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Azure TD Remastered v3 FINAL

Submitted by Eric Jensen
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Azure Tower Defense Remastered

Cruel magic has demented this forest's denizens beyond any hope of healing. Now they attack the World Tree, hoping to corrupt it in the misguided belief that it will end their agony. Protect the Tree.

Now Remastered!


Azure Tower Defense is a cooperative tower defense. Enemies will spawn from the sides of the map and make their way towards the World Tree in the center. Players can build towers and train Heroes in order to stop the onslaught.

The Remastered version greatly improves gameplay by fixing bugs, and adding better tower descriptions, new commands and features geared for learning players, difficulty levels, and even 3 new endgame towers to improve the endgame tower variety!

Gameplay Information

Azure Tower Defense tests both the strategic knowledge and micromanagement skill of those who play! While every player has access to the same builders and towers, there are a variety of strategies that can be employed to beat the game, each with their own respective strengths and weaknesses that can complement one another in cooperative gameplay.

Players may build early game towers using the Azure Wisp and Malachite Shaman builders, while attempting to save the 4000 gold required to research Crystalis Technology, unlocking the powerful lategame weapon Astral Zenith, an all-around tower that is serviceable in all facets of the lategame. Researching Crystalis Technology and unlocking the lategame towers is a must in Azure Tower Defense; therefore, some players will carefully try to save the 4000 required gold in order to unlock it as soon as possible!

Alternatively, players may build an elemental builder and opt to specialize in one of three elemental technologies: fire, ice, or lightning. These elemental buidlers can build a single tower that can be globally upgraded and has special attributes related to its respective technology; fire towers have short range and high splash damage, ice towers can slow enemies in an area, and lightning towers have high range and high, single-target damage. Researching the global upgrades for these towers is expensive, but increases the towers' effectiveness manifold!

While specializing in an elemental technology may delay acquisition of the important Crystalis Technology, the researching player is rewarded with the unlocking of an additional lategame tower - along with the Astral Zenith - upon researching Crystalis Technology! Like the elemental towers, these ultimate towers have parameters suggestive of their respective elements; for example, the Astral Starshooter (unlocked with Wisdom of Zeus (lightning) tech along with Crystalis Technology) has a whopping 3333 range and the highest single-target DPS of any tower in the game!

Players may even choose to research elemental technologies after Crystalis Technology, for the purpose of unlocking these additional endgame towers. However, they must choose their technologies wisely, as researching one type of technology increases the cost of all other technology types (this is done for balance reasons to penalize players who try to unlock all 4 ultimate towers)!

In the meantime, players may build up to 3 different Heroes with vastly different abilities, moving them around the map to cast abilities and catch leaks with their powerful attacks that scale massively into the lategame.

Micromanagement skill is every bit as important as tower placement strategy in Azure Tower Defense. Good control of towers and Heroes can greatly improve the effectiveness of your defenses, allowing you to save gold for technology, help other players, or beat the Hard and Expert difficulty levels of the game!

Azure Tower Defense can be played singleplayer or multiplayer. Creeps will only spawn from sides that have a player or computer present. Thus, computers may be placed to increase the amount of creeps that spawn! The lanes of the map branch out and into each other as they approach the center of the map, and creeps will be randomly funneled plinko-style across these lanes; thus, a leak from another player may find its way on your side of the map as it approaches the World Tree.

Once you've beaten the game on Easy or Normal modes, there are several different ways of increasing the game's difficulty, including picking Hard or Expert modes, adding computer allies for more creep spawns, or playing the game online where you will have to cover for the plenitude of tower defense noobs that prowl Battle.net :D

All in all, the combined elements of strategy and unit control, along with the variety of ways to play the game, turn a fairly simple tower defense concept into one that is highly replayable and enjoyable. Easy to learn! Hard to master!

New and Unique Features

Improved Descriptions: Azure TD Remastered has detailed unit descriptions that state the exact damage, cooldown, splash radius, abilities, etc. of towers and units, allowing both noobs and excessively OCD players like me to know exactly what they are paying for!

Difficulty Modes: Azure TD Remastered has 4 difficulty modes that change the armor and movement speed of the enemies: Easy (-2 armor and -10% speed); Normal (default armor and speed); Hard (+2 armor and +10% speed); and Expert (+5 armor and +25% speed)! Players may select the mode they want to play at the start of the game. In multiplayer games, a voting trigger gives each Human player voting weight based on the amount of Human players in the game. A function then assigns a number to each vote, averages the votes, and then selects a difficulty mode appropriate for the average of the players.

