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  1. Gray_Fox

    [Role Playing Game] ChaosChasers -- (BETA)

    -(BETA)- Story: 2 Years have passed since the Chaos Champions defeated Grandmaster Mor'biuth and halted his schemes. However, ... evil still lurks within Blightheart Hold and the land still festers with rot. Now, this new Mor'bian Cult seeks to resurrect its' former master and the heroes must...
  2. Gray_Fox

    ChaosChasers : 4 Player Co-op RPG

    -- 2 Years have passed since the Chaos Champions defeated Grandmaster Mor'biuth and halted his schemes. However, ... evil still lurks within Blightheart Hold and the land still festers with rot. Now, this new Mor'bian Cult seeks to resurrect its' former master and the heroes must once again...
  3. Wrathaur

    [Arena] SamsarA-ARENA/RPG project development

    Samsara is a competitive 4v4 up to 15-50 minutes match. This game genre fits somewhere around MOBA and RTS Ive been working on it since a year and here the results: Have you ever wondered what happens when a hero dies? Samsara is the eternal cycle of life and death that we are all doomed...
  4. zimperaman

    does anyone know the name of this orpg map?

    I haven't played in years so I remember very little, I know that the city was kind of in the center of the map in a square format, it had a weather system, for example in a storm you only had half the movement speed and the map itself looked being from the ice and the minimap was made up of...
  5. KitsuneTailsPrower

    Unfinished JRPG protagonist model by KitsuneTailsPrower

    The attached model is an early prototype of my attempts at AI model generation. Kaedim doesn't auto-generate textures well enough at this time and I don't know how to texture well enough for an official release to the ported models section. Thus I thought I'd release it as unfinished in case...
  6. Master Zul'khan

    [Role Playing Game] World of Warcraft: Traditional Remake (Beta)

    Post emerged with: [Role Playing Game] - Rollin' for "Wc3:wow"
  7. Ace Madonna

    [Role Playing Game] Detached Tales Whispers: Her Lullaby (DISCONTINUED)

    Just a doodle I've been working on these past weekends. Figured that the effort wouldve been put to waste If I were to not post it xD. A little background info: This map remains unfinished (as seen by the horrendous terrain (Im gonna fix that soon)) :L and I hope some day I'll return to...
  8. Master Zul'khan

    [GUI] Backpack Inventory System for Rpg (Eazy, Simple, Compatible)

    Came up wit a neat Backpack system while ago. Since I saw it is a very asked system so I'm postin' it here. :grin: My handy simple Backpack Inventory! Just in one pocket-size trigger using de backpack unit and its custom value. Introduction Most rpgs need extra storage space for them' player to...
  9. Asuna Tichondrius

    [Role Playing Game] Anime Girl RPG

    Anime Girl RPG History: After Tichondrius was defeated by Illidian , he was sent to Isekai and have choice to reincarnating to become Anime Girl, and have new power and of course changing his gender completlely, however he still take a deep voice. Gameplay: Just like MMORPG style level up...
  10. 3.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - Dungeon Keeper.
  11. 1.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers in game.
  12. Screen1Evil.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers - dungeon to last boss.
  13. Screen1Hero.png


    DarkLegacy:Warchasers first city.
  14. TitleDarkLegacyMap.png


    Title for DnD Map
  15. Master Zul'khan

    [Role Playing Game] Rollin' for "Wc3:wow"

    - wit respect to @Craka_J Nearly ten years ago, da legendary @Craka_J attempted to create tha epic project "Wc3:WoW". But de old gods didn't let him so to complete it. Yea mon, it's been a decade. And de project is dead. Sorry for dat my mons. By the day, i'm announcin' to ya Hive community...
  16. Evilhog

    An RPG Campaign inspired by Golden Axe

    I've been musing over this idea for quite some time and, finally, I decided to try my hand at making a single player campaign inspired by one of my favorite games of all time: Sega's Golden Axe. For those, who never spent a coin in the arcade or didn't play the game on the Genesis/PC/any other...
  17. Dark-Zalor

    Pokemon World V1,10 Beta

    Pokemon World Beta V1,10 Created by Dark-Zalor An epic travel in the universe of pokemon. This map purpose to players to move in a pokemon universe to catch/train/customize/name Pokemons. You can customize your team, the spellpack of each pokemon. When pokemons get new...
  18. TruNite

    [RELEASING A NEW PROJECT] Adventures of Pinocchio

    *IDEAS & STORY LINE *CHARACTERS *SCREENSHOTS *CREDITS *WHO DO I NEED? _________________________ IDEAS AND STORY LINE Based on the 96 movie, Geppetto's puppet comes magically to life. This puppet, called, Pinocchio, has one major desire, that is to become a real boy. __________________________...
  19. Gerhajdu89

    [Role Playing Game] Warcraft: Ancient Forces

    An epic ORPG based on World of Warcraft. Four years have passed since the Third War. The Night Elf Sentinels have joined the Alliance of Men and Dwarves. The Forsaken undead in Lordaeron have allied with the Horde. Though it is a time of peace, ancient evil forces have raisen. The Fire Lord...
  20. HOLORN

    I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in my project "Dark Stone - Custom RPG".

