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Diverse Fights v0.8.2 (Reforged)

Submitted by Khaletsky
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Diverse Fights
Recommended to play in Classic graphics.
Diverse Fights. Is a Multiplayer PvP map which is pretty similar to most of the MOBA genre games or custom maps. P.s. I know the preview is bad :c

So why is it Diverse you ask? How to play?
The main idea is to deal with enemy team every round and winning by successfully completing objectives which are thrown to you. There are currently 7 round types and 41 heroes to toy with. Remember that you can switch your hero each 3rd round. So if you see that your setup isn't working it's not a bad idea to pick another hero at try again, but remember that every hero has a situation at which he succeeds at best and also a situation where he fails at worst.

There are 2 modes for now:

Regular - you play a full set consisting of each round type (for now it's 7/14/21). Every round goes one after another in specific order as it is mentioned below. The game ends once Round Limit is reached.

Host Decision - you play only one selected round for an unlimited (though picked by host) Round Limit, host can change round type by typing -setround %roundname% (-setround HOLD - will make it a hold death round). Additionally this is an optional mechanic but for some of you might be a nice feature, a one life mode with disabled respawns in each round. That means that once you are dead, you are out, there is no respawn button, once full team is dead the round is over and winning condition remains the same - objective progress.


  1. Deathmatch (DM) - a team based deathmatch, kill enemy heroes to gain a score.
  2. Defense (DEF) - your typical MOBA type round, destroy enemy tower or have it at lower health threshold than yours, don't let enemy team destroy your tower.
  3. Control Point (CP) - 3 points appear on a map, your job is control most of them and gain progress scores, at the end of the round the team with most progress scores will gain a score.
  4. Capture The Flag (CTF) - do I have to explain? It's very similar to Quake 3 Arena CTF, capture enemy flag and deliver it to your flag (if it's in your base), who captures most flags is going to win a score.
  5. Hold Death (HOLD) - every hero in the game takes damage per second which can't be stopped but can be outhealed or even blocked, though there is no safe place, which team suffers most death is going to lose and give a score away to enemy team.
  6. KILL THE BOSS (BOSS) - An Ancient Wendigo has awoken up, fight him in the middle of the map, whoever team deals more damage is going to win, though they are not allies in this round.
    Killing Wendigo actually not going to win you a round, just rewards a free XP for a killer.
  7. DUEL (DUEL) - well it's not actually a duel. Both teams have to vote for their champion, after voting the champion is decided, his job is to kill enemy champion with a help of his team though.
    Remember that only voted hero can deal damage during this round, everyone else can be killed, can heal any hero and all buffs and CCs are working perfectly still.


There are 4 types of heroes and even hybrids, you can describe them as their ROLE.
  • ATK - this hero is able to fight anytime he is in a game, his abilities don't require much of a setup and easy to pull off.
  • DEF - this hero is able to protect himself or his teammates, might have some self-sustain abilities or damage reduction possibilities, he might be hard to kill.
  • SUP - this hero is mostly about utility, most of his abilities can power up his team or strongly debuff enemy team, but might require some setup. Most of these heroes are hard to play correct way.
  • HEAL - it's pretty simple, a hero that has an option to heal his teammates, they still can be dangerous to fight.

There is also a difficulty level of each hero. Mostly it's a my humble opinion.

  • Easy - hero that is easy to understand, doesn't have abilities that require a nice setup or some hard to work with tools.
  • Average - this hero might be complicated in some situations and can depend on your team setup or on your personal skill.
  • Hard - it's hard to understand a correct way how to play with tools of this hero, he probably requires a lot of setup, maybe has some hard to hit skillshot abilities or even not so easy to understand how to deal with abilies.
It's an advice to avoid heroes with hard difficulty for people who are new to a genre of MOBA.


Well you win rounds, you gain scores, once round limit is reached there is a winner, or maybe a draw if both teams are goot enough. Map is never changing for now, only objectives change and sides that you can start from. There are also an upgrades, items which provide passive bonuses, there are Keepers with their RELICS which help you gain a temporary advantage, but not try to kill them alone, grab a team. Remember that MOST ABILITIES ARE SKILLSHOTS (google it if you don't know what it is), most of skillshots don't ignore collision and will collide with walls, trees and other stuff you can find in map.

