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Forged Thunder

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Forged Thunder
Map Description:
I wanted to create a map with a rare tileset and ended up with Black Citadel. The map presents custom teleports and is pain and suffer themed. Also has some cool computer AI slows due to extremely hard creep camps which computers wants to kill. Updated to the last melee map version. Map lay out is pretty simple, however if you can use teleports vicely you can really take an advantage of them. I wish you good luck and good moments. Rate and comment, feedback is welcome.


Bigger size images can be found in my album. Icons by Blizzard.
Change Log
• Uploaded
• Update I

- Added 4 More Green Creep Camps
- Added 4 Goblin Laboratories
- Added Environment
- Made bases a little bigger
• Update II
- Edited Dimension Portals
- Edited Description
- Replaced 2 Goblin Laboratories
• Update III
- Updated map description
- Updated to the last version

• Creep Camps
- 8 Green Camps
- 8 Orange Camps
- 8 Red Camp
• Neutral Buildings
- 8 Gold Mines
- 4 Goblin Laboratories
- 4 Dimension Portals
- 1 Tavern

Dimension Portal, Portal, Way Gate, Remixer, 1v1v1v1, 2v2, Melee, Black Citadel, Dungeon, Torture, Hell, Outland, Out Land, Cocoa Beans :D

Forged Thunder (Map)

Vengeancekael Date: 2012/Nov/10 23:46:02 [Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact] Comment:Remove the memory leaks in the teleporter triggers. Why 4 goblin labs? 2 Goblin merchants would be useful. Generic melee map, I don't...




Date: 2012/Nov/10 23:46:02
[Please do not send me a message, use Staff Contact]

Remove the memory leaks in the teleporter triggers.
Why 4 goblin labs? 2 Goblin merchants would be useful.

Generic melee map, I don't really see anything new in this.​

Level 28
Oct 28, 2011

I'll check this out.

And I love how fast you make melee maps. Lots of free time eh?


Played it and I must say that this portal is really fitting for the outland tileset. Problem though, I was farming with a little army with my hero then decided to try this portal and as we entered I was trapped on a huge army of ais and damn when I tried to portal back I just realized that you can't(and it was too late when I re-read the description). I know you really want originality about that. But portal that can't warp you back is a bit bad. No matter what you say about that its your decision if you'll enter or not, its still bad for this kind of game. Anyway the bases are a bit small, I'm having a hard time to build a base since its too stiff and defending a base with this kind of position is a bit hard. Anyway the terrain looks neat for a outland map(many terrainers are having a hard time on this tileset) its just looks a bit empty and flat. Oh also I would really be glad if you can double the amount of green camps and some neutral buildings like goblin merchant or most preferably goblin lab since its really good for strategic purposes specially if there is only one lane to attack your base.

3/5 for now, I hope you improve it more.
Level 16
Mar 27, 2011
Please use a colour other than red in the description. The text is not easy on the eyes and I couldn't imagine how impossible it would be to read for colourblind people.

Stick to white, and increase contrast in the headings by using the lighter version of red (what the text is currently using).

Generic melee map, I don't really see anything new in this.

Geez this moderator is just blunt and rude. There is nothing wrong with making another meele map dude. Its like saying blizzard was unoriginal for making 50 different meele game maps when they should have made 2 to avoid repitition. People like a new environment to play their maps in.


Map Reviewer
Level 31
Feb 19, 2011
Thx for your feedback, going to change description text color and to replace 2 goblin laboratories with 2 goblin merchants.

Map Updated!
- Description changed.
- Replaced two of the goblin laboratories with two goblin merchants.
- Edited the Dimension Portal system: Now you can use the portals in the cented only once, and for 10 seconds. Which means if you use outed portal you are kind of in a safe area from people outside the portals.
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Level 2
May 29, 2012
The unit responses echo really loudly for like 5 seconds straight no matter what unit it is.

I don't know if it's the map's fault but it only happens on this map.
Level 2
May 29, 2012
Ok. I tried redownloading it and it still did the same thing. I hope it's not something with my computer, but like I said it only happens on this map.