The Vaults of Minatamar 1.0

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The Vaults of Minatamar

Kilkondorin, a scholar turned mercenary captain, has stolen a secret from the fanatical Dread God’s Judges: the location of a grand monastery which the Judges ravaged long ago.

With only a captured girl to guide them, he and his weary men enter the underground ruins, intent on plundering their treasures before the Judges catch them…

What will they find in the vaults of Minatamar, god of secrets?

The Vaults of Minatamar is a story-driven tactical RPG, and an old-school dungeon crawl. Use sharp wits, sharp eyes, and sharp steel to build your party, explore the monastery, and uncover the lore of this low-magic, dark fantasy setting.





Authors Notes

A Challenging Game of Strategy and Skill
  • Get tactical! Special abilities are much more important than raw stats in this game. Use your abilities well, and counter those of the enemy.
  • All units and heroes have unique capabilities and can serve multiple tactical roles.
  • Resources are scarce. Upgrade and unit choices matter!
  • Tooltips provide clear, detailed information about every unit and ability
  • 4 difficulty modes. Can you complete the game on Legend?
  • Score system, try to earn the highest rating!
A Story of Deception, Despair, and Determination
  • Developed characters and story.
  • For those who only want to play the game, all cinematics can be skipped scene by scene.
  • Lore and mechanics tie together in this low-magic, dark fantasy setting.
  • Learn about an enemy and its abilities by double-clicking it.
  • Numerous hidden treasures and secrets— look carefully!
Version 1.0: First Upload

The Vaults of Minatamar began years ago, when I originally planned to make an old-school warcraft dungeon crawl while I waited in an airport.

Inspiration came quickly, however, and the idea was far more elaborate by the time my plane arrived. I spent the flight drafting the story and considering the arcs of the characters, and plotting out where I would place each setpiece encounter or all the secrets I wanted to hide in the game.

I’ve polished it since then, until at last the story and game live up to my goal: to create the best tactical RPG I can from the game’s original materials.


The Vaults of Minatamar 1.0 (Map)

No updated yet. Still lacks content to be approved. Substandard.
Level 18
Jun 11, 2017
I played not too far (I tried Legend Difficulty), but I liked the concept of bestiary, when you can discover what type of monster ahead and what he does!
Also I like maps when your resources are limited and you need to manage your army, tactics & more.
Currently that's all that I could tell about map, but one issue encountered - for me, unit phrases are too fast fading. Did they use sounds or they just fast fades?


Map Reviewer
Level 61
Jun 4, 2009
Keys could act as integers/boleans/runes so they won't take inventory space.
No time to get to load if your hero dies. The score screen should appear a bit after the quest is failed.

This map is heavily unfinished. 70-80% of it is blank.
The concept is nice but sadly, it doesn't belong in Maps but here: Map Development

Awaiting Update.

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