19 Years of Warcraft III


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May 25, 2007

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Oct 25, 2006
Warcraft 3 is the game that started my game design career, more than 15 years ago.

And now I'm back at it, struggling to get my campaign project started, as a hobby project alongside my day-to-day work.

Every day I'm looking at the wonderful things the community is doing and it's inspiring me.

I wish you all a good Warcraft 3 anniversary!

May the power be with you all.
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Oct 10, 2011
17 years ago, I clicked on an orc icon, on my grand brother's computer. I loved that game instantly (for the epicness, the characters, the music, the magic, the fun, that editors ) a lot of reason to thanks blizzard for that awesome, cartoon and rich universe.
Thanks for all that awesome moments spent with that game, blizzard. :goblin_yeah: :ogre_haosis:
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Mar 1, 2017
Amazing to see everyone's comments, stories and love for the game being spread with new mods, maps and ideas being hatched and brought to life still today.

Thanks to fiddling with overly populated Alterac Valley maps, dungeons and learning how to import models I became an Advanced Level and Game Designer today.
Work a bit from time to time on projects, go on and off with different models and ideas but always come back to the amazingly blocky units and maps that brings smile to people in all ages.

Incredibly inspiring to see everyone's long living love for this game!

I wish you all a happy 19th Warcraft 3 anniversary everyone!
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Oct 18, 2015
Congrat everyone, we are saved. Warcraft 3 is bugless, runs smooth and art is highpoly with original wc3 designs !

Map tileset preview works too,and you dont have to switch between map option (visibility of map) and create game button. Goodjob after 19 years

Hopefully when wc3 gets 20 years, will become adult and finally left teenage years behind its self


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Jun 9, 2011
I have probably played the game the least of the veterans here.
The modding was the reason I stayed, not the base game. It's like virtual lego to me, a creative outlet.

Despite that, it was an important introduction for me.
Got me into the warcraft lore and introduced me to coding, something I genuinely cannot thank them enough for. The original devs that is.
I couldn't be happier that this game is still kicking nineteen years after its release. Like many of you, I've cherished the experience too. It's what defined my formative years on the internet and what eventually led me to my career. Even if I'm not as active as I was in years past, I remain thankful as always that we have such a wonderful community which has persisted through so many years. To everyone who has stuck around all this time, let's keep it going for years to come!
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Jul 4, 2008
Im 29. and saw the game the first time while my brother was playing it.18 years ago.
Back then I lived in the german countryside.. today I live in the town where Vivendi has their office in germany.
Took the EU-package off my wall today just to show off. :D


Well.. my hope is still gone seeing Blizzard doing something good to the game again. Something.. not Activision-ish.
Remember to keep this thread positive guys!

Warcraft 3 has been a huge part of my life and gaming experience, there are times I've drifted away from it but I always come back to it, whether it's the multiplayer, campaign or World Editor I always enjoy just tinkering away at it.

More importantly Warcraft 3 brought me to Hive and all you fellow Warcraft 3 enthusiasts so I think we can all appreciate the legacy and effect that Warcraft has had on all of us and enjoy these moments of nostalgia.

To many more Warcraft 3 moments in the future!
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Oct 9, 2006
To an extend (ignoring that I did start out creating maps for WC2) it inspired everything I do today - changed how I view games and made me part of an amazing community that I have enjoyed for years. It opened a world of creative opportunities that in a way I have not seen truly matched since.

The one that shall not be mentioned did much to reck the current enjoyment and possibility to do so, but it does not take away from what Blizzard and Warcraft used to stand for.

We have grown old with the game and our community. A lot of users have come and gone, some returning and some being entirely new to me. But all of use are collected for a love for creating, sharing and enjoying the freedom to see imagination made playable.

It is a memory of better times, a hit of nostalgia and the joy of what it lead to, in one massive package.

Thank you for your existence Warcraft 3
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Apr 19, 2008
Here's to 19 great years! This game's enticing and easy-to-use editor gave my third-grade self a way to make content and feel special at an age when everyone was angsty and concerned about who was the best. By refusing to move on and going further down the rabbit hole with this game as years went on, I got further away from the people I cared about and more able to egotistically sign up for sites like Hive and declare my superiority over others in a passive-aggressive way by making mdx files and tools for people! Then those very Hive people I had been helping got hired to work at Blizzard and so in a final showing of my superiority over Reforged and over those people, I published a ridiculous video claiming that I rewrote Warcraft III myself the day before Reforged launch as a way to finally become one with that delicious sense of ego and hubris, knowing that I am, in fact, the guy.

It's been a great trip, but as the guy, I can surely say I'm happy to continue to celebrate that I am, in fact, better than you.

Let's hope for another 19 years where I treat all these people the same way!
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Jul 2, 2009
I remember when I was a very young kid playing Warcraft III for the first time and I made a lot of maps and too bad there were lost for a long time...

Still regardless I did play some of the Custom Campaigns later on when they showed up and such...

Am going to make my own Custom Campaign in which Reforged has a better reason to make more maps and detailed places...
Finally can bring something together without having to worry about the old computer anymore, since I own a new one and it runs everything pretty well and there is hardly any lag anymore or if not any...

And finally it has something about it that I love and without the Real Time Strategy Games, World of Warcraft wouldn't even exist or Blizzard never really played to do it, but glad they did...

Really enjoy World of Warcraft a lot and glad it's a thing, and I have been playing it for a good while and I am on the Horde side...
So yeah thanks to Warcraft too I enjoyed the World of Azeroth and got to live and breath this place...



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Jan 7, 2005
First time I played wc3 I was very very young (about 8 and 9), but I remember being amazed by the many races present in the game: humans, elves, dwarves, orcs... a thought hit me: with the Editor, you can recreate Lord of the Rings! Everything about the game was enticing: the campaign, fighting a mysterious cult of undeath, traveling through harsh uncharted lands with the Horde to escape an ill fate, defending your homeland as the night elves, all the while exploring gorgeous new landscapes and meeting fantastic beasts like ogres, gnolls, murlocs, centaurs, furbolgs, and so much more! Though Wc3 (classic) graphics are dated, they sufficed to immerse you in this awesome story, and that immersion was a clear improvement over Age of Empires, which I also played at the time.

The Editor, of course, provided an equally amazing experience, where I recreated a scenario like Mount Hyjal, but with a quirk: everyone was under my control! The undead and demon forces, as well as the human, orc and night elf defenders. Then I had fun training attack waves and sending units to fight each other, occasionally using hero spells. Then I started learning triggers, and made maps I had previously terrained with automated barracks to train units and pit them against one another. My cousin explained it best to his friend: «he just likes creating maps where units beat the crap out of each other all day». 🤣 Truly, it was not just that. The learning process, and the honest love for this game, is what kept me allured. Sometimes, I worry I will never feel that sense of wonder ever again.

Then I went to BattleNet, joined wc3sear.ch, the Hive, unearthed treasures like Wanderers of Sorceria, met all sorts of awesome people while playing, modding, and interacting here in the forums, helped others, debated interesting subjects, had huge laughters, and learned plenty. These experiences and these people, they opened up an amazing world for me, and definitely marked a portion of my life deeply. Thank you all, for everything.

P.S. — Oh, and if one day they write the history of computer games, I hope they give Warcraft III the spotlight it rightfully deserves for all the games and game genres that spawned from here, as well as the lives it touched and changed forever, as this thread demonstrates.