New Map, The Curse Begins

Level 3
Apr 3, 2009

We all know about the good old Zombie maps that have a survival aspect to the game, Well here is another one, but this time I want to make this totally Customisable. So One or Two players can be the Virus, but start off as a professor in a Laboratory customising what they want their Plague to be. On the other side, With the Defenders I want to create an aspect of customisation that is what weapon they use, the skills they wish to train with. Also to end the game, instead of Killing all the zombies they got to research an "Anti-Zombie" that turns Normal Non-mutalated zombies back to normal humans (under player control) to be put into a safe place. Also if a Human hero is killed there turned into a Zombie untill shot with the anti-zombie and turned back into a human again (All above may be negotiated)


For the Humans to Research the Anti-Zombie, save certan amount of people and then kill or convert the main zombies.

For the Zombies, To Kill all Humans and infect them.

Details With sides

Human- The choise between Defence(Tower/Walls,Gates/Town Builder), Pilot (Tank/Aircraft/Jeep/ect) or Marine(With almost any weapon Type), these all will be totally customisable

Grades awarded for Feats, such as building structures/defences/Killing zombies ect to give bonus attack power/hp/armour/ item choice

Pilot Being customisable on what they ride, from Fighters, Bombers, Tanks, Jeeps, motor bikes, ect

Marines Choosing their weaponry and trained abilitys

Zombies- Choosing what their zombie looks like and what their converted zombies look like, What Stages of Zombies they want (like Spitter, leaper, ect)

Game Stages

Stage One- Customising their Charecters

Stage Two- Village, At this time everyone will be weak, The village will have near no defences (apart from the Players) so zombies can harvest some "Followers". This will give the humans a chance to level up and grade up.

Stage Three- (havent made this up yet)

Stage Four- Base assault, Humans hold out untill a builder can research the Anti-Zombie.

Need help for whole project send a message to me at [email protected] or send an ingame mail