!
  8. P@ker


    Aug 7, 2007
    i'll download this map and rate it later :D
  9. J0k3ro


    May 9, 2009
    some type of glitch with the saving your scores? after you get to 1 mill points the points reset and the save counts them without the previous million >_>
  10. brized


    Aug 25, 2007
    Oops, I had the uncompressed version up at 3.3 MB. The compressed map is now up, like it was in previous versions, at 2.65 MB. Though if you're referring to some other problem with hosting please be more specific.
  11. Ricardo Irving

    Ricardo Irving

    May 10, 2009
    I can host it... once I get in game, everyone has left. I'm having problems like this in some other maps. I can host indeed.
  12. brized


    Aug 25, 2007
    That's really strange. I've never heard of such an issue in all my years of playing Warcraft III. And I haven't been able to find anything on that issue in Google so far. Nor have I found you talking about it in any of your other posts here. So I'm not sure what I can do about that problem yet. If I find more information I'll see what I can do.

    Did you still get that problem after hosting the 2.65 MB version?
  13. krisserz


    Feb 28, 2009
    Nice map! I really enjoyed playing it!
  14. Krarnal


    Apr 8, 2009
    If you wrap youtube tags around the vid then u can see it here instead of using link. Like this:
    Makes it a bit easer to watch :) (And also looks cooler)
  15. brized


    Aug 25, 2007
    Ah, wasn't aware. I appreciate that. Thank you.
  16. Krarnal


    Apr 8, 2009
    No prob :)
  17. Thunderhorn


    Oct 27, 2005
    This is a great map, even tough you have not got a lot of custom models, it doesn't irritate me like in other maps. The terrain is simple but realistic. And having a difficulty for every amount of players that can be playing, is fantastic as well. This really is a great and original map.
  18. Cyper95


    Apr 11, 2008
    played this on bnet i gotta say i love it since i was totally bored playing wc3 before now it got a little spark again^^
    good map +rep
  19. mikey4555


    Mar 29, 2008
    Simply a great map.