Shared Income Mode Option: In addition to the Difficulty Mode selection, players have the option to vote on the game's Income Mode, using a trigger similar to that of the Difficulty Mode. If Shared Income Mode is selected, players will be taxed 33% of any gold they earn, and the taxed gold will then be distributed evenly across all in-game Human players. This mode is recommended for games with new players as it lightly "rubber-bands" them to more experienced players, keeping them from falling too far behind if they lag on kills.

Tips Feature: Players may type "-tip xx" [01-30] to receive a gameplay tip, with higher numbers being later-game tips. Players may alternatively type "-tip earlygame", "-tip midgame", or "-tip lategame" to receive a tip applicable to the respective game period. These tips, created by yours truly, are very useful in helping newer players learn the ins-and-outs of the game.

Zoom Feature: Players may type "-zoom xxxx" [0001-9999] to set the gameplay zoom. The default in-game zoom is 2000.

Leavers: If a player leaves during a game, a trigger will split both his current gold and that which his towers earn going forward evenly among all remaining in-game Human players. The trigger will also give the remaining players full control of the leaver's units and towers.

Player Gold Multiboard: A handy multiboard in the top-right corner of the game displays the current gold of each player in the game. This is handy for players to know which of their allies are saving, spending, struggling, etc.

New Lategame Towers: Azure TD Remastered introduces 3 brand-new lategame towers! The original version only has the Astral Zenith tower, which made the late game boring as it was the only viable endgame tower. The 3 new towers may be unlocked by completely researching an elemental technology along with the Crystalis Technology necessary to build lategame towers. The 4 ultimate towers are as follows:
-Astral Zenith (unlocked with Crystalis Technology). This is an all-around good lategame tower, with high range, chaos damage, and a light splash radius.
-Astral Inferno (unlocked with Strength of Hephaestus and Crystalis Technology). This is the ultimate Fire Tower, with high chaos damage and a massive splash radius.
-Astral Frost (unlocked with Insight of Shiva and Crystalis Technology). This is the ultimate Ice Tower; while it has only moderate chaos damage, each attack stuns enemies in a large area for a tiny duration (it is effectively a form of slow that stacks with itself infinitely).
-Astral Starshooter (unlocked with Wisdom of Zeus and Crystalis Technology). This is the ultimate Lightning Tower, with massive range and the highest single-target DPS of any tower in the game.

Hero Damage Scaling: Heroes now gain +20 damage per primary attribute, instead of just +1. This allows their damage to scale much better into the lategame as they increase in level.

New Shop with Items: Added a new shop to each side of the map that sells items! These include items that increase stats (tomes), miscellaneous handy items like Boots of Speed, as well as 4 different orbs that give heroes a special attack ability.
The Orb of Fire, for example, gives the Hero splash damage; unlike the melee Wc3 TFT Orb of Fire, which merely deals a paltry 5 damage in 100 radius, the Azure TD Remastered Orb of Fire is based on the Orb of Annihilation ability, and gives true splash damage, with 3 splash radii each having a damage factor that is a percentage of the Hero's attack damage!

Tower and Creep Balancing: Azure TD Remastered gives some slight changes to tower, Hero, and creep stats in order to improve the balance of the game.

Version 1 Changelog (10/11/18)

-Changed the description of all towers to include the tower stats, such as damage, attack speed, and splash radius.
-Changed the description of all heroes to include their abilities and primary attribute.
-Changed the description of all pertinent technology and builders, to incorporate the 3 new ultimate towers that are in the game.
-Gave a slight buff to the Azure Guard Tower, increasing its attack speed from 1 to .75, and raised the cost of its damage upgrades from 10 to 13.
-Gave a slight buff to the Azure Hammer Tower, decreasing the cost of its damage upgrades from 15 to 13.
-Gave a slight nerf to the Azure Dragon-Hawk, decreasing its attack speed from 1.25 to 1.5.
-Changed the Hero attack types from piercing to Hero. Also fixed a bug that prevented the Lich hero from dealing damage.
-Astral Zenith tower: Increased the attack speed from .6 to .5. Also lowered the splash radius and removed its cold attack.
-Created a new ultimate tower Astral Frost that unlocks with Crystalis Technology and Insight of Shiva. This tower has 2000 range, moderate splash, a cold attack, and bash.
-Created a new ultimate tower Astral Inferno that unlocks with Crystalis Technology and Strength of Hephaestus. This tower has 1500 range and a huge splash radius.
-Created a new ultimate tower Astral Starshooter that unlocks with Crystalis Technology and Wisdom of Zeus. This tower has 3000 range, single target damage, and a massive critical strike.
-Added 4 difficulty levels: Easy, which reduces enemy armor by 2 and movement speed by 10%; Normal, which gives no change to armor or speed; Hard, which gives enemies +2 armor and +10% speed; and Expert, which gives enemies +5 armor and +25% speed.
-Added a voting system that allows players to vote on the difficulty level, giving players a share of the total vote based on how many human players are in the game. A function measures the total vote and selects a difficulty level appropriate for the human players.

