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  • You have been banned till a day before christmas.

    And if you think I am cruel, go to post your map at wc3campaigns.net
    you know what you have no right to tell me how I will make my triggers there are bunch of maps that were approved on this site were much poorer than mine.And why did you erase it.If you dont like dont approve it but why erase it.If you are up to make a better map make one instead of making shity versions of AYI and some stupid maps with spartans.You are an asshole and for the record I dont care if you ban me or whatever I am pleased to tell you to go fuck yourself .!..I will never upload any map on your site again.

    sincerely Zeal who fucked your mother

    Guys like you aren't even welcome in these forums. Be sure to be banned sooner or later after insulting a mod heavily who only tried to help.
    This site has to perform well and crappy maps like the one Septimus rejected (surely with a good reason) drag this site into the mud.
    Get a life kid and learn to accept critism.
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