How items work:
Relics are simple, you pick them up, you gain a temporary passive buff.

There are upgradeable items and skill upgrades, which both can be freely dropped between rounds and picked up back again later, nobody can steal your items.

Upgradeable items can be bought many times even without having an item itself in inventory in order for it to upgrade, so keep that in mind. Everytime you buy an upgradeable item you automatically gain a better version of it even if you don't have it.
Skill upgrades are more simple, you have them your ability linked to item is improved, upgrade of the ability is described in ability itself, if you drop your upgrade is lost.
You can't DROP ITEMS during ongoing ROUND.
You also can't SELL ITEMS, at all.

There are tips how to deal with each hero if you die by his hand, you can turn them off by typing -tips in chat and enable them back by typing it again.

There are sound cues when heroes with active ultimate use their ultimate ability, passive ulties can be heard too, but not every single one. If you are for some reason want them disabled you can type -ultsound in chat to disable them completely, or enable them back if you disabled them.

There are many abilities that are tied to heroes attributes, attributes can be boosted only by gaining LVLs or getting some buffs, so mind letting free XP to some of your teammates so they can get stronger earlier. But remember that dying to weaker opponent will give him more XP.

Gold income is SHARED. When you gain gold you gain it as a team, all at once the same value.

So please keep me updated if you find something weird, also I'd like to play this map myself, you can always invite me.

I'm going to make a Discord server if I get some community, you can freely PM me in Discord 60Hz#4877, just don't annoy me pls, thank you :3

And yes Real60Hz, 60Hz, Mate, Khaletsky, Xaletskiy - it's me, the same person, I'm using Mate nickname in my maps cuz my Battletag is Mate#2718.

One last note, I translated this map from a russian language (cuz well that's my first language) so if you find something in russian just lemme know I'll fix it, if you are a native english speaker and you are willing to help I'll also appreciate a better english in this map.

Best of luck on your battlefields.

  • AI is not intended for a real gameplay, bots are usable only for 1st round for testing reasons, don't setup more than 1 friendly and 2 enemy bots, cuz map can crash the game otherwise.
  • There might be typos, russian language still there I think, I might miss something.
  • Siren with upgrade permanently loses her maximum health. I'll fix this in next update.

  • New content:

    New mode incoming - Host Decision. Now if host picks this mode instead of playing regular series of rounds you'll play one the same round one after another, though host has the possibility to change it by typing -setround %roundname%. You can also disable respawns by typing -onelife in chat as a host while this mode is being played. But remember that game is balanced around changing objectives and respawns, so don't expect it to be greater than it is in Regular mode. Game length is unlimited in Host Decision. This mode is still WIP.

  • Changes:
    Special Effects. Most of buffs or debuffs on heroes have their own special effects for easier understanding what is going in game.
    Hero Balance - Dark Priest. Now applies a dispellable Silence on Spirit World cast instead of cancelling ability casts, tooltip description fixed.
    Hero Balance - Giant. Stone Wall base health increased to 2000 (instead of 1000).
    Hero Balance - Outsider. Void Rift now is Invulnerable by default. Upgrade increases duration by 6s.
    Hero Balance - Blood Mage. You can't no longer dispel Bloodlust debuff by healing, 0 damage and miss won't dispel Bloodlust too. Passive ability no longer kills Keeper instantly.
    Hero Balance - Mortar Team. Self-Destruct damage increased from AGI * 16 to AGI * 20. No longer triggers on hero death after upgrade. Upgrade now applies cripple to all enemy targets in explosion radius.
    Hero Balance - Siren. Now for duration reduces your maximum health by 15%. Upgrade removes this effect like it did with previous one.