Version 2 Changelog (10/17/18)

-Edited a trigger that caused monsters to spawn evenly from all sides when more than 4 players were in the game, even if the players were not evenly distributed across the map. The monsters will now spawn in numbers proportional to the players on each side.
-Added a shop to every side of the map with hero items.
-Created an item Orb of Fire that gives hero +50 damage and splash damage.
-Created an item Orb of Lightning that gives hero +50 damage and chance to purge.
-Created an item Orb of Venom that gives hero +50 damage and poison effect.
-Created an item Orb of Corruption that gives hero +50 damage and reduces enemy armor.
-Created an item Claws of Attack +150 that gives hero +150 damage.
-Created an item Claws of Attack +500 that gives hero +500 damage.
-Created an item Gem of Pulsing Adrenaline that gives hero +30 Agility.
-Created an item Helm of Heavenly Enlightenment that gives hero +30 Intelligence.
-Created an item Hood of Devilish Cunning that gives hero +20 Agility and Intelligence.
-Created an item Tome of Agility +5 that gives hero permanent +5 Agility bonus.
-Created an item Tome of Intelligence +5 that gives hero permanent +5 Intelligence bonus.
-Changed item Claws of Attack +42 to Claws of Attack +50 and dropped its gold value to 100.
-Changed item Elixir of Intelligence to have a gold value of 100.
-Changed item Elixir of Agility to have a gold value of 100.
-Decreased the wait timer in between rounds from 30 seconds to 20 seconds.
-Changed Tower Astral Starshooter to shoot red colored lightning at its targets rather than plain white.
-Improved the Difficulty voting trigger. The voting function now only gives voting weight to players who actually voted, rather than all human players.
-Added an optional new feature Shared Income Mode, that players can vote for or against with a function similar to the difficulty vote. Shared income mode taxes each player 33% of all gold they gain, and redistributes this tax evenly across all human players in the game.
-Added a new feature that distributes the gold and gold income of leavers across all ingame human players, and grants full unit control of the leaver's units to all allies.
-Decreased the damage of the Astral Inferno from 3000-3000 to 2500-3000.
-Increased the bash time of the Astral Frost from 3(2) seconds to 5(3) seconds, and increased the bash chance from 3% to 4%.
-Created a multiboard that displays the name of each player and their current gold.
-Buffed the Pale Grim and Slogra boss rounds, and made a harder version of each that spawns on lanes with 2 players.
-Fixed a bug that allowed players other than red to research Crystalis Technology multiple times.
-Increased the attack speed of the Obelisk of the Glacier and Obelisk of Shiva from 1.8 to 1.5 and 0.9 to 0.8, respectively.
-Decreased the attack speed of all fire towers (Fire Shrine, Inferno Skull, Hellmouth of Hephaestus, and Astral Inferno) from 1.25 to 1.33.
-Increased the damage of Thunder Spire and Spire of Zeus from 800-900 to 800-1000 and from 1000-14000 to 1200-1500, respectively.

Version 3 FINAL Changelog (1/14/19)

