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HordeZ - Open World Survival RPG

Level 23
Jan 1, 2011
  • Post apocalyptic world irradiated by nuclear fallout in combination with a mutagenic virus that has created zombies. You and many other survivors have fled to a city that is mostly untouched by the radiation - but plenty of zombies.
  • Codeless automatic save and load of character progression, inventory, UI toggles, and other game state data.
  • Custom UI
  • Inventory system
  • Stat system - (Strength, Agility, Dexterity, Endurance, Perception)
  • Lootable world objects, such as unit corpses and environment objects like cars
  • Sound system - noise matters! Making too much noise will attract unwanted attention
  • Aggression system- piss off enough zombies and trigger a HORDE

    • WASD Movement + Mouse System
    • Getting stuck in a zombie horde slows you down
    • Inventory System
    • Custom Item System
    • Item deletion / cleanup after 10 minutes
    • Item Stacking
    • Item Using
    • Effect Status
    • Ammo Management
    • Implement Armor
    • Item Drop & Drag
    • Character System
    • Item Equiping
    • Player Perma Death
    • Attrition System
    • Damage Effects
    • Class System
    • Needs more classes / effect on gameplay
    • Attribute System
    • Strength
    • Affects carry capacity and melee damage
    • Agility
    • Increases movement speed and loot speed
    • Dexterity
    • Improves reload time and accuracy
    • Endurance
    • Increases health and energy
    • Perception
    • Increases lootable objects and loot chances
    • Weapon System
    • Weapon Shooting / Reloading / Missile System
    • Shoot through fences
    • Save / Load Encoding
    • Stored Locally for codeless loading
    • Sound System
    • Integrated into Weapon System
    • Loot System
    • Loot table
    • Lootable objects in the world
    • Loot objects only drop certain item types (Ex: vending machines will never drop a gun)
    • Zombie Class / Spawn System
    • Aggro System
    • Music amps up based on aggro
    • Vision based acquisition while low aggro
    • Zombie hordes at peak aggro
    • Zombie curious about sounds at low aggro
    • Finish terrain for start zone
    • Controls Display and Discord menu buttons implemented
    • Anti-cheat (against the only one that matters: "whosyourdaddy")
    • Disabled default pausing mechanic
    • Disabled default saving mechanic
    • New rain texture
    • Leaper zombie + Rebar Zombie + Arm Zombie implemented
    • Cremated Boss implemented
    • Aggro spikes to max while a boss is alive and goes away shortly after
    • WASD almost never stick anymore (still working on a full fledge fix)
    • Exhaustion and health sounds added
    • Auto-walk thru the use of toggling num-lock implemented
    • Saving no longer causes the fps to drop
    • Objects now have a culling distance built in
    • Objects that block vision now have oppacity fading built in
    • Burglar class added
    • Doctor class added
    • Screaming zombie added that aggros nearby zombies
    • Dog zombie added
    • Using firearms and other loud weapons tends to attract a lot of zombie attention now
    • The controls are automatically displayed to new players
    • Zombie attack mechanics significantly improved. It no longer uses any of the default warcraft logic.
    • Starting cinematic added for new players
    • Fixed zombie attack animations
    • HUD can now be toggled by pressing F3
    • The game saves veterancy even if your character save is deleted. Other things like UI configuration are also saved. The starting cinematic will only play for actual new players
    • Item randomization optimized so that it doesn't create a weighted list every time a random item is requested. Zombie spawning is similiar as well now.
    • UI can now use centered text (and does in some cases)
    • Lootable objects (besides zombie corpses) are only visible to the local player
    • When a new player enters the game, the outpost now has some objects they can loot
    • Long arm zombie added
    • Stackable items other than ammo no longer can be found with more than 1 stack
    • Zombie healthbars implemented
    • Trash spawning (seed based) implemented
    • Added Boss health bars
    • Added boomer zombie
    • Outpost guards can be attacked and will attack back. If critically hurt, they will revive after 30 seconds
    • Outposts can now be attacked by zombie hordes, triggering their alarm
    • Saving is now handled on a per client basis and uses smart logic to save at stratigic times
    • Left click while in the main menu no longer causes you to attack
    • Bosses no longer cause 100% aggro on spawn. They will only aggrivate nearby zombies when in an enraged state. When enraged, bosses will increase aggro by +0.5% per second to nearby players
    • Outpost guards will not be attacked by zombies, but can still take damage from zombies.
    • Zombie players no longer use computer ai scripts, hopefully increasing performance with large hordes
    • The environment textures now fit a dead/dying world
