Kingdom of Aragon

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.

Arius was the only one who survived the bloody battle with the invaders.
Now he is coming back to the city, but he will not necessarily be alone all the way..
Muradin and someone else can join him.
Forest creatures will cross his path as well as enemy soldiers.
Few puzzles will test his intelligence.
Finally, in his own city, he will have to face four enemy heroes.

But no fear, if he find resurrection stone he will always return to life.

Mini Mapping Contest #16 - Mini RPG

Single player game, average playing time 45 min.
Map made with World Editor 1.31.1 and tested in Warcraft



Blood Raven

(icon ship)

Smiley the Dwarf

Marcos DAB



(Btncrtesticontwo) (icon)



(scroll red)

Mc !
(Arcane tome, Key ITem, itemFood


General Frank
(Orb of Water)

MN Lahmar
(outland herb)

(Acorn Item)

(red mushroom, green mushroom)


(Some Custom Items Pack)

General Frank
(potions 5 colors)

The Panda
(potions icons)

Kingdom of Aragon (Map)

Hey, sorry, this hasn't been updated in over three months, so, set to Substandard until further notice. (previous comments: Kingdom of Aragon)
  • The units seems pretty easy. I can auto attack them with no problems.
  • I activated all the wisps, what now?
  • I got Tyrande. Only Warcraft 3 spells though, no custom ones :(
  • Only way to get an item out of the bag is by emptying the whole bag? And then if I accidentally click the ground when trying to pick up an item I empty the whole bag. FeelsBadMan.
  • The items in my bag disappeared and now I have only 4 items in the bag?? There's some wacky bag bugs going on.
  • I met Muradin who said he was expecting a messenger. I didn't like his tone of voice, so naturally I killed him. What now? Did I just kill a quest important NPC? I didn't get any quest failed messages, and all the undiscovered quests are still the same.
  • This bag is really starting to annoy me with the accidental clicks.
  • I can attack units through the fence: Screenshot
  • I can attack and kill all NPC units, but they never attack me back.
  • Trying to kill the barracks. I haven't found two resurrection stone pieces so I can't resurrect Tyrande, which makes it really hard. She got killed by Lord Beazel. The barracks quest is definitely 10 steps up in difficulty from earlier.
  • Meh I used whosyourdaddy and rekt the barracks. Way too hard without starfall.
  • Wat???? Screenshot Medivh told me to read the code on the obelisk. I guess Medivh is a filthy liar.
  • In the game where I have to move the walls, if I select three walls at the same time I can move them all to the same location.
  • All this polymorphing and banishing gets tiring.
  • The last group of units is near impossible. I have a potion of invulnerability but that didn't help much when they just placed a healing ward. The demon hunter who uses metamorphosis + banish flame strike + polymorph = OP combo. I used cheats to kill them :p
  • I have killed all the forces of Duchey, but I can't finish the map. I step into the circle of power, but nothing happens. I suspect it is because I haven't found two pieces of the ress stone. It also says I haven't completed "Bring Arius to the city" although I am quite clearly in the city :p
  • The quest where I have to free the priest from the entangling roots gets quite easy when I can just empty the buckets by clicking on the terrain.
  • Since I have killed Muradin I can't deliver the message.
  • Score board doesn't disappear after having killed all the enemy forces.
  • Backtracked the whole map, found spider web but not the other ress stone, red mushrooms, cattails or fungovors.

About the resource system:
  • I haven't found; Spider web, Cattail, Red mushroom, Fungovor (I killed a fungovor, but no fungovor item dropped). This makes me unable to craft most of the potions.
  • You should find another way to combine the items that just having all of them in the inventory as you have to drop items and such.

All in all I have mixed feelings. Some parts were extremely easy, and I could just auto attack to get past them while other areas were extremely hard, and near impossible. The ress system shouldn't rely on finding two stones, as there is a possibility that the player doesn't find the required items (like me). The spells and hero was nicely done, but I feel that the ultimate ability should be a lot stronger damage wise. Standing in place and channeling for 2 seconds for a weak AoE spell with knockback hardly seems worth it. I could kill all the NPCs.

What I miss is; More world building, more interaction with the NPCs, more substance, better unit AI, and the main requirement for the contest; A boss fight.

Also a better outlining of the resource / crafting system.
Level 6
Mar 25, 2018
1 items should have thier stats on them in the tool tip
2 dont like the bag system, cant keep track of what i have and dont
3 given that this is not wc3 lore friendly, shouldnt the npc's and narrator have thier own names as well?
4 abilities should also have thier stats per level included in thier tool tips
Level 16
Dec 4, 2007
This one really is straight forward, which is in the contest's interest i suppose.

edit: the boss battle agains the 4 heroes was pretty tough
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Map Reviewer
Level 59
Jun 4, 2009
Easy with the map tags, please.

