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  • Well since my rp is for all practical purposes dead I have really no reason to post.
    This is the roleplay forum I am involved with. It has some good rps. Its small though. You might could mkae a contribution. Atleast you don't have to worry about people who don't know what they are doing.
    Alright, updating the screenshots section and I have just finished the starting screen, the screen you see when you first download the map, instead of the minimap I mean. I am almost done with the first section of the undead. Then I'll work on the ranged section as well as a few upgrades that would probably make a huge difference in the game.
    I had my ultimatum 6 posts away from being issued. :/ He would have to decide on either retreating to protect themselves, or risking enslaving the Chozo populace and thus losing a very critical planet. >:3 I could tell you what it is if you want. :p I've had this ultimatum since the RP started :p He was going to use the engineering/scientific minds of the Chozo race (the people) for farming! D: They built machines for farming! D: Science is their religion, and they wanted the Chozo to farm?! Oo
    And... it's over -.- In one of the most undramatic ways possible -.- Just 6 more posts and I could have issued my Ultimatum :/
    Hey, in Official Scifi RP, Solmaster waged war on me, superweapons and all. He's coming at me full force, practically sending godly superweapons at me one after another. And, he's trying to force my hand. And, well, your character is on Shakuras, where the center of his fleet is, and, as he wants to enslave the Chozo for farm labor, your presence puts you at risk. So, you might find yourself stuck forever as a slave until rescued, or I might be able to repel them. But currently, you are unable to escape while I deal with his attacks. But, your forces would be a surprise to him. :p He would never expect it. Just letting you know :p
    I always hate the winter. Anyway this is getting kinda boring, lets talk about something else.
    You kinda don't use medias res in a poll,'re actually supposed to introduce the people to the story, characters and explain the plot later, indeed. But throwing them into the middle of nowhere is confusing for some people here an on the Hive (most barely speak English, so comprehending is relatively hard). So, as a starter , I hope it does what it's supposed to do, but like I said : Starting from the middle and having a pole? - No...Oh and P.S. -don't worry, everyone with half a brain will vote "Yes" on this one because you use the word "angelics" (if I'm not mistaken) and that,psychologically, is prone to get attention due to the familiar phonetic of the word. (the story already has 4 "Yes"s, mine included)
    Well, I have a passion for RPGs, good stories and I even wrote a book (never to be published of course,I don't have that kind of support). I'm intrigued by legends and myths and even live by a personal belief, might be the reason why people tend to confuse me for either of the fallowing : satanist / mad-man / atheist / anarchist. As for your story, you may have noticed I cut things down to the bone, trying to find sustenance. And well : your story is a bit fast passed. I understand I'm supposed to be immediately drawn in by the dynamic nature of the text(and there is some nice action in there), but I find the lack of back-ground story (introduction) ,slightly lacking. A short narration would be most welcomed. Describing and detailing is also a bit off, when trying to explain events. I don't want to slice this into little pieces (just as the slicer decapitated his foes) , so I'll end it short by saying : There's room for improving , but there's also potential! Lean on that
    "Wear proper clothes dear!" - mom - tcha, where were you? (on the beach,got that,but where?)
    You're still stubborn, but you've got good intentions...Pesky though.
    Well, there's no reason filling each-other's Visitor Messages-section, let's call it quits. I'll friend you for no particular reason, hoping you'll actually lead me into a life of peace and prosperity here on the Hive. Until then, go on YouTube and search for Isole - Forevermore (don't ask why, just give me an opinion)
    You don't seem to understand : I'm not here for "Rep points", that's childish and egotistic. Dear -ShadowDemonLord-, to make it easier for you , with the post just beneath this one, I meant : "Dude, you can report me if you want, but don't chat on a Thread where you're supposed to comment on the map / spell / model /etc in hand" - Plus, if you really had to address anything to me, why didn't you P.M. me instead of redundantly post your thoughts on "Tropical Tower 4.0"? I'm quite the friendly person, but not around stubborn people...So, do you understand now?
    Was it really necessary for you to the discussion totally out of context?- Where is your related input to "Tropical Tag 4.0" in the comment posted a while ago? - If I was "mean" I would report you for going extremely off-topic, but who would that help?...also, I don't think you actually read my initial post concerning the map, which, by the way, you haven't even tested ...This leaves me with one conclusion : You talk effortlessly and regardless of the quality of your words or the meaning of them, so that posting becomes a commodity, hence 527 posts and 11 +Rep points (which,on an unrelated note,is the lowest ratio I have ever seen) - Before trolling around, get informed : Aesthetics and I are friends, but I reviewed his map a little too harsh,thus he was upset. The quality of my reviews is to be appreciated by the moderators and not you. I hope you understand. Thank you
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) And noone reps you for this? ZOMG the cruelty of life, you should post more and put a link in signature
    I didn't know you made animations, you should show me some day.
    I heard you were making a map, maybe you should tell me a little more about it
    What kinds of games do you play
    typing out scrypts for a new machinima: What is that?
    Only one friend who doesn't come here that often...
    If you want i can show up more!
    I have plenty of friends in RL, I'm not one of those people who keeps to himself.
    Oh, i thought you'd been acting a little weird around me. You remember that time on battlenet? You were talking about that one thing (I can't remember what) you kept saying things like "We can avoid that if you want" I'm glad to be me right now, you must feel really weird.
    No offence, but let me clear one thing up with you. I am a guy. It's good to hear things are going good, but It's a little sad with your girlfriend problems. I know how it goes, breaking up is quite sad.
    Well, i guess that's always good. Things wont get any better if you lay around remembering things. You'll only be hurting yourself more.
    I do not know what it is really, you should tell me what it is exactly. Maybe then i will tell you if I'm up for it.
    What? Why'd she do that?
    I'm practically retired now from warcraft, but if you need some help I'll be glad to lend a hand.
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