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Murloc Gold Rush

Submitted by HordianHero
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
My first Map on my new account here, it was originally just a 2 player skirmish on Lost Temple with too many addons, it didn't feel right. So I cut out the large music files and other models, moved the Object edits to a larger map and cut out the units for other races to focus on the Murlocs.

Like the Official map, Gold Rush is a 8 player skirmish rich with resources, Multiplayer compatible too.

Here's the changes:

*Frozen Throne Heroes added to Tavern.
*Hero Level cap is 50 and Food limit is 300. If the feedback demands vanilla I can change it. along with any other errors that are found.
*Two marketplaces have been added to the map, and the Orb of Fire is now a droppable. Underworld Minions hero orb is Slow.
*Humans are now replaced with Underworld Minions, based as much as possible as they were in the Demo, I personally thought it was the best portrayal of the Murlocs, they felt like such a threat. The replacement is mainly so the AI can use them, and it's hard to program.
*Dark Ranger also has a new skin, but I may replace it later. Thanks anyway 67chrome.

I'm always open for feedback, i'll be glad to listen to your ideas for changes, but do be polite.

Update #1:

Ensnare and Cannibalize now require the correct buildings.
Murloc Scout Hut upgrades have different icons.
Alchemist abilities in the right order.
Seacultist model and icon changed.
New icon for the Murloc Sorcerer and Chieftain.
Magicbuster tinted.
Vorpal Bolts now under the Ballista, and Salamander Upgrade now under Thunder Lizards.
Sorcerer armor nerfed, as well as it's morphed form.
Siege Golem nerfed, attacks slower, vulnerable to magic, no pierce, and has lower armor. But still has fair range on air units.
Changed shadow textures.
Heroes now have glow.
Some minor typos fixed.

Update #2:

Siege Golems rebuff: attack cooldown slightly shorter and has a bit more armor to hold it's own.

Credit to the following people, you guys are amazing.

*Blizzard Entertainment for the map itself
*Naga OceanReef by MasterHaosis
*Murloc fisher by willydawiller
*Rune Etched Scimitar by Usedwell
*Ballista V2 by Kitabatake
*Crystal Shield by HappyTauren
*Banshee Ranger by 67chrome
*Murloc Huntsman icon by UgoUgo
*Murloc Portrait icon by Marcos DAB
*Pickaxe model owner unknown
*Murloc Skins icons owner unknown
*Hero Glow by assasin lord

I'll keep searching for the owners of these skins, unless they were removed and have to be replaced.

Murloc Gold Rush (Map)

[spoiler] Awaiting Update. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules Map Submission Rules U P L O A D I N G - A - M A P [MEDIA] M A P - D E S C R I P T I O N BB CODES BB...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Why can you research Cannibalize for a unit which is not yet available until later? Same with Ensnare.
    2. You really need to search for models for those buildings. Each of them looks alike even if their icons are different. Why not also use naga models!?
    3. This new faction is just a mere edit of the Human one. Please be creative.
    4. Heroes need glow: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
    5. Murloc Scout Hut upgrades all have the same icon.
    6. Hero spells are normal Warcraft III ones. Make your own or use some of the custom made on this site.
    7. Hero ability icons are not properly positioned.
    8. Seacultist has the same icon as the Guardian and Murloc Sorcerer
    9. Vorpal Bolts should be under the siege unit not under the Thunder Lizards.
    10. Too many of the same or similar units: murlocs.
    11. Murloc Sorcerer has 10 armour from level 1. Are you kidding!?
    12. Siege Golems are too powerful. They have siege attack type, fast attack speed, fortified armour, average movement speed and they're also immune to spells and this without any armour+weapon upgrades. They also have mana for some reason...

    By the way, Taverns are empty.

    Overall needs much work.

    Some guides and examples of good altered melee maps:
    How to: Create a Full-working Custom Race
    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics
    UB - Ultimate Battle v1.99c AI+
    Deforestation of Felwood v2.1.1
    Nightborne v1.04
    Planetary Domination v2.04

    Awaiting Update.

    If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!

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    • A detailed changelog in the first post would be helpful to reviewers and notify fans about the newest implementations to your map.
    • Map thread tags are important. Please use those that fit and not more or none.

    M A P - C R E A T I O N - G U I D E S

    "Siege Golem nerfed, attacks slower, vulnerable to magic, no pierce, and has lower armor. But still has fair range on air units."
    You didn't have to change that much but if it is OK with you then alright.

    Anyways, there is more to be changed/worked upon.

    Awaiting Update.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2018