  1. Holy Punishment mentions Holy Bolt. Should it have been Holy Light or should have Holy Light be named Holy Bolt? Ah, actually Holy Bolt is named Holy Light when learning the spell.
  2. Is this supposed to be related to Spain? If yes, what's with murlocs and stuff? Naga!? I've no idea what's going on... this is not even at least Basque mythology.
  3. Feels weird to find a book of herbology on the road like that. At least the character could have commented that it had been accidentally dropped from a carriage or something.
  4. Battle Hunger does not mention the values of Cleaving Attack and Critical Strike or speed in the learn ability description.
  5. OK, so this is a weird Warcraft-real world mix, Muradin, Outland...
  6. What does punished mean in Holy Punishment's description?
  7. Try to avoid map borders being playable zones as they always look bad.
  8. How to see your item bag or take things out of it?
  9. The herbs book could use some colour differentiation on the text.
  10. Holy Bolt does not add armour to Arius.
  11. Why is the map under fog of war instead of black mask since it's not melee?
  12. The wisp quest druid's transmission is too fast.
  13. How can you reset puzzles? OK, it seems there's more information in the optional quest message. I just found about that when I finished the Lord Weasel quest. The wisp quest did not complete after activating all 12. Got the gauntlets though.
  14. The wisp puzzle would do good to have a view from high up to see all the zone.
  15. The southernmost wisp activated by going from right to left not from left to right... Actually, even the other way around didn't work at one time but it then activated in front of the druid when coming back immediately to it from the left.
  16. There's a 3C barrel in the middle of the wisp puzzle zone.
  17. Nothing happens visually or text-wise in the zone of wisps after all are activated.
  18. OK events are bugged after loading the game in 1.31.1. Can't take or put any of the bag items down. But now Holy Bolt gives armour (on level 2 though). You need workarounds if this is the case: 1.31.1 [Bug] Loading saved game breaks some unit events
  19. Poor rabbit :|
  20. Now I didn't get bonus armour from the Q spell anymore.
  21. The booze FX remains where the Rifleman was. Also, this is very familiar to the part where Garithos finds the dwarves in the TfT Undead campaign.
  22. Because of the item bag issue I wasn't able to test the plant combination triggers.
  23. Gameplay is totally linear.
  24. Spells are edited Warcraft III ones but they're OK since they're not just renamed.
  25. No character development/interaction, just telegraphic one liners.
  26. Units are selected during cinematic mode.
  27. What's the point of the ship if there's nothing to do on the water? You don't even get to see a scenery while faring.
  28. Maybe, plants should have value for selling so you'd decide whether to combine or use a shop? Not complaining since there's nothing you can't buy yet if you kill every animal in the wilds.
  29. Warcraft III items.
  30. Since, it's not melee, spiders and bears together doesn't make sense.
  31. Maiev and bandits!? Did she become a bad girl? She will blink over the fence to you if you come from the east. Then, she will run back on foot to whence she came :D
  32. Shooters take no food in the AoS/Line Wars mini-game. Basically, this part lets you get level 10. After the battle, they take food plus the hero and they remain with you.
  33. The blue team only summons Sorceresses and Lord Weasel only uses Shockwave and Thunder Clap (which can be negated by having only ranged units).
  34. The Barracks says it trains 2 units at a time but in reality just one.
  35. Their Barracks doesn't show any train animation.
  36. The messenger transmission runs too fast.
  37. Clicking on the pond/setting a rally point, doesn't work, possibly an event related bug.
  38. Medivh's transmission is also too fast.
  39. None of the optional quests get any quest log flash or at least a screen optional quest received.
  40. You can't reset Medivh's quest?
  41. So, it doesn't matter which lever you pull in order to complete the puzzle you need just one of the 7 done?
  42. Kael? I mean you could have changed the names to something this setting is about?
  43. Not sure how you're supposed to beat 4 heroes with one of yours and a tank and maybe a few Shooters. I mean you essentially can by killing them one by one but it's a painful process.
  44. The goblin mechas show the Peasant icon when idle.
If not for the puzzles, this would have been basically kill units on the map.
It needs custom abilities and/for enemies.
You could make something for replayability: set of abilities to choose from or heroes, talents/masteries, something.

Awaiting Update mostly for bug fixes but would be nice to have some more content, maybe an actual story, some dialogue, I don't know.
Devalut also pointed some things you should consider improving: Mini Mapping Contest #16 - Results
FeelsGoodMan also wrote many issues to solve, especially misclicking leading to all the bag items being released, or the puzzle walls being moved more than should be allowed.
DrakPanda is right with not being able to track which items you have in the bag. I suggest a -bag chat command or something that tells you what you have.

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