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Jul 7, 2017
Jun 10, 2008
June 4
Somewhere in the milky way galaxy
Starcraft modding.


MMMMMUUUUFFFFIIIINNNSSSSS, from Somewhere in the milky way galaxy

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Jul 7, 2017
    1. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Moin moin =/

      Humor? A dog bits the head from another dog of and ofc with the blood. Must be a very dark humor ...

    2. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom

      would you be so nice and change your avatar picture please? This isn't funny at all and not really allowed!
    3. Alfagar
      I'm sober! :3
      WTF? Sphere box? xD Maybe, I was really drunk. Lol, I ment cube ...
      Your profile backround is lagging the browser and it's bad for eyes!
    4. anarchianbedlam
      :/ devine has judged before, he has been a valued member of the hive for years and is a very successful modeler, in all aspects of modeling... I'm trying to be polite about this, but at the moment, i would like to get some veterans to judge. I will keep you in mind though, because your models are certainly very good in their own right.

      And keep in mind that judging does not and certainly SHOULD NOT be a quick process. So your "time constraints" might affect the judging as well. I dont want what happened last time to happen again. We had to wait 2 months for illidanevilx to judge.

      thank you for your time and interest though.
    5. anarchianbedlam
      im sorry, i dont think it would work out. but we will keep you in mind. thank you for your interest in the contest though. feel free to participate.
    6. NFWar
      It is for playing a game with clan :P
      Just want to restore my old map that I deleted (before I learned indexing ^^).
      It was fun. you should try it when I finish. Now I have some problems... when I turn cannon, player 2 turning cannon and not me :/
      Wierd, cant find a bug.
    7. nerovesper
      thanks again. :D
    8. nerovesper
    9. nerovesper
      I was wondering if you could help me with another model to optimize? Its alright if not. :)
    10. Fingolfin
      Well, the models look decent, but i think they could need some tuning.
      For example, don't leave flat edges like on the rear stabilizer and the wingtips. Also, the shape loooks a bit too.. static. Make sure to carefully study pictures of the airplanes as you model.
      I can wrap models as much as you want, and maybe even make the different texture layers, but the static map (base texture) you will have to fix some other way. I am too lazy. ;)
      I do have a japaneese Chi-Ha tank mesh for my own ww2 project, but it is still a bit lowpoly. You might check it out if you want, though.
    11. Fingolfin
      I sure would!
      Which models in specific?
      I can't wait to be able to use normal, specular and emissive map :D

      By the way, please change that elleptic background, it makes the textbox lag.
    12. Anti_Bodies
      Do you really need America? I can just make a good Hawaii. Do you need Britain? They had no major role in the Pacific theater. Do you need India? The pacific is very vast and I think I could make better terrain with all the correct islands (Hawaii, wake, guam, iwo jima, japan, east coast of china, phillipines, top of australia), rather then trying to stretch it out too much. The main tactic used by both factions in the pacific theater was called "Island Hopping". They battle the enemy, 1 island at a time. India and east America is irrelavant. Rather make a good japan and hawaii for both sides main bases.
    13. Anti_Bodies
      Why Britain? I would recommend against it, so that their is more space. And IDK how ships will work in SC2 if they are even comming. But you can set up the pathing blockers if need be lol. Do you have a map set up already, or am i starting from scratch?
    14. Anti_Bodies
      Okay. And it is in the Pacific theatre right? So should their be a series of islands and lots of water? Or should their be only a few islands taking up more groundspace, then water? And what are the key gameplay components? I need to know how big to make certain areas and such.
    15. Anti_Bodies
      Why did he resign? And you do alot of the data editing and triggering first, and then I will make it pretty. :)
    16. DeadZero
      Ohai back, from CHLW.
    17. Anti_Bodies
      That is very kind of you to offer, but my wacraft 3 maps arrant that high in file size, and I'm not sure anyone even plays them anymore haha. But thanks for offering.
    18. huntere15
      Ty for optimization +rep
    19. Vengeancekael
      Happy Birthday! :D Now i'm out of here, i think i'm gonna die.
    20. chilla_killa
      What the fuck is going on in your profile??
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    June 4
    Somewhere in the milky way galaxy
    Starcraft modding.
    Current Project:
    Various Starcraft II Projects
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    High Elf
    I'm an inspired WC III Player with a passion for mauls and TDs

    Warcraft, Starcraft


    Check out some of my model wips: Here
    Please look at my line tower wars map on Starcraft II, "Line Tower Wars Remade"

    I take model requests, though, i may not accept all (most humanoids are out of my scope).
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