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Unknown Isles

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Unknown Isles
Map Description:
Another map of the BtT (Beyond the Throne) work from me. I must thank Kam for his part of the job. Terrain is made by me and I hope you enjoy playing this map. Please report any bugs/thingies that I might have forgotten into the map by a mistake.

Uploading Later.
Bigger size images can be found in my album. Icons by Blizzard.


Change Log
• Uploaded

• Creep Camps
- 10 Green Camps
- 4 Orange Camps
- 3 Red Camps
• Neutral Buildings
- 4 Gold Mines
- 1 Goblin Merchants
- 1 Tavern
- 2 Market Places
- 4 Shipyards

Remixer, Kam, Kam_Ghostseer, Isles, BtT, Beyond the Throne, Sunken Ruins, Fancy forest villages

Unknown Isles (Map)

19:44, 12th May 2014 Orcnet: Map approved
The Hive Workshop Official

Map Reviewer: eubz
Map Name: Unknown Isles
Map Author: Remixer, Kam_Ghostseer
Map Uploader: Remixer



Nicely presented. I like how your description goes with those icons. Information about the map is there, the Map Description is clear and such.

Score: 75/100


The terrain is cool. I love a map without a blizzard cliffs but these could be useful as pathing. You have the doodads necesssary for maps artistic/aesthetic value. I could also see some neutral units and that's good. The map is juist fine for two players and is balanced enough.

Score: 65/100


Player location is just good enough. There are also the expansion goldmines balancing both teams. Item drops are balanced with the creeps.

Score: 60/100


I'd love to see a global weather in this map.


Final Score: 66.667/100
3/5 Vote for Approval


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