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Last Activity:
Jul 31, 2012
Apr 27, 2008

Awarded Medals 5


User no more

shamanyouranus was last seen:
Jul 31, 2012
    1. Karassu
      I often see this user years ago. Now he's "no more"? Wha' happened?
    2. Windu
      Why u no here ? :(
    3. Magtheridon96
      So I was looking through DotA's JASS script and I came across this block of code:

      if IsUnitType(W5I, UNIT_TYPE_HERO) == true then
      call SaveEffectHandle(XJ, (HEI), (32), (AddSpecialEffectTarget("war3mapImported\\shamanyouranus-ShadowyMissile.mdl", W5I, "chest")))
      call SaveEffectHandle(XJ, (HEI), (32), (AddSpecialEffectTarget("war3mapImported\\shamanyouranus-ShadowyMissile.mdl", W5I, "origin")))
    4. anarchianbedlam
    5. anarchianbedlam
    6. anarchianbedlam
    7. shamanyouranus
      Make missile version of signal flare, you idiot.
    8. anarchianbedlam
      <span style="font-size: 22px">[rainbow]:Special News Bulletin:[/rainbow]</span>
      We interrupt this program to bring you a special announcement from our
      glorious leader, Hypnotoad. Due to your prior interest and activity in our
      modeling forums and your current active status, we would appreciate your
      opinions and input in choosing the next modeling contest theme!
      Just follow the link below.

      [r]Modeling Contest 24
      <span style="font-size: 15px">
    9. anarchianbedlam
    10. anarchianbedlam
    11. anarchianbedlam
    12. UnknownDream
      hey hey, first off, love most of your models that i've seen so far.

      one of them in particular, the Shadow Spawn, really caught my eye. unfortunately, no matter how many times i try to import it, the white eye is glitched. I noticed in the description you say you fixed a problem like that in the past, but it may have come back. When seen from the side, you see the eye, but when you look at it head on the eye appears to float behind something and become invisible.

      EDIT: I also noticed when you click "view in 3D" on the model page, you cant see the eye either.
    13. anarchianbedlam
    14. MasterHaosis
    15. Starquizer
      Thanks, its working very fine and its making the effect very cool I will credit you of course when I finish the spell.

      Its really freaking awesome effect, thanks.
    16. Starquizer
      Hi, how goes my little request ?
      If you don't have time for it its ok, just let me know ?
      ~thanks in advance~
    17. anarchianbedlam
    18. Starquizer
      Yes, exactly.
      And take your time don't waste your study time on it.
    19. Starquizer
      Sorry, man. I don't want to sound ungrateful for your assistance but the stand animation don't show the unit.

      Perhaps I didn't clarify what I want, take a look at my spell its called Meteor Swarm, cast it and you may understand how do I need the model to look like.

      But again I am thankful for your help.
    20. Starquizer
      Thanks very much, man. +rep
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    Dear Hive,
    It was fun while it lasted.
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