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Frozen Void

Frozen Void
Map Description:
This map mimics the theme of one of my earlier maps, Two Worlds. Frozen Void presents beautiful terrain with playability for melee players. Two Worlds was originally supposed to be only a BtT map created for Kam but eventually I turned it into my own map aswell. I hope you have fun playing it, make sure that you give feedback.

And to the people who has known me for quite a while, I just decided to finish this map.

Uploading Later.
Bigger size images can be found in my album. Icons by Blizzard.


Change Log
• Uploaded
• Update I

- Set the map to Latest Patch
- Widened shallow water areas

• Creep Camps
- 16 Green Camps
- 8 Orange Camps
- 4 Red Camps
• Neutral Buildings
- 8 Gold Mines
- 2 Goblin Merchants
- 2 Goblin Laboratories
- 1 Tavern
- 4 Shipyards
- 2 Marketplaces

Freezing, Freeze, Ice, Snow, Void, Cold, Winter, Remixer, Frozen Void, Frost, lol look at my dog, Crystallize, Crystals, Bling bling

Frozen Void (Map)

19:01, 27th Mar 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Map approved based off of multiple votes along with Shadow Fury's review.
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013

The terrain is excellent as the tiles have been used wisely and beautifully. The doodads and the special effects you've applied perfectly fit together and really give an astonishing atmosphere. It was definitely a smart idea to use effects like Brilliance Aura and Frost Bolts to decorate your terrain. Besides, the fog was of an appropiate colour and strength (not too weak, not too strong).


All creep camps were suitable and of adequate levels. There were no creep camps that seemed overpowered or in the wrong position. As for the item drops, most of them seemed to be right for the creeps yet how can you let the Nerubian Queen (level 7) at the expansion gold mines drop a level 5 charged item + an artifact (level 7-8) item? It's a summed level of 12-13 for a creep of level 7. You should have either distributed the items amongst the other nerubians (one takes a level 6 item and one a level 4 item for instance) or just let the Nerubian Queen drop the artifact only. Getting both items from a single creep is pretty overpowered.


The map is perfectly symmetric and offers an impeccable balance to all four players. No player seems to have advantages over others. However, the map could seem to be a bit too restricted for army battles, especially where there is the Tavern. That point is really small so even using transport ships from the shipyards could be a bit problematic if I have a large army. The ramps themselves are, as well, fewly restricted but still of an acceptable size. Consider widening a bit some tiny areas, precisely the ones of shallow water.


Overall this melee map is outstanding and probably one of the best I've ever seen. I'm expecting to see more from you Remixer. I'll give it 4/5 and vote for APPROVAL!

Deleted member 238589


Deleted member 238589

Great work. I pretty much agree with everything SF said, but you forgot to set the map to the latest patch. Please take care of that.


Map Reviewer
Level 31
Feb 19, 2011
Great work. I pretty much agree with everything SF said, but you forgot to set the map to the latest patch. Please take care of that.

I did not forget it. :p I just upload the map first without patch because some players do not want to play with the patch so I will update it in a couple of days.

Edit: anyway I updated the map -> new version (latest patch) and widened water areas in the center
Level 3
Aug 24, 2012
This map is so good. One of the best I've tested. 5/5 from me (even if I think the goblin ships are there just for design). :D