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Crucible of Flame

This is my entry for the 1st Level Design contest.

The Crucible of Flame is a designed as a template for a boss fight that transitions between two levels. The first is best described as an arena which could be useful for running add fights or an objective that features cover or rising lava from below:



One such idea that I had was that a lava doodad could be triggered to rise from the bottom of the arena, reaching a point in which damage will be dealt in the areas that are not above the lava like the platforms boasting the lion statues. I may dabble in making such a trigger for this map in the future, but this contest does feature rules against adding such features.

The second level for the boss fight is actually made for a completely different phase. This bridge was made with area of effect and projectile mechanics in mind. Featuring semi-limited space and a broad horizontal plane, a boss could drop lava pools below a hero, fire projectiles that must be dodged, or some combination of the two. The pillars of the bridge feature just enough height to be considered viable for 'cover' if such a fight were designed while still being short enough to promote visibility.



That concludes my template's tour, its limits should really only be limited by the imagination of its user but my hope is that this template can provide a decent enough space for designing a multi-phase boss encounter.

Thrikodius - Shrine of the Deathwalker
HappyTauren - Lava Model
kellym0 - Lava Bridge and Lava Slag
The_Silent - Hell Wall models
olofmoleman - Moria Doodads
Fingolfin - Dwarven Archway
Infrisios - Chain Element
L_Lawliet - Dungeon Tile
PeeKay - Volcano Ashes
HerrDave - LotR Stone
Mythic - Fountain of Souls
Talavaj - Rock Mounds
tobyfat50 - TobyRuinedPack assets
Arak1da - Dwarf Face Pillars and magma flows
? from the Ultimate Terraining Map - Pipe models.
imforfun - Garden Fence
Tranquil - Drawbridge

Many assets that I used were dredged up from my old download folders, if you see a model in here that is not properly credited, notify me the author name so that I can add the name to the credit list!

Minor Changes:
Added terrain over the bridge to lend it a little more aesthetic consistency with the Arena.
Added a few doodads to the lava to give it a little more going on.
Used lava and magma tiles beneath the lightly transparent lava to give it a little bit more texture when viewed during the day.
Gave the lava 'shore' a bit of a treatment with rough dirt to make it pop a little bit more.
Added invisible platforms along the seemingly unburnable wooden bridges as pathing for this template intends for an unwalkable alpha tile.
Tiled a brick path that more properly conveys the intended connection between the two arenas.

Crucible of Flame (Map)

Approved also based on Level Design Contest #1 - Results Please consider the feedback given there to update. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules Map Submission Rules M A P - D...


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
Approved also based on Level Design Contest #1 - Results Please consider the feedback given there to update.

If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange!


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