    Hi, I had already made a post in October 2021 and I'm making a new one because I've made a lot of progress on my map and I'm starting to have a more global view of what to do. The concern being that the ambition is great and I find myself limited, not by the work in itself (even if it's a big...
  21. Dregonx

    [Role Playing Game] Maze of Doom: Reborn (100% Complete, Up to 23 Players or AI, Third Person or Regular Camera + More!)

    I'm adding this here because unlike my other wc3 custom maps I've made, this one is big enough that I think it requires its own unique thread. NOTE: If you are interested in my socials: https://linktr.ee/Dregonx will lead you to them. Credits for ALL models/icons etc used are mentioned...
  22. MoLAoS

    [Development] Axioms Of Dominion: Now With Awesome Multi-Threading

    Axioms Of Dominion is a project I got about 40% through and then had to let go for life stuff. Now I have roughly a year where I shouldn't have anything else to do so I'm hoping to release in late 2022 or very early 2023 if I run into serious issues. I'd advise reading the wiki for a broad...
  23. maddeem

    HordeZ - Open World Survival RPG

    Setting Post apocalyptic world irradiated by nuclear fallout in combination with a mutagenic virus that has created zombies. You and many other survivors have fled to a city that is mostly untouched by the radiation - but plenty of zombies. Features Codeless automatic save and load of...
  24. Nazujin

    Need a partner for my Project!

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to help me in my digimon world project. help with object editor, triggers, tests and other stuff. What is the project: An ORPG based on digimon world 1, 2 and 3 from playstation. Basically you choose 1 starter digimon from 7 ( guilmon, terriermon, renamon...
  25. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Is it possible to switch from a main map to a sub-map in multiplayer?

    Hi there, So I've been working on a dungeon-crawl rpg map for quite a while, and I was wondering if it was possible to make instances within the map, like in the Frozen Throne Rexxar campaign. I read around the internet, and was capable of finding a nice guide on how to do that with a...
  26. s[i]n

    Tomb of the Dragon RPG

    An evolution of my other map - RPG Arcade -, Tomb of the Dragon is a fast-paced multiplayer RPG map where teamwork excels. Choose from one of seven Heroes to fight your way through the rounds and make it to the Tomb of the Dragon. I'll update this thread as new versions arrive. Here is a demo...
  27. HOLORN

    Hello there, I'm new here. I'm searching people help.

    Quick resume : I used to make maps when I was a kid, and I loved it. But after I quit I was afraid to go back to it, and realize that I have lost my "level". Until this summer when I tried again for fun, and it rekindled my passion for creating games. I worked for 2 months on a map that...
  28. Mahdi Dehghan

    A way to light V 0.11c

    Hello guys Im Mahdi Years ago I made a map and I did not have time to update it, but I am just updating it and I ask you to tell me your opinion about this map. Thanks Autosave system Equipment attachment Blacksmithing Class selection Fog system Fully created and imported models Beautiful terrain
  29. Geekio

    [Campaign] The Heart of Zoraan

    Caught in the midst of a bloody civil war, the noble heroes Goffrey and Fidela undertake a perilous adventure to unknown shores in order to restore peace to their home and thwart a nefarious plot of world domination.... STORY The Heart of Zoraan takes place loosely within the WarCraft universe...
  30. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Help! Trying to make a trigger for a collapsing ceiling on each hero unit in a region

    So I am making this boss fight with a huge dragon. And basically it has a phase where it breathes fire 6 times in 6 angles around it. Once it is done with breathing fire, the ceiling will collapse at the point of where each hero stands after while. I tried to make a trigger for it here. It seems...
  31. tytarjunior20

    EPIC Single Player RPG - Showcase

    I still have tons left to do on development, but I've posted about my map before and I wanted to give everyone an update on where my project is at. The Game Features: An Epic Storyline, similar to the Legend of Zelda series Custom Resource Collection & Inventory System Custom Building/Crafting...
  32. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Call of the Swarm

    Call of the Swarm Overview "Campaign inspired by the official Blizzard Entertainment campaign - Founding of Durotar. Missions are presented in the form of "acts" and "subzones". At the moment, Act 1 is ready." Patch Issues: Story The story dates back to the creation of a single Black...
  33. Knight of Arsford

    Global Experience for Party (Memory Leak Question)

    Since an active RPG party in my project can only have a limited number of members in it at a time, and the other followers are disabled, there would be a problem where the more active party members would have higher levels than the rest. I'm trying to figure out a system where quests give all...
  34. Knight of Arsford

