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20 Years of WarCraft III

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May 25, 2007

Join us as we celebrate WarCraft 3's 20th Anniversary!
The forges might be old, but they've never been hotter. Here's to 20 more years!

Be sure to watch @Ralle & Grubby talk about the latest Warcraft 3 Patch and the future of Warcraft 3 modding:

Turns out that the "cease and desist" letter was a hoax. Retera has confirmed this.
We apologize for unknowingly spreading fake news.
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Feb 1, 2020
At least Samwise Didier remembers...

By the way, that hi-res logo he posted is beautiful!
If Team Fortress 2 survived being neglected for over 4 years and invaded by cheating bots... and STILL SURVIVED thanks to the fans themselves, why Warcraft 3 shouldn't? Albeit here is neglecting and huge amount of bugs and killing WC3 Classic, we still support and play the game...

This community is just golden... and I'm glad almost all of us know that Warcraft 3 is not guilty of what Acti/Blizz did/still does! Personally, I couldn't...

Back in 2003, I played WC3 demo, and long after played the full game (I was 8 when got the demo)... and HOLY SH:ogre_love: I fell in love with the game! Too bad it was the demo, but when I got the full version myself at 2009, it was even better. I was kind of speechless, and the world editor was probably the best thing I stumbled upon on this game... long after (again), when I got money on my own, I ditched the pirated version and bought the original DVDs. Then I heard of this community when I was searching for maps and mods to play on my own, and got really amazing mods and maps... I still suck at casual :c but didn't care when I got a lot of mods from epicwar and hive. I really loved these maps, and I tried my hand at world editor a lot! I always wanted to create my own games, sadly I lacked experience and made a whole lot of newbie mistakes c': but I was still having fun creating, testing, and playing mods and ocassionally the campaign up until today. A few years ago, I learned how to make better scenarios, too.

Long story short, this game have been part of my life for a really long time, but mostly for the mods, the campaign and the community. Thank you for all, thanks to Warcraft 3 for existing, and cheers for 20 years with us!
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May 7, 2008
I've started to play WC3 around 2004 or so when one of my friends introduced me to the game.

At the time I could barely even read English and had 0 understanding of what the game represented.

Slowly but surely I fell in love with the mechanical aspect of WC3 and it's World Editor, creating few maps that I've dedicated a lot of my time on them.

To this day I still play it and like it almost as when I first started playing it. :)

Looking forward for another 20 years of quality content!
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Jul 12, 2018
it's a hell of a thing. i read about it for years before it came out, and played the beta on a hacked server before release. host bots being removed probably struck the hardest blow to popularity, but bnet is still pretty popping even after that and the botch job that is reforged.
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