-Created a new feature that increased the cost of both tiers of Lightning, Ice, and Fire technologies by 500 every time a different technology type of that respective tier was researched. The purpose of this was twofold: one, to nerf the strategy of going fire or some other technology early game, then switching to lightning at round 40 to unlock Astral Starshooter towers for the boss rounds; and two, to discourage noobs from picking multiple technology types at once (which is a bad strategy anyway).
-Increased the armor of boss rounds 10 by 5 (2 to 7); 20 by 3 (0 to 3), and 30 by 5 (0 to 5).
-added a feature that allows players to receive gameplay tips by typing "-tip xx" (with xx being a 2-digit integer between 01 and 30) or "-tip early/mid/lategame", with a trigger that feeds them one of 30 tips numbered from 1 to 30, with earlygame tips being low numbers and lategame tips being high numbers.
-Changed the description of the Crystal Cardinal builder to explicitly say it is a lategame builder.
-Explicitly stated that the first invisible round is 20.
-Radically changed and buffed the Astral Frost tower. The tower now has 100% chance to bash and freeze targets within an area of 300 for a tiny duration (it also freezes its actual target for slightly longer).
-Changed the Astral Frost's attack to have a damage of 1333-2667 and a cooldown of 1.0. Its previous attack was 250-750 damage every 0.2 seconds. The new change reduces the Astral Frost DPS from 2500 to 2000.
-Created a new Zoom feature that allows players to change the camera zoom.
-Reduced the attack speed of the Azure Dragon-Hawk from 1.5 to 1.67.
-Buffed the items in the Artifact Merchants by reducing their cost.
-Edited the item drop trigger so that tomes of strength no longer drop.
-Reduced the damage of the Obelisk of Shiva from 425-500 to 375-450 and increased its cooldown from 0.8 to 0.9.
-Restructured the attacks of Heroes. Primary Attributes now give +20 damage. This allows hero damage to scale better in the lategame.
-Rebalanced Hero attributes slightly. Azure Tiger Priestess now has 17+3.5/lvl Agility and 8+1.5/lvl Intelligence; Azure Witch now has 10+1.5/lvl Agility and 20+3.5/lvl Intelligence; and Emperor Sorcerer now has 12+2/lvl Agility and 23+3/lvl Intelligence.
-Hero base mana is now set to zero. Heroes gain mana only from Intelligence points (this allowed me to scale hero primary attributes higher increasing their damage in the late game).
-Rebalanced Hero attacks slightly. Azure Tiger Priestess now has 400 starting damage with 1.75 cooldown; Azure Witch now has 500 starting damage with 2.0 cooldown; and Emperor Sorcerer now has 600 starting damage with 1.5 cooldown.
-Removed items Claws of Attack +250, Claws of Attack +1000, Helm of Heavenly Englightenment, Gem of Pulsing Adrenaline, and Hood of Devilish Cunning from the shop (item damage was too difficult to balance in tandem with Hero Agility's percentage scaling and Orb of Fire's splash bonus).
-Added Items Gem of True Seeing, Sobi Mask, and Boots of Speed to the shop. Set in-game maximum unit speed to 500 (up from 400).
-Increased the damage of the Astral Inferno to 2667-4000. Reduced the Astral Inferno splash radius from 450/450/450 to 200/400/600. This allows it to perform better vs. boss rounds and not nearly as powerful normal rounds.
-Azure Guard Tower upgrade now increases the tower's attack range by 30 for each upgrade, in addition to the +50 damage.
-Reduced the Gas Bomb Tower's damage from 550-650 to 500-650. Reduced Hades Lacrimator damage from 1000-1400 to 1000-1300.
-Changed the Astral Starshooter tower to have 5000 damage, 1.5 cooldown, 3333 range, and a critical strike that has 3% chance of 10x damage vs. non-boss units. This was mostly to nerf the Astral Starshooter's effectiveness vs. bosses while keeping it viable vs. normal rounds.


Original Map by Blizzard Entertainment
Remastered by Eric Jensen [BYU_FOOTBALL]

Azure TD Remastered v3 FINAL (Map)

I suggest colouring the Damage and stats for each description. It's all white and it's not really nice to look at. Maybe you could find a proper place for the Demolish Tower ability and maybe you could make it give some resources back instead of...
  1. Eric Jensen

    Eric Jensen

    Oct 11, 2018
    Fixed a minor bug that gave computers voting weight in the Difficulty Mode vote (this caused Normal Mode to usually be picked when computers were present).
  2. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. I suggest colouring the Damage and stats for each description. It's all white and it's not really nice to look at.
    2. Maybe you could find a proper place for the Demolish Tower ability and maybe you could make it give some resources back instead of taking gold.
    3. Maybe you could make a tileset change through triggers.
    4. Instead of having the U hotkey for upgrading towers, what about the same hotkey used for the build command of that tower?
    5. Maybe make the towers be more differentiated. Guard and Hammer Tower look alike (even the Gas Bomb Tower looks the same as the latter; there are many custom models on this site you could use). And also when they are upgraded, a size or hue change?
    6. Could be worth mentioning how many times you can upgrade a tower in the upgrade description. I know it says so in the build description.
    7. Attack Ground (e.g. Gas Bomb Towers) is placed where it should not be, near the upgrade.
    8. Lightning Towers have a weird position in the build menu.
    9. Hero abilities could be on WERTY.
    10. Strength tomes are useless. Heroes are invulnerable and there's no hero based on Strength.
    11. A Tartaran Slime stopped moving after coming out of being entangled right to the right bifurcation of the enemy's starting zone. And another one somewhere on the right/southern branch (playing solo). They move once attacked by the heroes. The first one I mentioned was trying to run away back to the portal :D. Killing them might result in the next wave coming even if the units spawned after their death are still going towards the tree. Actually the issue happens wherever the spell is cast.
    12. Maybe an upgrade to make the towers near the tree stronger against enemy waves?
    All in all neat implementations. Maybe you could do more, diversify heroes/game styles etc.
    Please make the descriptions better.

    There's also this previous version you might want to check: Azure Tower Defense Ultimate v.21.1

    Awaiting Update.

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    Daffa the Mage

    Seems you did not bother much with other points than the descriptions.

    Last edited: Jan 15, 2019