    • Trash effects expanding to "terrain" effects where grass and shrubs can also spawn
    • Expanded the looting system to allow for dynamic events
    • Added air drops of loot crates that occur randomly
    • Added dynamic materials to every zombie
    • Special zombie type modifiers added
    • Zombie Mod Added: Irradiated x3 hp x2 damage, aura of 5% healing per second to nearby zombies
    • Zombie Mod Added: Crimson x3 hp x2 damage, deals 1 dps to nearby survivors
    • Bosses can now become modified
    • Zombie Mods add bonus xp multiplier
    • Zombie Mod Added: Chilled x3 hp x2 damage, is 50% slower and slowls nearby survivors by 50%
    • Zombie Bosses now have a boss highlight circle
    • Zombie Mod Added: Electrified 3x hp x2 damage, every 10 seconds the zombie will shoot out a beam of electricity the direction it is facing for 50% of it's auto attack damage
    • Added a hit indicator to the cursor
    • Softcore and hardcore options now available when creating a new character. Softcore players have level experience set to 0, and respawn in the last outpost they visited with 50% health, hunger and thirst. Softcore players drop only items in their inventory versus hardcore who drop everything
    • Added night vision goggles
    • Added rain drop splash effects
    • Sprint drain now reduced by 50%
    • Added bolt action rifle and .223 ammo item class
    • Added Antique Bow and arrow item class
    • When you die in softcore, you can choose to delete your character and start fresh or continue with your current character
    • New Loading screen
    • Stackable weapons (like grenades) can now be found in greater quantities than 1
    • You are more likely to find ammo for the weapon you are wearing
    • Item and healthbars no longer get hidden when in top-down view
    • Fixed a ton of bugs related to UI
    • Bow now scales with strength like melee weapons
    • You can now over-hydrate and over-eat for a temporary healing boost
    • Added alcohol effect. When consumed, an alcoholic item inebreiates the player, effecting their movement and aim depending on how drunk they become.
    • Added item beer: +1 strength for 60 seconds/50 seconds of inebriation
    • Refactored item stacking
    • Equipment slots will now be considered when picking up items with a full inventory
    • Item values are now display on items via tooltip
    • Bullet casings (currency) will automatically be deposited in a player's inventory when the fire a weapon that uses casings
    • Weapons will now fire immediately after reloading
    • Added NPC line system
    • Added NPC trading system
    • Added NPC Miles the Trade to Farwall Outpost
    • Healthbars fade out without clipping issues
    • Traders now reset their wares everyday
    • Traders now sell specific wares (for now there are two trader types, gear traders and consumable traders)
    • Added Utility Belt, Sports Drink, Canned Soup, Spiked Baseball Bat
    • Added Scrap armor
    • Vendors now sell items with varying durability
    • Durability effects the retail price of an item by 50%
    • Fixed many item related bugs
    • Loading can no longer "get stuck"
    • Loading is now ordered from Data to Character
    • Give players some currency + xp when helping during an outpost attack
    • Added levelup effects / flavor text
    • Loot chances have been doubled
    • Spawning/Looting rects are now bounded (good thing)
    • Added SmartPathing™ spawning to air drops - which now can block pathing
    • Ammo now spawns in ranges of 15% - 60% of the max stacks
    • Loot chances reduced slightly, but now players have increased loot chances every time the fail to find anything. Increased chances scale asymptotically by x / ( x + 2)
    * Failed x1: 33% Bonus
    * Failed x2: 50% Bonus
    * Failed x3: 60% Bonus
    * Failed x4: 66% Bonus
    * Failed x5: 71% Bonus
    . . .
    * Failed x10: 83% Bonus
    • Zombies can now see through fences and other small objects
    • You can now use medical items to heal other players
    • Added the Titan Boss
    • Added the Glowing Monstrosity Boss
    • Boomers now create 2-5 maggots when they die
    • Added admin roles
    *Admins can kick and ban players. The ban list spreads like a virus from player to player, making
    sure banned players stay banned.
    • Zombies units are now recycled, making very, very long game sessions possible
    • Bosses now move through other units, preventing pathing abuse
    • Added two new health bars one for the survivors and one for the boss
    • Added new item class - buildable
    • Added item Barricades - a placeable obstacle for zombies
    • Shops can now have 200 items at once and can be scrolled through via a vertical slider





  • Now that I have your attention - I am looking for a terrainer to help me finish the map. I have sourced and modified the terrain models myself, I just need someone to help me cover this gargantuan map. I am not opposed to taking on a full co-developer but I think your primary interest should be terrain or we won't get anything done 😂
  • Message me on discord maddeem#4407 if interested
Level 23
Jan 1, 2011