  • Fixes:
    Minor cleaning and performance improvements.
    Hero - Huntress. Altar with upgrade now have proper health value.
    Hero - Prince. Fixed received healing bonus ignored when upgrade is active.
    Hero - Outsider. Void Creature no longer creates a dark version of Prince or flying version of Dragonling.
    Hero - Berserker. Fixed Unruled having long Silence with upgrade.
    Fixed some russian leftovers and typos.
  • New content:

    New Hero - Pilot.
    Pilot is a nice damage dealer whos job is to deal with groups of enemies and quickly finish off targets. His abilities are:
    1) Rocket Missile - launches a rocket which deals damage and stuns everyone in impact area for short duration.
    2) Afterburner - dispels all possible negative effects and increases movement speed to a maximum for a short duration.
    3) FMJ Rounds - passively deals more damage to low health targets and allows to attack 4 enemies at once.
    4) Rocket Barrage - Channel. Launches lots of Rocket Missiles in selected area while spell is active.

  • Changes:
    Round change - Duel. Keepers no longer spawn during this round.
    Gameplay - No longer you gain a invisibility after respawning, instead you always have an aura of protection built in your spawn. This aura won't work during Hold round though.
    Hero balance - Rainmaker. Downpour no longer increases healing/damage value by 5 multiplier, instead increases it by 3 multiplier. Rain now heals INT * 10 instead of INT * 8.

  • Fixes:
    Ogre. Sacred Rite - now mentions healing value in tooltip description. Also plays the ultimate voice line now.
    Rainmaker. Rain - fixed tooltip description to show more and actual information.
    Gameplay. No longer you are protected on enemy spawn.
  • v0.8 English first release

Bribe - Damage Engine, Unit Indexer, IsInitMoving, Spell Template, Knockback 2D.
Vexorian - map optimizer.
Paladon - Jump System, DOT GUI.
PurgeandFire - Check Walkability.

67chrome - BloodLink.
DarkFang - Chain Lightning.
The Panda - Sonic Wave, Fire Rockets.

Em! - ArrowVolley.
BloodRaven - Dojo pack.
DCrimson - Blue Thunder Clap, Blessing Arrow.
Kellym0 - AnimatedEnviromentalEffectRainCv002, HydraCorrosiveGroundEffectV054, MarkOfTheCrimsonKing.
UgoUgo - Orb of Seas, Orb of Fire, Orb of Wind, Necrotic Blast, Meteor Strike.
JesusHipster - Magic Shield.
Veronnis - Lascerate.
CreatorD3292 - Energy Shield.
NightSkyAurora - Arcanic Pulse.
Power - Dark Harvest, Life Harvest, Life Gain, Red Harvest, Harvest Mana.
Kuhnehgetz - Aura of Death.
Will The Almighty - Artillery Strike.
Amigurimi - Spinning Knife.
Thrikodius - Sweep Effect.
CoffinPuppet - Stalagmite.
??? - Training Target. (let me know if you know the author).

If I forgot to mention you pls let me know and I'll fix it.

Diverse Fights v0.8.2 (Map)

Why are the author name and username different? I've read in the Quest Log that you use many nicknames. That's not good and suspicious. Try using one for this site. Teams in the lobby are in Cyrillic. Not sure how this is CTF. Abilities like...
  1. Khaletsky


    Oct 13, 2017
    Update 0.8.1 and 0.8.2 are here. Fixed some issues, added new hero and new mode with a new feature (which is completely optional).
    Sorry for delays. There is some issues still left though, I'll fix everything known to be broken in next updates.
    Right now I'm more focused on improving balance and fixing errors but there is always a space for a new content.
    You can find change notes in changelog spoiler in OP (original post).
  2. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Why are the author name and username different?
    I've read in the Quest Log that you use many nicknames. That's not good and suspicious. Try using one for this site.

    Teams in the lobby are in Cyrillic.

    Not sure how this is CTF.

    1. Abilities like Vampire Claws could use a passive icon. You can make them with: Button Manager v1.8.2
    2. How do you put the camera back up if you reset it?
    3. Can't choose any hero in the Host Decision mode. And -r and -DM don't seem to do anything. More information should be written in the Quest Log.
    4. You can't see all heroes to choose from as the visibility doesn't reach all of them.

    Generally, it's a nice map but the terrain could use more improvement as it's mostly empty and flat and there's a big empty part in the southern part of the map.


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  3. Khaletsky


    Oct 13, 2017
    Thank you very much. I'll look at issues you mentioned in your post and fix them with all the issues I currently know when I get some free time to work on map.