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  • Oh, well i thought i sent you message >_>
    Well yes, I checked it.
    Imo: Things that must be improved;
    ,also .. you could add more custom abilities (so far I only tried the orcs) But their hero, the Grom Hellscream model hero, was pretty dull. Not much customness, even thou pretty useful. However, the most important thing for you to work on, would imo be the terrain. :D Im going to try it out more, so you can another opinion on the map ;D ;D
    You could also send me a unprotected version if you wanted me check for leaks.
    If I got yo right, mon, you want me to.. convert TGA's into JPEGs? Cause you and your school privacy sucks? Ofc I could do that. :D
    I see... so you suck? I remember your tactical map quite much actually it was something like: spawn lots of units, spawn bug, victory bug, bug bug bug.
    Ow yeah xD That sucky map with lots of suckyness that sucked so much its the pure definition of suck. (I'm not being harsh, just honest. No offense :D) However, hope you improved it, and I miss our old clan ShoD , it was slightly epic. Hope you'll be able to be on b.net sometime soon!
    Accepted even thou that killing me slowly sounded a bit tempting :D
    You're never online on Battle.net anymore D: How come, nub?
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