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  • Map Making Life of a Dragon Sequel.
    I have made few good maps not RPG maps but like destroying fortress or bosses to win its my first time uploading I don't know how to do it so will you help me in doing so I want to know the procedure how to upload it if there is any rules to do it any limits about size or any other limits to do so, that's all
    I was curious, is there a way to join the Discord for your map? I had wanted to ask since I have only been playing the game by myself, still amazingly done, but its not as fun without others.
    Hi, I'm having abit of a problem with the 'Yes __" for getting something from the nether dragons. Am I doing something wrong? I mean I'm typing it as the istructions says but nothing happens
    Hi there.

    It's a really fun game trying to play it with my brother but it's soo tricky and there are many things hard to understand it like, secret dragons, craft items, the secret command for the mercenary hero and can you please give me discord link to chat with gamers :)

    Thanks for this funny game ;)
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    (Bundle) How do you make the ring of steel? btw this map you made is amazing would be awsome to join utheran's army and help him win over the kingdoms that he wanted
    Hello! I'm a fan of your life of a dragon sequel!! Somehow, me and my friends don't have any ideas how to obtain secret dragons, I wish you could help me? Thanks for the reply! I love your work! Woot woot!
    Thanks! There are plenty of ways to figure it out. I've answered on how to get Secret Dragons throughout the commect section on LoaD's Hive page and also the Youtube Video of the old cinematic. But I'm sure everyone will be happy to answer your questions on the Discord as well.
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    (Bundle) +1 Rep. Interesting concept and very fun map to play. I see that work is still in progress, but it will be an awesome map when finished. Keep up the good work!
    Cool that you have such a fan-base!
    I hope you use them as much as possible for feedback, as they are interested in making the map better too.

    You haven't updated the one in the map section though?
    I have not made a multiplayer test, since the map hasn't come back to the pending section yet.
    When it does, it is just a matter of time until I or another moderator post a review. :)

    If you wouldn't like me to review it again, I understand, but I think another mod would have made the same call.
    However, in that case, post in the staff contact forum where only adminstrators can read your messages, and they will tell a map moderator like for example Shadow Fury to review your map.

    Once again, I apoligize for looking so briefly at it.
    However, this is how moderators always treated RPGs from what I can see.
    The largest problem with those huge RPGs, are that they are so vast and big, oveflowing with content.
    It doesn't matter how good it may be, we simply don't have the time and energy to work our way through several hours of gameplay on a single map.
    It wouldn't be fair either for shorter maps with equal amounts of energy put into them.

    I don't remember my review on your map, and I can't seem to find it again.
    I believe however that I set the "Awaiting Update" status on it? There was a few things that needed improving.
    I remember the terrain needed a lift, as for example the dragons cave could be improved.

    My rating doesn't really matter if it didn't get approved, as nobody but you can see it then anyway.

    It is good to hear that you are still working hard with it. Keep it up! :thumbs_up:
    Hello, your Life of a Dragon map, did you create it from scratch or is it a modified version of the original map ?
    Hello, this is my Hiveworkshop account. If you have any questions concerning Life of a Dragon. By all means, message me!
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