Plains of Honor

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Plains of Honor
This time different type of layout... pffft. And no one dares to say anything about that those river's are not placed correctly. It took over 2 hours to place them like that so don´t say anything negative about them! Thanks :>


Change Log
• Uploaded
- Update I

- Used more different tiles
- Added Ashenvale canopy trees
- Added few doodads
• Update II
- Updated to Last Version

• Creep Camps
- 6 Green Camps
- 16 Orange Camps
- 1 Red Camp

• Neutral Buildings
- 12 Gold Mines
- 2 Merchants
- 2 Mercenary Camps
- 2 Goblin Laboratories
- 2 Taverns

Village, 3v3, 2v2v2, Rivers, Bridges, Remixer, cupcake time

Plains of Honor (Map)

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Oct 28, 2011
I didn't get you there. But i'll check it out.


Hmm okay first thing is the terrain is quite nice and the layout looks really strategic and well made, though the entire map looks empty and flat I suggest to add some environment stuffs around and some birds and such I also suggest that you put more tile variation on it i'm pretty sure it will look nicer than its current state. Anyway its really been a while since I saw someone used the bridge model the right way on a melee map and its placed quite perfectly. The choices on neutral creeps fit well on the terrain and the drops seems to be fine I also like the fact that you put 2 taverns since the map is a bit big but it just placed unfairly to other players. Though its a nice map with a generic blizzard feeling.

I'll only rate it 2/5 on its current state but I know you'll update it just like your other melee maps.
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Apr 5, 2009
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Played the map. It's pretty good, overall symmetric if you're going to play 3v3 otherwise it won't be...

Anyway, it meets standard melee standard. Excess use of Blizzard cliffs, decent supply of creeps, and overall fun! Trees are well scattered and doodads are mostly abundant (more or less).

Just a few notes though, the Dragon on the mid feels somewhat wrong because you can't battle them using your army other than flying units. Dropping units on a Goblin Zeppelin works but still its a small island. It simply lacks accessibility...

Improve description please, for such a great map name you only have this one:
"This normal melee map supports the gameplay of six players. Suggested team lay out is 3v3."

That description is way below generic...

Giving this a 3/5! Keep it up!