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  • Lol. I was going to give you guys a little bit of 'artwork', if it could be called that, tomorrow. Unfortunately, the power has cut out again. So I'm writing to you now on a Power Saver Laptop, guessing at my keystrokes under the darkening sky.
    So I can't plug in a scanner, and I'm too awkward with the paint program, but rest assured I'll get a picture to you guys. I do have a description in the Concept Workshop of my thread, but you can't beat a picture.
    I'll see if I can go into town tomorrow and use a library computer. If they have power. :D
    Stay cool. ;)
    Alright, although I'm super busy with work, it's back to school, and so the store is absolutely packed. I have one day off in two weeks. : (
    Okey dokey, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait till I have a little time on friday. I'm working overtime on two jobs at the moment. Talk to Gilles yet?
    JanSze, I'm going to get the Evolution done sometime.

    The thing is that my school is starting soon, and I'll have less time for other people projects.

    Also, I've been learning JASS and Python.

    Even with that I can't work out the stupid formula.

    Due, to my school if you want this done quickly, and I really regret this, get someone else to do it. I feel bad, but I just don't have that much time anymore.
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    thanks for the rep .
    what i did was stupid. I wasn't thinking when i did it.

    the moderators on this site ate me up though.

    went from 8 rep to -2 rep to 0.

    Its probably going to get lower every day xD
    Oh, hello? Didn't I give you and Gilles both a message? The map to be terrained is the map you can find in the Myriad thread as an attachment.

    Talk to Gilles, you are both now official terrainers, :D and see what's up, terraining is a fuzzy area of knowledge for me, you may have to wait for him to finish what he's doing with it so that you can get your hands on it.

    I recommend pming him. :D
    Not sure how much I'll do. Depends on how the project is going. :p

    I'll probably touch up whatever Alakon wants me to.
    I can do that. But, I am not sure about your second point. Tower Chooser?
    Can you give me a detailed, thing about Evolving TD and what systems you need me too do?
    Cheers mate, Sorry i cant do smileys on a spainish keyboard lol. ( Im on holiday)
    Sounds like a plan. How about we create a thread in Projects somewhere, so we can talk without cluttering up our profiles? I'll create it tommorow probably if that is O.K with you.
    Sure, I don't care, What ever you want. . . . I have re-done movment so it is leakless so far on EvTD
    No, I meant Evolution TD, silly. . .

    Phase CTF is going to be good too though.
    Hmmm, as you can see I am working on Phase CTF atm. I need to finish up a few thing there and then I'll get onto this.


    I think that this map could be rather good, eh?
    No, skype or anything. For the life regen - what terrain do you want it to regenerate on? Poison?

    I am going to re-do the system slightly too. It will do the same thing but be neater.
    K, I am going to wrap up the movment in a little while.

    How about I write the tool-tips too. (With you being German and all)
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