    [Solved] Combat State in RPGs

    I'm thinking of adding a death mechanic wherein if a party member falls in battle, there are no means to revive them until the "battle" is over. The combat state starts at the first encounter/aggro of an enemy, and will last until all the enemies in that blob is killed. I've been playing...
  35. pyf

    For the King, free on the Epic Game Store (limited time offer)

    For the King is available for free until February 11, 2021. An Epic Games Store account is required to claim the game. For The King - EPIC Games Store IronOak Games – For The King
  36. Knight of Arsford

    [Role Playing Game] LF: A young-looking warrior

    I've been browsing around the resources section, and I haven't seen a "young" looking warrior. Most of the models look like they're veterans, or way past their prime, which isn't bad at all. I just want a young-looking warrior who looks like he's freshly-recruited and haven't tasted his first...
  37. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Marketplace and Limited Stock Items

    How does the Marketplace work exactly? I know that it cycles items every now and then, and when you buy the item, it disappears. I'm planning on making an RPG that has a shop that randomly stocks items, as I don't want players just having several copies of an item and making themselves...
  38. Knight of Arsford

    [General] Dialogue Choices for RPGs

    Has anyone ever tried making a dialogue system that allows players to choose dialogue for their own characters? If not, do you think something like this can be implemented in a map? Obviously there's the dialog boxes and buttons but it doesn't really fit that much text and it also blocks out...
  39. tytarjunior20

    Hero Quest (Working Title)

    I am developing a full-fledged single player experience inside Warcraft Reforged World Editor. I post quite regularly on my YouTube channel on development. Videos include updates, new features, work in progress, and how-to's on how things were made. Here is the latest update on my single...
  40. Anton Wulff Jensen

    [General] How do I reduce lag on my map (Especially during combat)?

    So I've been working a long time on a huge RPG adventure map, and have started using a lot of triggers as well. I think I'm finally getting somewhat of a grip on the trigger-mechanics, however I am not too keen with what triggers that potentially could cause lag-spikes. Now when I'm testing the...
  41. deepstrasz

    Free Video Games

    Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition
  42. tassavadar

    [Role Playing Game] The Necromancer

    About Version of Warcraft III: Reforged Status: work in progress The Necromancer is an RPG map with individual setting. The world of the game is dark, cold and lifeless. The sun is permanently hidden behind the veil of the dark magic. The Necromancers are the ones who cast the spell that hid...
  43. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

    Darechom on Source 2 (2020 - Present) Darechom is an upcoming survival simulator re-make of my old mod Darechom (Warcraft 3 [Defense / Survival] - Darechom 2012-2013 y.) on Source 2, that combines best of survival, rpg elements, character customization, crafting, events and realistic world...
  44. tytarjunior20

    [Role Playing Game] Hero Quest (Working Title) Announcement

    Hello everyone. I've posted once on here before for my tutorial videos. I've decided to blend my personal project with making tutorials. My goal: Involve a community to watch as we develop a game I've wanted to make for over a decade. I started recently and I upload regularly to my youtube...
  45. pootykins

    want to release game but its in alpha and i need testers

    I just finished my alpha for an RTS/RPG hybrid in the editor. i have spent 4 1/2 months and well over 200 hours on this thing so it's no joke (except maybe that im a newb) and i have a lot of pride in it. i want to share it with y'all but under "map subscription" it was specified to not submit...
  46. JMitchy

    [Campaign] The Menune Project: Wrath of the Dragon (Classic Edition) REDUNDANT

    (Deleted due to redundancy)
  47. ravellani

    [Miscellanous / Other] Player Indexing

    I just had an idea that I wanted opinions on. Unit indexing is when each unit is given a custom value, but I had this player indexing idea for RPGs or maps where you control one hero/unit. Basically you create variables that have the same number of arrays as players in the the game and you save...
  48. Knight of Arsford

    [Life of a Peasant] Real Life Reloaded: Heroes [ALPHA]

    Real Life Reloaded: Heroes by Arsford INTRODUCTION Real Life Reloaded: Heroes (Name subject to change) is a single player Life of a Peasant/RPG hybrid that hopes to incorporate the best features of both genres into one massive map centered around the fictional Magistrates City. FEATURES -...
  49. Ilexa

    Looking for someone with good experience in designing Boss Fights/Coding RPGS in general.

    Hey all, I'm currently in the middle of developing my map Saviors of Lordaeron (Saviors of Lordaeron BETA v0.7) and have reached a point where I see my own designed boss fights as lacking. The version of the map currently uploaded has 2 boss fights which work! but one of them is currently rather...
  50. frostwhisper

    [Campaign] Troll Campaign

    "It is a time of peace on the world of Azeroth. The Zandalari, chief among the troll tribes have established a thriving civilization along the slopes of the Zandalar Mountains - the ancestral homeland of all trolls. After splitting off from their progenitors a few generations ago, other tribes...