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  • Alright, it's in your inbox thingy.
    By the way, if you want to inform us that you messaged us back, you need to reply on our profiles, not yours.
    Good luck, though.
    Hey, Melth. Can you tackle on Tickles' request for me?
    It's almost complete, but I'm really busy. Can you finish it up for me?
    Thanks if you do!
    (I'll still PM you the link if you're not interested)
    Hey! Another request just came in from BunnyAng, and you've been doing so good, you want this one too?
    You just talk to him in the thread.
    And say that you're going to take his request.
    Kaboom! You're done.
    Reputation (+3):
    (Bundle) Pretty honest and detailed description. I like that. Nice try but next time, only submit those models that have been heavily modified (or the likes of it). Don't be discouraged by the comments. ^^
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