DotA Remix 7.0

Level 3
Oct 23, 2004
DotA Remix is being remade in Version 7.0 This will include many new characters and all new abilities. DotA Remix is different form any other DotAs because it has its has 4 teams and does not use anything from Eul's Verson. Most DotA like DotA Allstars use the Terrain created by Eul. Currently the team We have making the game are AquaFzT, Me Punisher_x, and U.V.
I can't really give a date on its release.

If you Want to join the team for DotA Remix. PM me or AquafzT (Not Sure about U.V). I have some open spots in it.

Open spots Include Terrainer, Skin/Icon Creator, Spell Creator, and a Optional Jass Scripter.

You Can Find DotA Remix 6.25 Here
It has bad spells thats why im changing it.
Level 5
Jul 15, 2004
Yes- that really pisses me off. I hate it when there are dozens of new versions of a game being uploaded, or spread around B-net like a desiese, and there is hardly a change; at most a character getting a new ability, or an extra tree here and there.

As for Remix; I personally feel DOTA is being overdone- but goodluck nevertheless, i'll most likely try it out when it's done.
Level 2
Jun 24, 2004
Yeah you should call it "AOS - TITLE" much like AOS Eternal Conflict. I hate people calling them dotas.

The main problem with aos style maps is the heros, thers always imbalances and very boring. The maps also have little new functionality, and really are all the same except heros, abilities anad terrain.