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Melee Maps (By Remixer)


All of the maps are done by me, Remixer and are almost 100% made only by using Blizzard resources, meaning no custom skins or models were imported. There are a couple of exceptions to this, for example the map
(6) Elder Lands does contain a custom resources. Some of the maps, for example (2) Severed Isles were originally created for Kam's altered melee project, Beyond the Throne.

In total, the entire pack contains dozens of custom made melee maps, hours worth of playing. The melee maps are from different eras of my mapping career which means that the development of my skills and experience can be seen in some forms.

The maps do not have any specific theme, so whichever map you select it is going to be pretty different to any other map. Apart from the
Ancient Saga that features highly detailed terrain with Sunken Ruins theme. The melee maps are of different size too, varying from 2 player games to games of up to 8 players and from very small battlefields to large maps, mostly for more players.

Visiting the maps' own pages will tell you more about each map and sometimes reveals some very specific stats of the specific map. Make sure to comment on this page, or if you want to comment a certain map more deeply you can pay a visit to that map's own page and leave a comment. Feedback is always welcome.
18:51, 18th Aug 2012 Magtheridon96: All the maps have been approved. Nice pack.




18:51, 18th Aug 2012
Magtheridon96: All the maps have been approved.
Nice pack.


Map Reviewer
Level 31
Feb 19, 2011
Pack Updated!

The pack has been updated once again. New maps has been added (2) Depths Temples, (4) Ancient Falls and third (8) Ancient Temples is waiting for approval. Also updated majorly an old map (2) Floating Land, which is nowadays (2) The Sunken City.

Check the new pack out and also the pack description has gotten a new form.
Level 3
Aug 24, 2012
Thanks for the updated pack! It's been over a year since I last played Warcraft (for personal reasons of course, and because i've been very very busy). But now I'm back in town (lol) and these maps are just on my taste :)
Thank you for the pack!